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Precautions for customs clearance of ATA Carnet

1. Preparation before customs clearance

After obtaining the ATA Carnet, the holder should first check whether the information in the ATA Carnet is correct, and whether there is the signature and stamp of the visa agency in the I column at the lower right corner of the green cover; after that, the certificate holder needs to be in the J column Or signature by authorized representative. If the holder is not a natural person, the official seal must be affixed in addition to the signature.

Basenton's Precautions for customs clearance of ATA Carnet

2. Matters needing attention in customs clearance

1)When the goods are exported from China, please check whether the customs at the place of export signs and seals in the column H “Exit Customs Verification” in the lower left corner of the green cover of the ATA Carnet and the yellow export stub . If there is no signature and seal of the Chinese customs, the document book may be rejected by the foreign customs;
2)When entering and exiting customs at various ports, the holders should take the initiative to present the documents for declaration and go through customs formalities. If the customs endorsement on the document book is incomplete or incorrect, please contact the customs in time to correct it;
3)There is a one-to-one correspondence between the memory root of the document book and the voucher. The customs will endorse the voucher and the stub at the same time, and tear off the voucher page for storage. The stub will always be kept in the document book as the basis for verification by the issuing authority. After each customs endorsement, the holder should check whether the customs endorsement on the stub sheet is consistent with the actual declaration. If there is any ambiguity or inaccuracy, please submit a correction application to the customs in time;
4)Remember the three important periods of ATA Carnet validity, reshipment entry period, and reshipment exit period. According to domestic and foreign customs regulations, complete the return procedures or apply for corresponding extensions and renewals (for details, please check the history The article “A few time limits that need to be paid attention to in the use of ATA Carnet”);
5) Keep the original document book properly during use to avoid damage or loss. If the document book is lost, please contact the visa agency in time to apply for a replacement document book.

3.After use

After the carnet is used, the holder should promptly submit the original ATA carnet and other relevant documents to the CCPIT visa agency for verification and cancellation procedures. The visa agency will decide whether to cancel the guarantee conditionally in advance based on the endorsement of the certificate . For the problematic certificate, the holder should contact the customs in time for remedial measures. If a claim arises, he should cooperate with the submission of evidence and pay according to the outcome of the case. Related taxes and fees.

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