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Preparation of Different Types of Goods Before Consignment

If you want to ship goods from China to countries like USA, UAE and Saudi Arabia, you need to know a lot about freight, or find a reliable freight forwarder to help you all the way. Either way, knowing more about freight forwarding can help you move more safely in this industry. Let’s talk about what preparations are required for different types of international logistics cargo transportation before consignment?

In order to ensure safer and faster logistics and transportation, professional international logistics companies are invited to provide services for them, but at the same time, customers need to prepare in advance, especially to check some items to be carried, and pack the goods before packing them in the international logistics company. . After the work is done, the staff of the international logistics company will repackage it, and things will be more complicated. It will definitely be very busy, and they will not be able to do it. If you ship a large number of products of multiple sizes and models, you cannot sort by international shipping orders in advance.

Doing it hastily can lead to confusion, and recipients are not responsible for their reputation after reviewing it. Whether such subtle things are in place directly affects whether the international logistics and transportation can be carried out smoothly. The following international logistics companies will give you some precautions.

(1) When the personnel of the international logistics company carry the goods, they must explain in advance the classification of the goods to be transported and the people who carry them. Specifically, items in motion should indicate which are daily necessities and which are more expensive or more prone to damage. The purpose of this work is to treat porters differently when moving them to avoid accidental damage.

(2) For consignment furniture, such as wardrobes, cupboards and other cabinet drawers, they should be cleaned before international logistics packaging, and sealed with transparent tape to prevent the drawers from slipping during operation. Emergencies are also conducive to the smooth progress of transportation.

(3) International logistics and transportation For the logistics and consignment of electronic products such as desktop computers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and LCD TVs, the relevant lines should be sorted out before the international logistics packaging, and the power supply should be cut off in advance. Let stand for another half hour or so. When packing, please put it in the box. Don’t give too much room to shake. If the conditions of international logistics allow, it can be fixed with plastic foam.

(4) When international logistics transports food in food, it must be stated that during installation, the international logistics company shall not mix odorous goods, nor shall it be loaded with other liquid goods, so as to avoid liquid leakage and contamination of food.

But experienced international logistics companies do not know what to pay attention to when transporting food internationally, so international logistics companies have strict requirements and procedures for food transportation. In the process of international logistics transportation, loading and unloading, storage, and assembly, the production of harmful substances is avoided, and the transportation and safety of food is guaranteed.

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