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Price and Time of Sea and Air Freight from China to Jordan

Now that you have reviewed the conditions, requirements and documents of the import process from China to Jordan, and the customs clearance procedures in Jordan, you should now know the most appropriate way to ship your goods.

You can adopt sea or air freight, but your choice of shipping method depends on several factors, including the time taken in the event of shipping by sea or air, the expected cost in each method separately and the nature of the goods.

Therefore, in the next chapter, we will provide you with a detailed axis about sea and air freight from China to Jordan, the time taken and the expected cost in both types, with a mention of the most important ports of the two countries.

Shipping from China to Jordan

Everything related to shipping from China to Jordan

Through this axis, you can realize the optimal time to adopt sea or air freight when importing your goods from China to Jordan, by looking at the details of the two types of time it takes to reach the cost, so that you can by studying the details of your shipment, choose the optimal type of shipping for you.

Sea freight from China to Jordan

Ocean Freight
  • When to ship by sea?

Sea freight is the ideal solution if your goods are of large sizes or weights such as laboratory and factory equipment, or if you want to import types of goods that cannot be transported by air such as liquid products such as oils.

If you are not in a hurry, you can ship your goods by sea, considering that sea freight consumes more time than air, and accordingly, it can be said that sea freight is less expensive than air freight because it takes longer.

Seaports in Jordan

– Aqaba Port: It is the only seaport in Jordan, located in the north of the Gulf of Aqaba in southern Jordan, and the port features specialized berths equipped with equipment to handle all types of bulk and liquid cargo, and can accommodate 23 ships of all sizes and shapes, in addition to 8 ships with anchors.

sea freight Time from China to Jordan

The time taken in the case of sea freight from China to Jordan depends on several factors, as seasonal holidays and vacation times associated with holidays and other occasions affect the arrival time of the shipment.

The state of the sea also affects the time spent on sea freight, but the approximate range of time taken on the shipping process from China to Jordan can be determined between 25 to 35 business days.

Port of OriginPort of DestinationEstimated Transit Time
ShanghaiAqaba26-30 days
NingboAqaba25-30 days
ShenzhenAqaba25-30 days
QingdaoAqaba28-32 days
ShanghaiAmman26-30 days
NingboAmman25-30 days
ShenzhenAmman25-30 days
QingdaoAmman25-32 days

Sea freight rates from China to Jordan

Sea freight rates depend on several factors, including the weight, type and size of imported goods, as well as distance affecting sea freight rates, meaning the distance between the port of origin and the port of destination.

Sea Freight (20ft container): $2,400 – $3,600 USD

Sea Freight (40ft container): $3,200 – $4,500 USD

Air freight from China to Jordan

Air freight from China
  • When to ship by air?

You may rely on shipping your imported goods from China to Jordan by air in urgent cases, in which you need the goods as soon as possible, considering that air freight consumes less time than sea, but it is more expensive.

You can also rely on air freight to Jordan if your goods are expensive or perishable.

Air Ports in Jordan

Queen Alia International Airport: It is the main airport in Jordan, located 35 kilometers from the heart of the capital, Amman, and the airport extends over an area of 19 million square meters, and provides services that include flights for passengers, air cargo services and aviation support services.

King Hussein International Airport (Aqaba Airport): It is located in Aqaba, making it Jordan’s gateway to the Red Sea, and the airport is 45 minutes from Amman by air, and receives local and international airlines.


As with sea freight, air freight from China to Jordan is affected by several factors, related to shipping during peak times and public holidays, and the weather condition may affect the timing of the shipment’s arrival.

Air mail shipping often takes between 7 to 12 business days, while express shipping takes between 3 to 7 business days.

Port of destinationEstimated Transit Time
AMM (Amman)4-5 days
ADJ (Al Mafraq)4-5 days
AQJ (Aqaba)4-5 days
MPQ (Ma’an)4-5 days
QIR (Al Karak)4-5 days
QMD (Madaba)4-5 days

Air freight rates from China to Jordan per kG

The price of air freight from China to Jordan depends on many factors, such as the weight and size of the shipment, the airline approved to transport the shipment, the time and insurance.

It can be said that prices range approximately between $ 6-8 per kilo if the weight of the shipment is about 45 kilograms, while the price drops to between $ 4.5-6.5 in the case of large shipments weighing more than 1,000 kilograms.

Thus, the difference in the price of the shipment depends on its weight and on the port of origin as well, for example, in the case of shipping from the port of Shanghai to Jordan, the cost of shipping more than 45 kilograms will be $ 7, compared to $ 5.5 if more than 1,000 kilograms are shipped.

Shipping companies from China to Jordan

Shipping from China to Jordan

There are many famous international shipping companies that have branches in Jordan, such as FedEx, DHL, Aramex, and others.

There are some local companies that you can adopt to ship your goods from China to Jordan, including:

Basenton Logistics: In Shenzhen, the capital, it provides forwarding, air and sea freight forwarding, courier and door-to-door services, from China to various parts of the world.

Shipping Companies In Jordan

Factors affecting shipping costs from China to Jordan

When it comes to determining shipping rates from China to Jordan, then know that there are several factors that will play their role in influencing prices, here are some of these factors and ways they affect the shipping price:

·       Size and weight categories:

Each carrier has its own categories and conditions to describe weight and size restrictions, and oversized or single-sized packages can be accepted at an additional cost, which may affect the price of your shipment.

·  Volumetric Weight (DIM):

Volumetric weight refers to the density of the package, which is the amount of space it occupies relative to its actual weight, so the volumetric weight of your package becomes the billable weight when it exceeds the actual weight.

· Charging Distance:

It can be argued that the more distance your shipment will travel, the higher the cost of shipping, and carriers often choose dynamic geographic areas to measure the distance your shipment should travel.

· Delivery Times:

The determination of the delivery time depends on the country of origin and destination, and standard delivery times range from 2 to 7 business days, depending on the distance that the shipment must cover.

· Additional Fees:

These are additional costs added to the base price, for example, additional charges may apply if the shipment requires more paperwork, effort or time, and it can be said that anything that falls outside the standard shipping and handling range will affect the shipping price.

· Taxes and Fees:

Remember that international shipments may be subject to taxes and fees that must be paid separately, which in turn will affect the shipping rate.

Now with the full details of the shipping process from China to Jordan, the key to a successful import operation is in your hands.

Make up your mind and start your own trading business. Take advantage of this and other articles to start your way with the right and steady steps.

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