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Qatar – National Basic Conditions and Precautions

Qatar is an Islamic country. It is strictly forbidden to enter into alcoholic beverages and pork products. All types of baggage and personal belongings are inspected by X-ray machine when they enter the country. It is found that prohibited items are forfeited and fines or even detained for review. Those who hold travel and visit relatives may not work in Qatar or engage in illegal activities or acts that are inconsistent with their visa status.

The Qatar Community Clinic and Hamad Hospital have outpatient clinics to serve Qatari residents. They need to have effective long-term residence and apply for a medical card (card fee is 100 riyals/year, equivalent to RMB 230). Patients receive a series of medical subsidies. Non-residents do not receive medical subsidies for medical treatment.

Qatar’s social order is stable, its law and order is in good condition, and there are fewer criminal acts. In the event of an accident in Qatar, you can call 999.


Qatar is an Islamic country and suggests that I come to Kazakh citizens to abide by local Islamic customs:

1. Women should avoid sleeveless, short skirts or transparent clothes as much as possible in public. Men should avoid wearing vests and shorts.

2, between men and women in public should pay attention to manners, it is not appropriate to have excessive relatives, so as not to be regarded as disrespect for Islam and detained;

3, do not shoot local people when taking pictures, especially women and children, even if you want to shoot, you must also obtain their consent;

4, the purchase of wine must be in the designated hotel bar or wine license at home drinking, otherwise it is considered illegal, drunk driving can be sentenced.

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