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Reliable Air Freight from China to the US Service Provider

Air freight from China is a fast and reliable way to transport goods to the United States. When you need to buy goods in 20 days or less, or your transportation volume is between 150 and 500 kg, this is the ideal method. Air freight from China is usually faster but more expensive than sea freight from China, so the way you choose will depend on the size and weight of your cargo and how fast you need to get to your destination.

The larger the shipment volume, the more complex the shipping process. Compared with the regular express service, searching for space in the aircraft cabin has more advantages. The goods are then transported to a facility where they are first consolidated (packaged with other goods). This process repeats in reverse at the other end. The US customs process is also much more complex than express delivery. International law, national law, carrier organization regulations, and individual carrier regulations all play a role in defining and limiting which goods are regarded as transport risks.

Generally speaking, more products are restricted as air cargo than sea cargo, including gas (such as light bulbs), all flammable substances (such as perfume, Samsung Galaxy Note 7), toxic or corrosive substances (such as batteries), magnetic substances (such as speakers), oxidants and biochemical products (such as chemicals), and public health risks (such as untreated leather). 

How Can Air freight from China to the US be Cheaper than Sea Transport?

Each mode of transportation has its combination of basic costs and variable costs. Models with lower basic costs are cheaper for smaller shipments, while models with lower variable weight costs are cheaper for larger shipments, even if they initially have higher basic costs.

Air freight from China to the US Costs and Rates

air freight from China

The standard price of air freight from China to the United States is about US $3 per kg, which is the cheapest choice for goods between 150 kg and 500 kg. For very light goods, charges may be based on the size and weight rather than the actual weight. Air freight from China to the US is the fastest at present. Express air freight is more expensive. Freight charges between china freight forwarders may vary greatly, and prices will change regularly, so it is necessary to shop around. For larger shipment sizes and origin/destination pairs, LCL (less than container load) sea freight from China to the US costs might actually be cheaper than air freight from China to the US costs – make sure you check it out!

Working with all major airlines to provide you with reliable and cost-efficient air freight options, BASENTON LOGISTICS CO. LTD can offer you convenient quality service at the most competitive air freight from China to worldwide costs/rates for your aircargo from China to most parts of the world.

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