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Requirements and Procedures for Fumigation of Export Goods

In international trade, countries protect their own resources and impose mandatory quarantine systems on some imported goods. Wood packaging fumigation is a mandatory measure to prevent harmful pests and diseases from harming forest resources in importing countries. Therefore, for export goods containing wood packaging, the wood packaging must be decontaminated before shipment, and fumigation is one of the methods of decontamination.

If the exported goods are packaged in natural wood, the IPPC should be identified according to the country of export. For example, if the goods are shipping to  the United States, Canada, JapanAustralia, etc., if they are packaged in softwood, they must be fumigated.

For the fumigation is now standardized, the fumigation team will do the fumigation of the container according to the box number, in a words, after the goods arrive at the venue, the professional fumigation team puts the IPPC logo on the package. The customs broker must display the customer name, country, box number, pharmacy, etc. in the filling of the fumigation contact list – (fumigation team) labeling (half day) – fumigation (24 hours) – powder medicine (4 hours), please note!

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Fumigation can be divided into FCL fumigation, LCL fumigation

1. No need to add “IPPC” logo, directly package the goods after the arrival of the venue, notify the fumigation team to fumigation, spray different scales of fumigant according to the country of destination, respectively CH3BR, PH3

Note: If the customer has no special requirements, the fumigation team sprays CH3BR  for 24 hours fumigation.

2. Need to add “IPPC” logo: After delivery to the venue, first drop to the venue, notify the customs broker of the location of the goods landing, the fumigation team will apply the word “IPPC” in front of and behind each package, and then arrange the venue for packing. Then fumigation.

LCL Fumigation: Fumigation for LCL cargo can be placed in the same container for fumigation, but must meet the following four conditions:

1. The same destination port

2. The same country

3. The same voyage

4. Inspection at the same commodity inspection bureau

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Some requirements for fumigation

1. Fumigation time:

fumigation must reach 24 hours, after fumigation, the fumigation team applies a fumigation mark with a cockroach mark on the cabinet door.

After 24 hours, the fumigation team will remove the logo and take 4 hours to take the poison before they can arrange for entry. If the poisoning time is not enough, the door will be closed and the goods may be damaged.

2. Requirements for packaging

Wood packaging should not have bark and insect eyes. If the wood package has bark, the general customs broker will help the customer to shovel the bark.

Note: If a bug is found, the shipper needs to be notified to replace the package. If you want to get a fumigation certificate after fumigation, you can use it for customs clearance at the destination port. You can’t make up after the goods are gone.

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