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Sea Freight Service from China to Tokyo Japan

Shipping service from Yingkou China to Tokyo Japan by sea





⭐VOLUME: 1*40’HQ



⭐HS CODE:  4015190000   

Shipping service from Yinkou China to Tokyo Japan by sea

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is located in the middle of Japan’s Kanto Plain. It is an international metropolis facing Tokyo Bay and the central city of Tokyo metropolitan area, one of the three major metropolitan areas in Japan.

Tokyo is the economic center of Japan, where major Japanese companies are concentrated. They are mostly distributed in areas such as Chiyoda District, Zhongyang District, and Port District. Tokyo, along with Yokohama to the south and Chiba to the east, forms the famous Kyohama Leaf Industrial Zone in Japan. The main industries include steel, shipbuilding, machine manufacturing, chemical engineering, electronics, leather, motors, fibers, petroleum, publishing and printing, and precision instruments. Tokyo has a developed financial and commercial industry, with frequent domestic and foreign business activities. Ginza, known as the “heart of Tokyo,” is the busiest commercial district in the area.

The Tokyo metropolitan area is the world’s largest in terms of both economy and population. In 2008, the population of the Greater Tokyo region reached 35.2 million people. After adjusting for purchasing power parity, the gross domestic product (GDP) remained as high as 1479 billion US dollars. In 2010, the actual GDP at international exchange rates was as high as 1.9 trillion US dollars, nearly twice that of the New York metropolitan area and South Korea, and more than four times that of Taiwan.

Tokyo is rated as the first Asian city in terms of its comprehensive strength. It is regarded as one of the four leading global city in the developed world, alongside London, New York and Paris in the West.

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