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Shantou Port

Shantou Port is a seaport located in Shantou, Guangdong Province, China. Shantou is a coastal city in southeastern China, and its port plays a significant role in facilitating maritime trade in the region. The port serves as a crucial gateway for the import and export of goods, contributing to the economic development of the surrounding areas.

Guang’ao Port Wharf ,which loaded in southern of Darhao island on shantou district ,Guangdong province,the business had a sharply developed .Since 2018,there are new thress international liner routes were added and had increased to 9 routes now .

Shantou Customs reform service way

What’s more ,the containers throughput up to 268000 TEUs ,which increased 51.6% than same period in 2017.

The operator in wharf ,Mr li can not hide her happness to express him feeeling and said that now we can inspect the import empty container fastly ,not only can save more than 35% time and a lot of manpower and material resources for wharf and factory.As the reporter,in order to promote the development of Guang’ao port ,the Shantou customs detrusion many of measures to optimize custom environment,which enhance to prompt Guang’ao port competitive.

Port facilities and infrastructure can change over time due to developments and expansions, so it’s advisable to check the latest information for any updates or changes to the Shantou Port’s status, capacity, or services. You can refer to official port authorities, maritime agencies, or reliable news sources for the most recent details about Shantou Port.

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