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Shipping Companies in Saudi Arabia

Shipping to saudi arabia from China

Top 10 Shipping Companies in Saudi Arabia

Many ask about the best shipping companies in Saudi Arabia, especially since its growing economy has encouraged many to invest in it and start international trade.

Since choosing a good shipping company is an important task for any business, it determines how fast and safe delivery of your goods to customers. And the need to see the services and prices available from different companies, and to ensure that they meet the shipping needs of your goods, we have collected for you in this article a list of the best shipping companies in Saudi Arabia.

DHL Company

DHL is one of the best shipping companies in the world, present in 220 countries including Saudi Arabia.

DHL Cargo Company has a huge aviation fleet and 104 offices in Saudi Arabia distributed in most regions of the Kingdom, and seeks to serve you in sea, land and air freight to all parts of the world with high efficiency.

Advantages of shipping with DHL

  • DHL Express service for the transport of goods, which represents the fastest shipping companies within Saudi Arabia, local delivery takes one day, and from two to four days globally.
  • The advantage of insuring valuable and precious shipments.
  • The ability to track your orders through the DHL website.
  • Shipping service anywhere in the world and customs clearance.
  • Follow-up notifications through SMS messages before delivery.
  • Availability of shipping heavy goods up to 30 kilograms and 150 centimeters high.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • DHL service for supply consists of affordable and competitive packaging or packaging.
  • The company’s integration with some popular ecommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify, making it easy to ship your products and manage and track orders with DHL.
  • Ease of communication with the company through distinguished customer service.

Shipping rates with DHL

You can calculate the cost of shipping your goods through the price calculator on the DHL website.

DHL Contact Information 

  • DHL Main Location: King Khalid Bin Abdulaziz Road, Riyadh.
  • Phone number: 920003450.
  • Working Hours: Saturday – Thursday, 08:00 am – 06:00 pm.

UPS Company

With UPS, don’t worry about the details! It is among the most important international shipping companies in Saudi Arabia, UPS specializes in shipping and delivering goods to all parts of the world, and the company has branches in more than 220 countries with a huge customer base of more than six million customers.

DHL Shipping From China To Saudi Arabia

Shipping Features with UPS

UPS provides courier services, freight forwarding services, and various logistics services.

  • Track the progress of your shipment to reach anywhere in the world.
  • Assist you with any supply chain challenges in your project.
  • Experience and infrastructure to improve the storage management of your goods from packaging, packaging and insurance.
  • Integrate UPS data into your website to simplify and share shipping and tracking across your company.

Shipping rates with UPS

Shipping rates vary according to the type, weight and size of the product, as well as the distance traveled, to know the prices you must contact the company.

UPS Contact Information

  • UPS Location: Al Jazeera, Riyadh.
  • Working Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 8:00 am – 07:00 pm / Saturday: 10:00 am – 04:00 pm.
  • Phone number: 920002555.

UPS Shipping From China To Saudi Arabia


Aramex is one of the best shipping companies in Saudi Arabia, Aramex covers all parts of Saudi Arabia through 484 offices. The company offers express freight and air transportation to various parts of the world.

Services and features of Aramex

  • International and domestic express shipping (air freight, sea freight and land freight).
  • Delivery to any place, homes or companies, and cash on delivery.
  • Track shipments continuously, and follow up on the status of the shipment through WhatsApp or text messages.
  • Storage of hazardous materials.
  • Aramex Smart Service -Receive Now Pay Later-.
  • Design an online retail platform for your startup.
  • Logistics solutions for your store, such as: arranging your back-end store, managing and limiting your physical inventory in showrooms.

Aramex shipping rates

Shipping rates with Aramex start from 60 riyals, and payment is made per 12 kg.

You can also calculate the shipping cost for all types of your shipments with the price calculator on the Aramex website.

ARAMEX Contact Information

  • ARAMEX Main Location: Al-Sulay Al-Hamra Street, Riyadh.
  • Phone number: 920027447.
  • Working Hours: Sunday – Wednesday, 08:30 AM – 10:00 PM / Saturday: 08:30 AM – 06:00 PM

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Alma Express Company

Alma Express is one of the most prominent international shipping companies in Saudi Arabia, Alma Express guarantees the speed of delivery of your goods while ensuring their quality, whether the shipment is goods or documents.

Alma Express has several branches in the Kingdom, in Riyadh, Dammam, Medina, Jeddah, Qassim, Tabuk, Khamis Mushait.

Services and features of Alma Express

  • Transport goods and parcels safely and privately.
  • Express shipping and delivery of shipment within 24 hours.
  • Track your shipments.
  • Book an appointment to send shipments by phone or website.

Shipping rates with Alma Express

Shipping rates with Alma Express start from 25 to 30 SAR.

Alma Express Contact Information

Alma Express Location: Al-Sulay, Riyadh.

Phone number: 8003049444.

Al Zafer Wings Company

Among the list of the best shipping companies in Saudi Arabia, we find Al-Zafer Wings Company, the company provides shipping services through regular shipping lines inside and outside Saudi Arabia, and ensures the delivery of your shipment with high quality, whether the shipment is ordinary goods or goods sensitive to breakage or damage.

Shipping services and features with Al Zafer Wings Company

  • Ship as quickly as possible.
  • Logistical support and commercial storage.
  • Customs clearance of goods.
  • Track shipments.
  • Calculate the weight of the shipment and the cost of the container in order to provide you with the best alternatives.
  • Medium and affordable prices.

Contact Information with Al Dhafer Wings Company

Al Zafer Wings Headquarters: Al-Maghrib Al-Arabi Street, Al-Hamra District, Jeddah.

Phone: 26646888.

Working hours: Saturday – Thursday, 08:00 am – 05:00 pm.

SMSA Company

SMSA Saudi Arabia aims to provide specialized logistics services represented in the delivery of goods internally and internationally, and SMSA is spread in 325 cities and regions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is one of the most famous shipping companies in Saudi Arabia.

Shipping features with SMSA

  • Keep track of your shipments and same-day delivery.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • Smart Ship service for handicraft business merchants and internet sales.
  • Manage your warehouses professionally.

Shipping rates with SMSA

Shipping rates with SMSA start from SAR 32 and change according to destination, product type, and shipment weight.

SMSA Contact Information

  • SAMSA Location: Dabab Street, Riyadh.
  • Phone number: 920009999.

For inquiries through customer support social media sites:

  • Instagram, Facebook: (/smsaexpress)
  • Twitter: (@smsacare)
  • Email: info@smsaexpress.com.

FedEx Corporation

FedEx Express is one of the best express shipping companies with branches in most countries of the Middle East, and as a highly experienced person, it also provides customs clearance services as well as delivery of goods.


  • Fast and simple charging.
  • Track shipments.
  • Average shipping rates and discount offers for heavy shipments.
  • Packaging your products at nominal prices.
  • 24/7 customer service.

FedEx Contact Information

  • FedEx Express Location: Olaya, Riyadh.
  • For inquiries through the FedEx Express website: here.
  • Phone: 8002442222.

Fedex Shipping From China To Saudi Arabia

Saudi Airlines Cargo Saudi Cargo

Saudi Cargo is a leading company in Saudi Arabia specialized in air freight, through which you can transport your goods by the company’s planes from Saudi Arabia to anywhere in the world. The shipment is booked through the Saudi Cargo website, and your shipment is accepted a maximum of three hours before the aircraft departs.

Shipping services and features with Saudi Cargo

  • Express shipping service.
  • Transport of any amount of goods (up to 300 kg).
  • Shipping medical materials and medicines.
  • Airlift animals.
  • Professional customer service to help you and answer your questions around the clock, seven days a week.

Saudi Cargo Contact Information

  • Saudi Cargo Location: Prince Sultan Road, Zahran Building, Jeddah.
  • Opening hours: Daily from 8 am to 11 pm.
  • Telephone: +966920003111
  • You can also contact us via e-mail: cargoCIC@saudiacargo.com.


Retex is one of the best shipping companies in Saudi Arabia, Retex offers shipping services from Riyadh and to anywhere inside or outside Saudi Arabia.

Shipping services and features with RETEX

  • Air and land freight on a daily basis.
  • High quality commodity storage services.
  • Securely wrapping your goods.
  • The arrival of the goods within one day.
  • Delegate service to receive your goods.
  • Contact info with RETEX
  • Retex Location: Azizia, Riyadh.
  • Phone: 0538775771 | 0112130323.

Al Mugaiteeb Company

There are many companies for local and international shipping in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including Al-Mugaiteeb Company, which is one of the best shipping companies in Saudi Arabia, which provides transportation services according to its location and the high quality of its services, as it is a service institution that serves the transport of goods and parcels via land roads,

Advantages of Al Mugaiteeb Company:

  • It has a fleet of trucks that reaches 90% of the regions and cities in the Kingdom.
  • Internal transportation service is provided from the client to the company’s headquarters and vice versa
  • Offers inland transportation services

Perm Shipping Company

Bayram is one of the best shipping companies in Saudi Arabia, and is considered the choice of many customers who have dealt with it in shipping and internal and external transportation.

Features of Bayram Shipping Company:

Bayram is also one of the preferred options for Egyptians residing in the Kingdom, as it helps them facilitate customs procedures related to import and export from Saudi Arabia to Egypt, which encourages traders to deal with it easily and in a short time.

Features of Bayram Shipping Company:

  • The company works in the field of land, sea and air freight and ships many goods and goods to all countries of the world
  • The company is characterized by its good and low prices that suit all customers.
  • Many discounts and periodic new offers are offered to customers to make shipping easier for them.
  • It has a large team of workers who work in many countries that can ship quickly and accurately

Saudi Post Corporation – SPL

SPL – Saudi Post is one of the best shipping companies in Saudi Arabia The company aims to provide various postal logistics services based on a required plan, by building a system of multiple networks, establishing a unified national address system, providing a package of non-traditional postal services, enabling e-government programs and e-commerce applications through partnerships with institutions in the public and private sectors, developing e-government transactions and facilitating e-commerce exchanges.

Features of Saudi Post Corporation:

  • Featuring competitive prices
  • Delivery service to the nearest post office from the consignee’s residence
  • The details of tracking the shipment through (shipment tracking) are accurate in the website, application and SPL Online platform.
  • Its customers can take advantage of its service and send up to 30 kg at competitive prices and for all destinations, whether local or international

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