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Cheapest Shipping Company From China To Nigeria

The global marketplace has witnessed an exponential rise in trade between countries, with China and Nigeria emerging as significant players. When it comes to shipping goods from China to Nigeria, cost-effectiveness is a paramount concern for businesses and individuals alike. In this article, we delve into the considerations and options for identifying the Cheapest Shipping Company From China To Nigeria for this route.

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Cheapest Shipping Company From China To Nigeria

How Long Does it Take Shipping from China to Nigeria

The shipping time from China to Nigeria can vary widely depending on several factors, including the shipping method chosen, the specific origin and destination points within China and Nigeria, weather conditions, customs clearance procedures, and any potential delays along the way. Here’s a general overview of the shipping times for different methods:

Sea Freight:

Standard Transit Time: Sea freight from China to Nigeria typically takes around 25 to 40 days on average. This time frame accounts for loading, transit, unloading, and potential port delays.
Port Selection: The specific ports used for departure and arrival can influence the shipping time. For example, shipping from major Chinese ports like Shanghai or Guangzhou to Nigerian ports like Lagos might have shorter transit times due to more frequent sailings.

Air Freight:

Standard Transit Time: Air freight is significantly faster than sea freight. On average, shipping goods from China to Nigeria via air freight can take around 4 to 10 days.
Flight Availability: The availability of cargo space on flights and the frequency of flights between the origin and destination airports will impact the transit time.

Shipping from China to Nigeria, Factors such as customs clearance, cargo handling, carrier schedules, and any unforeseen events can all influence the actual delivery time.

Cheapest Shipping Company From China To Nigeria

What are the ways to ship goods from China to Nigeria

There are several ways to ship goods from China to Nigeria, each with its own advantages and considerations. The choice of shipping method depends on factors such as the type of goods, budget, urgency, and other logistical requirements. Here are the main ways to ship goods from China to Nigeria:

Sea Freight shipping from China to nigeria:

Full Container Load (FCL): This involves booking an entire shipping container exclusively for your goods. FCL is suitable for larger shipments or when you want to have more control over the container’s contents.

Less than Container Load (LCL): If your shipment doesn’t fill a full container, you can share container space with other shipments. LCL is cost-effective for smaller loads.

Pros: Cost-effective for large shipments, suitable for various types of cargo, can handle oversized goods.

Cons: Longer transit time compared to air freight, potential for port congestion and delays.

Air Freight shipping from China to nigeria:

Air freight involves shipping goods on cargo planes. It’s faster than sea freight but generally more expensive.

Pros: Quick transit times, suitable for time-sensitive goods, better for smaller shipments.

Cons: Higher cost compared to sea freight, limited capacity for larger goods.

Land Freight shipping from China to nigeria:

This method involves transporting goods by road or rail within China and then using sea or air freight for the international leg of the journey.

Pros: Can offer a combination of cost-effectiveness and speed, suitable for certain regions with good transportation infrastructure.

Cons: Complexity in coordinating multiple modes of transportation, potential delays at border crossings.

Rail Freight shipping from China to Nigeria:

Rail freight is an option for transporting goods between China and Nigeria, passing through various countries.

Pros: Faster than sea freight, relatively cost-effective for certain routes, suitable for certain types of cargo.

Cons: Limited routes available, potential for border and customs delays, might require transloading at various points.

Multimodal Shipping shipping from China to Nigeria:

This approach combines different modes of transportation to optimize cost and efficiency. For instance, goods might be transported by road or rail to a neighboring country with better shipping connections, then sent by sea or air to Nigeria.

Pros: Offers flexibility and efficiency, can help overcome limitations of individual modes of transport.

Cons: Requires careful planning and coordination, may involve transloading at various points.

Cheapest Shipping Company From China To Nigeria

How much Cost when Shipping from China to Nigeria

Another factor that is crucial to your importation business is the shipping cost.

You need to budget well in advance to ensure smooth shipping of your cargo from China to Nigeria.

In this section, we get into the details of your shipping cost using various modes of shipping.

Keep reading:How Much Does Shipping Cost From China To Nigeria

· Cost of LCL shipping from China to Nigeria

For LCL shipping, you’d better give us your goods details, so our sales will update you best shipping rate from China to Nigeria.

· Cost of Shipping 20ft Container from China to Nigeria

If you are shipping a 20ft container from China, better you give us details for a quick quote.Generally between US$2,000 and US$3,500

· Cost of Shipping 40ft Container from China to Nigeria

The cost of shipping a 40ft container from China to Nigeria from different ports will be different based on different time and different goods, please leave your details for a quick quote.Generally between US$3,000 and US$4,800

Cost Of Shipping Container From China To Nigeria

· Cost of Air Freight Shipping from China to Nigeria

Several factors constitute the shipping cost of your cargo via air.

They include

1. Destination

The cost of your shipping via air will be higher if the port of destination is far from the port of origin in China.

If you can, minimize the shipping cost by choosing a port that has a shorter distance.

2. The payment currency

The global market tends to change rather fast which has an effect on the currency of trade you are using.

The impact of this is that you might end up paying a higher or a cheaper amount depending on market activities.

A tip for your consideration is that when you are shipping from China to Nigeria, always insist on a stable currency.

The change in such currency is not significantly affected by changes in the global market.

3. Port charges

Port charges are those charges that are levied by different ports around the world.

These charges are generally for development purposes as such they differ from port to port.

These charges will affect your shipping cost.

4. Fuel surcharge

Perhaps one of the common costs that keep fluctuating during your shipping is the cost of fuel.

Market prizes for fuel keep fluctuating which affects your shipping cost.

You might pay a lower or a higher amount depending on the fluctuation rate.

A reliable forwarder needs to inform you of these changes early enough so that you can plan.

5. Nature of your goods

Cargoes that need special conditions such as reefer cargoes will be charged an extra amount for shipment.

These charges are typically meant to facilitate the maintenance of your cargo during shipment.

· Express Shipping Cost from China to Nigeria

Cheapest Shipping Company From China To Nigeria, Express costs may also differ when it comes to goods details and when you ship your goods. better give us your details for quick quote.

Cheapest Shipping Company From China To Nigeria

What ports are there for shipping from China to Nigeria

Shipping from China to Nigeria involves using various ports on both ends for loading, transit, and unloading of goods. Here are some of the key ports commonly used for shipping between these two countries:

Ports in China:

1. Shanghai Port: As one of the world’s busiest container ports, Shanghai Port serves as a major hub for shipping to various destinations, including Nigeria.

2. Ningbo-Zhoushan Port: This port is located near Shanghai and is also an important gateway for international trade.

3. Guangzhou Port: Located in Southern China, Guangzhou is a significant port for goods coming from the Pearl River Delta region.

4. Shenzhen Port: Situated in close proximity to Hong Kong, Shenzhen Port is known for its connectivity to various international destinations.

Ports in Nigeria:

1. Lagos Port Complex: Located in Lagos, Lagos Port Complex is the largest and busiest port in Nigeria. It includes Apapa Port and Tin Can Island Port, both of which handle significant amounts of cargo.

2. Tin Can Island Port: This port is situated within the Lagos Port Complex and is a key entry point for goods into Nigeria.

3. Port Harcourt Port: Located in the Niger Delta region, Port Harcourt Port is another significant port in Nigeria, facilitating trade for the southern region.

4. Calabar Port: Situated in the southeastern part of Nigeria, Calabar Port serves as an entry point for goods bound for that region.

5. Onne Port: Located near Port Harcourt, Onne Port is a deep-sea port and a key facility for oil and gas-related shipments.

6. Warri Port: This port serves the western Niger Delta region and handles both general cargo and petroleum products.

Cheapest Shipping Company From China To Nigeria

Cheapest shipping company from China to nigeria

Basenton is the cheapest shipping company from China to Nigeria, Basenton is one of professional logistics company providing shipping services from China to Nigeria. We are familiar with customs clearance policy in China and Nigeria.

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Cheapest Shipping Company From China To Nigeria, Whether you request a quick quote on the cost of shipping from China to Nigeria, or ask for the shipping time, just contact Basenton and we will be 24/7 online to support your business.

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