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Shipping From China To Saudi Arabia Necessary Documents

Sea Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia, Shipping can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with the different shipping services available. There are many freight forwarders that will be able to help with the shipping process from China to Saudi Arabia. The shipping companies will provide all of the necessary paperwork and will work with the logistics of getting the goods from one place to another. They will also be able to provide advice on the best mode of transportation, whether it be by air freight or sea freight.

In our globalized world, international shipping is a crucial aspect of business operations. When it comes to importing goods from China to Saudi Arabia, finding the most cost-effective shipping solution can significantly impact your bottom line. In this article, we’ll explore various strategies and options to help you secure the cheapest shipping from China to Saudi Arabia.

Cheapest Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Shipping methods from China to Saudi Arabia

Shipping goods from China to Saudi Arabia involves various methods, each with its advantages and considerations. The choice of shipping method depends on factors such as the type of cargo, urgency, budget, and specific logistics requirements. Here are the primary shipping methods from China to Saudi Arabia:

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Ocean Freight:

Full Container Load (FCL): FCL involves booking an entire shipping container for your cargo. This method is cost-effective for large shipments, and your goods are less likely to be handled during transit.

Less than Container Load (LCL): LCL allows you to share container space with other shippers, making it suitable for smaller shipments. However, it may take longer as containers need to be consolidated.

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Air Freight:

Air cargo is the fastest shipping method and is suitable for time-sensitive or high-value shipments. Air freight can be costly, but it ensures quick delivery.

Consolidated Air Freight: This option combines shipments from multiple customers to fill an entire cargo plane. It can be more cost-effective than booking an entire plane.

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Rail Freight:

China-Europe Railway: This option is gaining popularity for shipping goods from China to Europe and, subsequently, to Saudi Arabia. It offers a middle ground between air and sea freight in terms of speed and cost.

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Road Freight:

Trucking: For shipments within Asia, road freight via trucks can be a viable option. It’s suitable for short-distance transport within China or neighboring countries before connecting to other shipping methods.

Courier and Express Services:

DHL, FedEx, UPS, and Others: These courier services offer fast door-to-door delivery for small packages and documents. They are ideal for high-value or urgent shipments but can be expensive.

Multimodal Freight:

Combining multiple shipping methods (e.g., trucking, rail, ocean, or air) to optimize cost and speed. This approach may require coordination between various logistics providers.

Bulk and Break Bulk Shipping:

Bulk carriers are used for commodities like oil, coal, and grains.

Break bulk shipping involves transporting goods that cannot fit into containers, such as large machinery or heavy equipment.

Intermodal Containers:

Intermodal containers can seamlessly transfer between different modes of transportation (e.g., ship to truck or rail). They offer flexibility and efficiency in logistics.

Temperature-Controlled Shipping:

For perishable or temperature-sensitive goods, consider refrigerated (reefer) containers or air freight services with temperature control.

Customs Clearance and Documentation:

Regardless of the shipping method, proper customs clearance and documentation are essential. Familiarize yourself with Saudi Arabia’s import regulations and requirements.


Use International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) to specify responsibilities and costs between the buyer and seller. Clear terms can prevent disputes and ensure a smooth shipping process.

How you choose Cheapest Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia depends on your specific needs, budget and schedule. We can help you navigate the complexities of international shipping and choose the most appropriate method for your shipment. Additionally, when planning your shipment from China to Saudi Arabia, consider factors such as insurance, tracking, and customs duties.

Cheapest Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the 20th largest exporter of goods and the 32nd largest import market in the world. Foreign trade accounts for 67% of its GDP (2019). Petroleum products account for a large majority of its exports (78.5% of total exports in 2018).

In 2019, Saudi Arabia’s exports reached $170 billion and its imports $96.2 billion; Its main customers are China with $29.1 billion i.e. 3.3% of exports, Japan ($25 billion), and India ($19.4 billion).

Leading its main suppliers are China ($18.3 billion- 16.5% of imports), the United States ($7.66 billion), and Germany ($7.19 billion).

The import and export procedures are easy and well organized, in addition to the abundance of sea, land and air shipping routes and ports.

Maritime transport contributes about 59.5% of the total Saudi imports, followed by air transport at 24.8%, followed by land transport with 15.7%.

1. Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Majors ports

Most ports serve several categories of ships, including bulk carriers, bulk cargo (goods loaded individually in bags, boxes, crates or drums, sometimes palletized), containers, roll-on/roll-off and passenger ships.

The Kingdom has ten ports, four of which overlook the coast of the Persian Gulf and six on the Red Sea coast through which 13% of the volume of world trade passes, and is directly linked to all the economic, industrial and commercial activities established in all the regions and cities of the Kingdom.

2. Saudi Arabia’s main Red Sea ports


Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia and a major trading centre, located on the Red Sea coast.

On the maritime level, the port of Jeddah is the most important Saudi port and one of the most important in the world, where goods from the West transit to the interior of the country. The city was a staging post on the road to India.

75% of the merchandise entering the country by sea transits through the port of Jeddah, making it the most important port in the country with a capacity of 130 million tons, or 39 ships at the same time.


The port of Jazan is characterized by its location close to eastern and western maritime trade routes between Europe and the Far East, the Persian Gulf and East Africa. The city of Jizan is connected to the rest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a modern road network that enables it to serve the southern regions of the Kingdom. The port of Jazan is a modern port with modern facilities. The port also has eight ships which are locomotives and service vessels.

3. King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu

It is a port located in Yanbu governorate on the Red Sea coast, and is considered the largest loading port for crude oil, refined products and petrochemicals on the Red Sea, and is dedicated to serving industrial complexes and meeting their needs in addition to exporting crude oil and its refined derivatives as well as liquid and solid petrochemicals to international markets. The port was built specifically to serve industrial parks and meet their requirements.

It’s on the line between America and Europe mediates through the Suez Canal and the Far East through the Bab al-Mandab.

Yanbu Commercial Port

It’s one of the oldest ports overlooking the Red Sea, it is located on the east coast about 460 nautical miles south of the Suez Canal and 168 nautical miles northwest of the Islamic port of Jeddah.

In order to transfer trade to and from economically promising areas throughout the country, the port is linked to a modern network of land routes that mainly connects the regions of Madinah and Makkah Al-Mukarramah, making it the most important strategic seaport in these regions.

In 2018, the number of cargoes handled at the port increased by 45% compared to the previous year (4 million tonnes compared to 2.8 million tonnes).

Port de Duba

It is located in the city of Dubai, in the Tabuk region, northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was opened as a link between the northwestern region of the Kingdom and the global economy.

The port contains geographical elements that support it in attracting goods destined for the northern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Iraq, which is located at the end of the northern Red Sea coast.

The port of Duba is the closest Saudi port to Egyptian ports overlooking the Red Sea. It is also the closest Saudi port to the Suez Canal, and therefore the closest to the countries of the Mediterranean basin and its port in the region on international trade lines.

Cheapest Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Shipping time from China to Saudi Arabia

When looking for the cheapest from China to Saudi Arabia, getting from China to Saudi Arabia is also of importance, The shipping time from China to Saudi Arabia can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the shipping method, the specific locations in China and Saudi Arabia, weather conditions, customs processing, and the carrier or shipping service you choose. Here are some general estimates for different shipping methods:

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Ocean Freight:

Full Container Load (FCL): FCL shipments typically take between 20 to 40 days, but this can vary based on the ports of departure and arrival, weather conditions, and other factors.

Less than Container Load (LCL): LCL shipments may take a bit longer, often in the range of 25 to 45 days, due to consolidation and deconsolidation processes.

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Air Freight:

Air freight is the fastest option. Shipping goods from China to Saudi Arabia by air can typically take 3 to 7 days. However, this can vary depending on factors like the availability of flights and customs clearance.

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Rail Freight:

Rail freight, especially using the China-Europe Railway, can be a middle-ground option in terms of speed. It can take around 15 to 20 days, depending on the specific route and logistics providers involved.

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Trucking:

Road freight within Asia, including transport within China and neighboring countries, can take varying amounts of time based on the distance, road conditions, and border crossings. It may range from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Customs Clearance and Documentation:

The time spent in customs clearance can vary depending on the completeness and accuracy of your documentation, as well as any inspections or additional checks. It’s essential to ensure that all customs requirements are met to avoid delays.

Peak Seasons and Holidays:

Shipping times may be affected by peak seasons (e.g., holiday seasons) when shipping companies may experience increased demand and congestion at ports and airports.

Cheapest Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Necessary Documents

When delivery cargo from China to Saudi Arabia, make a point to get all the documents required for importing goods into Saudi Arabia.

> Certificate of origin authenticated with a local chamber of commerce and translated into Arabic. It should precise where the goods were manufactured. The CO it’s the ID of your goods.

> Saudi Customs Invoice (in triplicate) – required for the majority of imports entering Saudi Arabia (except those of low monetary value).

> bill of lading: An authenticated document (in triplicate), clearly indicating the country of origin, the name of the carrier, the make and number of goods, and a clear description of the goods, including weight and value.

> Commercial invoice : it’s a descriptive invoice that describes all the goods and contains HS codes.

> Packing List: It should detail the HS code of the goods you’re transferring.

> Insurance documents if the imports are forwarded. Original documents must be accompanied by an Arabic translation.

> SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organisation) Certificate of Conformity, issued by an approved certification body in the country of origin.

All these documents will have to be stamped by the following organizations: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the exporting country; The “bilateral” chamber of commerce; The Saudi Arabian Consulate of the exporting country.


-For fruit, vegetables and seeds, a phytosanitary certificate is required.

-For meat, a health certificate is required, to be provided by the veterinary services of the exporting country, as well as a slaughter certificate indicating that it has been slaughtered according to Islamic rites, to be issued by the Islamic competent authority of the exporting country.

These documents must be signed either by the Chamber of Commerce or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Cheapest Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Cheapest Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Shipping costs from China to Saudi Arabia can vary greatly, Cheapest Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia, depending on a variety of factors, including the shipping method, the size and weight of your package, the shipping company or service you choose, and the Any other services or options needed. Here are some common shipping methods and tips to help you find the cheapest shipping option:

Ocean Freight: Ocean freight is often the most cost-effective way to ship large or heavy goods in bulk. You can either opt for Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL) services, depending on the volume of your shipment.

Air Freight: While air freight is faster than ocean freight, it is generally more expensive. However, if you have a small shipment or time-sensitive goods, it might be the best option for you.

Shipping Ports: If you are using ocean freight, consider using ports that are closer to your supplier’s location. This can reduce inland transportation costs.

Shipping Incoterms: Be clear on the Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) you are using with your supplier. Different Incoterms dictate who is responsible for shipping costs, so choose the one that aligns with your cost-saving goals.

Consolidation: If you have multiple shipments, consolidating them into one shipment can often reduce costs. This is particularly true for LCL shipments.

Packaging: Ensure your goods are packaged efficiently to minimize the volume and weight. This can lead to cost savings, especially with air freight.

Plan Ahead: Shipping costs can vary depending on demand and other market factors. Planning your shipments well in advance can help you secure better rates.

Customs and Documentation: Make sure you have all the necessary customs documentation in order to avoid delays and additional fees at customs.

Cheapest Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia, It’s worth noting that the cheapest option may not always be the best option. When making your decision, consider factors such as shipping time, reliability, and value of your shipment. The Basenton shipping company you can choose, Basenton’s reputation and reliability are far ahead in the logistics industry, we ensure smooth and successful transportation from China to Saudi Arabia.

Cheapest Shipping Company from China to Saudi Arabia

Basenton freight forward will deliver your goods from any city in China to the world. We have more than ten years of freight experience, and choose the best freight route for you. Contact us for the best discounts for you.

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