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Shipping Cost from China to Bahrain


Shipping from China to Bahrain: Do we choose air or sea freight?

With air and sea freight options available, you can efficiently ship from China to Bahrain. In addition to these, you can rely on door-to-door service as a third method. The best option for you will depend on several factors such as space, shipment size, time, and cost. We will provide you with details about each shipping method and how to decide what is best for you.

Shipping from China to Bahrain by air

If you are looking for a quick service to deliver goods to Bahrain, air freight is undoubtedly the first choice. But you must remember that it can be expensive. Speed is not the only factor in choosing this method, there are many important aspects to look at.


When is air freight the perfect option?

  • Express delivery – A flight from China to Bahrain only takes a few hours, but air freight can generally take two to five days depending on other preparatory factors.
  • Type of goods – The type of goods sent from China to Bahrain plays a big role in choosing the shipping method. Air freight is the ideal choice in cases involving fragile goods, or goods that require quick repacking.
  • Cargo handling – In air freight, the number of cargo handling points is much lower than in sea freight.
  • Safety – Security measures at airports are stricter. So fragile and high-value goods are usually shipped by air.

China cities that offer air freight service to Bahrain

  • The cheapest flight from China to Bahrain is from Hong Kong to Manama, with the cost starting from AED 1750.78.
  • The fastest flight from China to Bahrain is from Guangzhou to Manama, with an average flight time of 9 hours.
  • The most popular destinations in Bahrain are Manama, Zallaq and Sakhir
Shipping from China to Bahrain by air

Duration for air cargo from China to Bahrain

To use the air cargo service, you must be aware of the standard time for air freight between China and Bahrain. Here is a list of duration from different cities in China to different airports in Bahrain:

Shanghai2 days1 day3 days4 days
Shenzhen3 days2 days2 days1 day
Guangzhou3 days3 days4 days2 days
Beijing4 days2 days1 day2 days
Ningbo5 days3 days2 days4 days

How Long Does Shipping Take From China To Bahrain

The cost of air freight from China to Bahrain

As you know, the cost of sea freight depends on many factors such as weight, volume, carrier, time, and insurance. However, I provided a list of costs from different cities in China to Bahrain:

Shipping cost22 kg+100 kg+300 kg+500 kg+1000 kg+
Air freight from Shanghai to Bahrain32.523.54
Air freight from Guangzhou to Bahrain23.52.524
Air freight from Beijing to Bahrain1.532.557
Air freight from Ningbo to Bahrain42.51.536
Air freight from Shenzhen to Bahrain23.5347

We hope this information was useful to you! Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Commercial Airports in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain has many commercial airports that are an important gateway for cargo and air transport in the region. Here is some information about it:

1. Bahrain International Airport
  • Bahrain International Airport is the main airport in Bahrain, located in Muharraq. This airport is a platform for international aviation for Bahrain and Gulf Air Bahrain. It was recently renovated in 2020 and now offers world-class services with its improved capabilities and cutting-edge facilities.
  • This airport is an important air cargo hub, with a special air cargo section operated by Gulf Air Airlines, which provides air cargo services to many destinations around the world.
2. Shaikh Isa International Airport
  • Shaikh Isa Airport is a military airport located in Sakhir, but it also offers some commercial flights. This airport is an important air cargo hub and provides logistical support for air cargo in the region.

Through these two airports, Bahrain is able to provide excellent air cargo services to many destinations around the world, strategically positioning it as an important cargo point in the region.

Shipping from China to Bahrain by sea

If you are looking for an economical and efficient shipping option for large volumes of goods, sea freight may be the ideal solution for you. With sea freight, you can significantly save costs compared to air freight, especially when time is not a factor. You can choose between FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less Than Container Load) options depending on your needs.

Shipping from China to Bahrain Case:

Ocean Freight From China To Bahrain



Ocean Freight From Shanghai To Bahrain

When is sea freight the ideal option?

  • Economic efficiency: Compared to air freight, sea freight is a more economical option, especially when goods weigh more than 100 kilograms. No matter you choose FCL or LCL, you will find that the costs are much lower based on the size, type, and total weight of the goods you want to ship.
  • When time is not pivotal: Typically, shipping from China to Bahrain takes between 20 to 38 days, depending on the seaport you choose to ship from. If your shipment is not necessary immediately, sea freight will be the perfect choice for you.
  • For heavy or oversized cargo: For large or heavy-weight cargo, or in the case of mass shipping, sea freight is the ideal choice.

Important information about sea freight:

  • Ideal timing for sea freight: The timing depends on the loading and unloading times at the ports.
  • Bahrain’s seaport locations: Bahrain has a number of efficient and well-developed seaports.
  • Shipping time from China to Bahrain: Sea shipping from China to Bahrain usually takes between 15 to 25 days.

Simply put, sea freight from China to Bahrain is an excellent option for you if you are looking for a cost-effective and more flexible option in terms of shipment size and time.

Shipping from China to Bahrain by sea

Sea freight time from China to Bahrain

In addition, the cost of sea freight depends on a range of factors including distance, volume, weight and insurance. To help you make a better decision, here’s a list of duration:

From/ToMina SalmanDuration
Shanghai12 days13 days
Shenzhen13 days12 days
Guangzhou10 days17 days
Beijing14 days12 days
Ningbo15 days13 days

The cost of sea freight from China to Bahrain

Here’s a table showing the cost of sea freight from China to Bahrain:

From/ToMina SalmanCost
Shanghai800 USD750 USD
Shenzhen650 USD600 USD
Guangzhou700 USD670 USD
Beijing560 USD770 USD
Ningbo760 USD860 USD

Commercial Ports in Bahrain

Bahrain has several major commercial ports that play an important role in maritime trade and global transport.

Khalifa Bin Salman Port

Located on the northeastern side of Bahrain, Khalifa Bin Salman Port is the largest port in the country and is considered the main hub for trade. It features modern facilities and advanced systems that allow efficient flow of goods.

Mina Salman Manama

Located in the Bahraini capital, Manama, Mina Salman Manama is a multi-purpose port that handles a variety of cargo. This port offers goods delivery and storage services with high efficiency.

Port Sitra

Sitra Port, located on the eastern island of Bahrain, deals mainly with bulk cargo and petroleum. This port ensures fast and safe transportation of heavy and dangerous cargo.

These three ports represent the heart of Bahrain’s maritime trade and are considered one of the main tributaries of commercial and economic activity in the country.

shipping from China to Bahrain

How does the shipping agent facilitate the import process and shipping from China to Bahrain?

Importing from China to Bahrain requires knowledge of the available shipping patterns and an understanding of the customs clearance process. It includes ensuring that you are prepared with the required documents to avoid any delays or losses related to clearance. Freight forwarders such as Basenton have extensive experience in shipping operations from China to Bahrain and are well positioned to offer optimal options based on your logistics needs.

You can use the freight forwarder to get quotes for air freight and sea freight and choose what suits you best. The methods available for shipping change based on your requirements, whether you want the fastest or the most cost-effective.

How to get the cheapest shipping from China to Bahrain?

shipping from China to Bahrain

Finding the best prices for shipping from China to Bahrain is a challenge for many businesses and individuals. This requires careful research and proper planning to make sure you get the right prices.

Factors affecting the cost of shipping:

  • Shipping times: Prices may be lower at some times of the year.
  • Incoterms: Identifies the parties responsible for the various costs in the shipping process.

Tips for cheaper shipping:

  1. Choose a reliable shipping agent: Reputable and experienced freight forwarders from China to Bahrain can offer competitive rates and excellent customer service.
  2. Compare prices: Be sure to get quotes from multiple freight forwarders to determine the best.
  3. Understand associated charges: Make sure you understand all charges associated with the shipping process, including customs duties and import duties.
  4. Choose the right shipping method: Depending on the nature of the goods, the time available, and the cost, air freight or sea freight may be the perfect choice for you.
  5. Advance planning and flexibility in timing: The ability to plan ahead and flexibility in schedule may help save shipping costs. Try to avoid peak times when prices are usually higher.

By following these tips, you can get the best value for shipping from China to Bahrain. It’s the perfect step to achieve significant cost savings and best shipping value.

Avoid delays in shipping goods from China to Bahrain


Delaying the shipment of goods from China to Bahrain can be a common problem for many individuals and companies, and may lead to financial losses and waste of time. But don’t worry, because there are many ways that can help you avoid this problem.

1. Factors leading to delays in shipments by the importer:

  • Partial Shipping (LCL): In case of partial shipping, shipping may be delayed to wait for other containers. To resolve this issue, you must cooperate with a freight forwarder with extensive experience in shipping from China to Bahrain.
  • Failure to employ a skilled customs broker: may hinder the receipt of goods from customs.
  • Errors in shipment details: They may cause delays, so you must make sure that the data is correct when filling it out.
  • Differences between the description of the shipment and the accompanying documents: It may obstruct the procedures, so it is preferable to monitor the goods from the beginning of production to receipt.

2. Factors leading to delays in shipments on the supplier’s side:

  • Non-compliance with shipping dates: may cause delays in goods. So you can put a penalty clause in the contract to avoid this situation.
  • Prioritize other orders: It may cause delays, so you must ensure the availability of the goods and follow up the request continuously.
  • Lack of necessary documents: Requires cooperation with a supplier who provides all necessary shipping documents.
  • Public holidays: may coincide with delivery dates. It is essential to look at the official calendar of holidays in China to avoid any delays.

In the end, choosing the perfect port near you can be very useful to reduce the time and cost spent on domestic shipping. If you are in Bahrain, Jebel Ali Port may be a good option for you.

Article summary:

The article then covers details related to air freight from China to Bahrain, including places in China that offer this service, the time it takes to ship, and its cost. Two airports are being discussed in Bahrain, Bahrain International Airport and Sheikh Isa International Airport.

The article also examines shipping as a possible and ideal option in some cases, addresses the time and cost associated with it, and discusses the role played by Bahrain’s main ports, including Khalifa Bin Salman Port, Mina Salman Manama, and Sitra Port.

Finally, the article touches on how to deal with freight forwarders to facilitate the import process from China, in addition to ways to get the cheapest shipping from China, and how to avoid delaying the shipment of goods from China.

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