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Shipping Cost Per Cubic Meter China to Australia 

In the globalized world of commerce, international shipping is the lifeblood of trade. Businesses and individuals alike rely on efficient and reliable shipping routes to transport goods from one corner of the world to another. For many, shipping from China to Australia has become a routine and lucrative part of their operations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps and considerations involved in shipping from China to Australia.

Are you looking for shipping and logistics services from China to Australia? We offer a wide variety of services, tailored to your needs. Whether it’s shipping by air freight or via ocean shipping containers, our team will endeavor to bring you the best and most affordable transport solutions from China to Australia.

Shipping from China to Australia

Shipping from China to Australia

Shipping goods from China to Australia is a common and well-established international trade route. Here are the key steps and considerations involved in shipping from China to Australia:

1. Select a Shipping Method:

There are several shipping methods to choose from, including sea freight, air freight, and courier services like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. The choice of method depends on the urgency of delivery, the type of goods, and your budget.

2. Prepare the Goods:

Properly package and label your goods to ensure they are secure during transit and comply with Australian customs regulations. Ensure that all necessary documentation is included with the shipment.

3. Obtain Necessary Export Documentation:

You will need documentation such as a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading or airway bill, and any certificates required for specific products (e.g., certificates of origin, phytosanitary certificates).

4. Calculate Shipping Costs:

Get a quote from Basenton Shipping Company to determine the cost of shipping your goods. Costs may vary based on shipping method, cargo volume, weight and destination.

5. Customs Clearance in China:

Ensure that your goods comply with Chinese export regulations and complete any required export clearance procedures. Your freight forwarder or shipping company can assist with this.

6. Shipping and Transit:

Once your goods are ready for shipping, they will be transported to the departure port (e.g., Shanghai, Guangzhou) and loaded onto the chosen vessel or aircraft.

7. Customs Clearance in Australia:

Your goods will go through customs clearance upon arrival in Australia. You will need to provide the necessary import documentation, pay any applicable import duties and taxes, and comply with Australian customs regulations.

8. Delivery to Final Destination:

After customs clearance in Australia, your goods can be delivered to their final destination, whether it’s your business location or a distribution center.

9. Compliance with Australian Regulations:

Ensure that your products meet Australian safety, labeling, and packaging requirements. Depending on the type of goods, you may need additional certifications or approvals.

Shipping from China to Australia, It’s essential to work with experienced professionals and stay informed about the latest customs regulations and trade agreements between China and Australia to ensure a smooth and compliant shipping process.

Shipping from China to Australia

Shipping Cost Per Cubic meter China to Australia 

The cost of shipping from China to Australia can vary widely depending on several factors. These factors include the shipping method, the weight and dimensions of the goods, the shipping company or service chosen, the departure and arrival ports, and any additional services or options required. Below are some common methods of Shipping cost from China to Australia.:

Sea Freight (Container Shipping): This is one of the most economical methods for shipping large quantities of goods. Costs can vary based on the type of container (20-foot or 40-foot), the shipping route, and the shipping company. As of 2021, shipping a standard 20-foot container from China to Australia might cost between $1,000 to $3,000, while a 40-foot container could cost around $2,000 to $6,000 or more.

Air Freight: This is a faster but more expensive option. Airfreight costs depend on the weight and volume of the cargo, as well as the specific airports involved. As of 2021, airfreight rates could range from $3 to $10 per kilogram.

Express Courier Services: Companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS offer fast and reliable shipping services from China to Australia. Prices vary based on the weight, size, and urgency of the shipment. For small parcels, the cost can range from $20 to $100 or more.

Rail Freight: Some companies offer rail freight services that connect China to Europe via the Trans-Siberian Railway, which can then be further transported by sea to Australia. Costs depend on the route and the service provider.

Customs and Import Fees: Don’t forget to factor in customs duties, taxes, and import fees when calculating the total cost of shipping. These costs can vary depending on the type and value of the goods being imported.

Additional Services: If you require services such as insurance, warehousing, or customs clearance assistance, these will add to the overall shipping cost.

These prices are approximate and may change over time due to fuel price fluctuations, route changes and other factors. To get an accurate and up-to-date shipping quote from China to Australia, it is recommended to contact the shipping company or freight forwarder for a specific quote based on your shipment details. There may have been changes or developments in the shipping industry since my last knowledge update in September 2021. Get Shipping cost from China to Australia now.

Sea Freight & Container Shipping From China To Australia

Transport by sea is one of the most popular options for shipping and this is a key means for goods coming to Australia from China.

20FT Container Shipping Cost From China To Australia

Ocean freight will be the best deal for you if :

— Your suppliers are located near a major Chinese port
— Your goods are bigger than 2 CBM
— You’re not in a hurry to receive them
— In China we can make sure your goods are exported from all major ports such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian, Tianjin, Xiamen, Macao, and Hong Kong.

We offer a variety of services from full door-to door, to door-to-port, and port-to-port.

With a door-to-door service, your goods will be in our hands from the factory/retailer in China all the way to your address in Australia.

Goods coming into China arrive at Australia’s premier ports such as Hedland, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Paranaguá, Darwin, Sydney… From there, we’re able to bring your goods to cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and many others.

Transit from China to Australia via ocean container shipping takes around 20 to 30 days from port to port.

This time varies according to certain factors such as the ports of departure and arrival and season sailing schedules.

FCL and LCL shipping

You can transport your goods by both FCL and LCL shipping.

There are many factors you need to consider when shipping from China to Australia.

A standard 40 foot container can accommodate 22 standard pallets, with a 20 foot container holding 10 pallets.

If you’re shipping large volumes and can fill a container, it makes sense to choose FCL (Full Container Load).

The other advantage of Full container load is that your items are kept separate from other importers.

On the other hand, LCL (Less than a Container Load) refers to shipping where your goods share space within a container with other goods.

If you’re OK with that, then LCL shipping (also known as groupage) offers a more economical way to ship smaller quantities that make up less than half of the volume of a full container.

Considerations for LCL Freight Shipping

LCL shipping means your goods will share space with goods from other companies.

This also means that your delivery might take a little bit longer, because of both the packing and unpacking process.

Before departure, your goods will be stored in a consolidation warehouse in China until departure, and then on arrival be held in a de-consolidation warehouse in Australia before they are delivered to your address.

Considerations for FCL Freight Shipping

FCL shipping means renting an entire container for your shipment.

If you have a large enough cargo to occupy a container, or even most of a container, FCL shipping may make the most economical sense.

It’s also quicker than LCL shipping as there is no need to consolidate or deconsolidate your items from others.

Your container will also remain sealed throughout the journey and unless customs officials select it for inspection will be sealed until it arrives at your address or chosen destination.

Shipping from China to Australia

Air Freight From China To Australia

We have developed a vast network of carriers that specialize in air cargo transportation, offering daily and weekly departures from China’s main airports to any air destination in the globe.

Air freight will be the most efficient solution if :

     · Your goods are smaller than 2 CBM and 200 kg
     · You’re in a hurry to receive/send the goods
     · Our air freight service from China to Australia provides safe and reliable solutions for all your air transportation needs including time sensitive and high value commodities.

Our shipping options include airport-to-airport, door-to-door, airport-to-door and door-to-airport services, among others.

With our service, we’ll take care of each step of the journey, making sure that your goods arrive at your destination when you need them.

The normal transit time for air freight from China to Australia is around 3 to 7 days.

This can vary owing to seasonal demands and traffic in the freight market at certain times of year. Our years of experience can bring expert knowledge to your logistical needs in this respect.

The charter service offers you peace of mind and bespoke services as well as a long list of goods that are possible to ship. We can arrange this service for you and ship goods such as:

     · Consumer goods
     · High-value goods
     · Sensitive cargo such as hazardous, fresh, or perishable goods
     · Time-critical freight
     · Medical supply & humanitarian relief aid
     · Heavy load & oversized equipment
     · Car, Aircraft and ships spare parts

 When it comes to weight, we offer options from 10,000lb (5000kgs) to 45,000lb (22,000 kgs) which can be transported in crates or boxes, on pallets, or as bulk.

Our part charter and full charter options range from 10.000 lbs (5.000 kgs) to 45.000 lbs (22.000 kgs), loadable in pallets, skids, crates or simply bulk.

Shipping from China to Australia

Shipping from China to Australian ports

Shipping from China to Australian ports is a common and well-established trade route due to the strong economic ties between the two countries. Here are some key points to consider when shipping goods from China to Australian ports:

Choice of Port: Australia has several major ports that you can choose from based on your location and shipping needs. Some of the prominent ports in Australia include:

     · Port of Sydney
     · Port of Melbourne
     · Port of Brisbane
     · Port of Fremantle (Perth)
     · Port of Adelaide

The choice of port will depend on the location of your supplier or recipient and your transportation preferences.

Customs clearance from China to Australia

Customs clearance when shipping goods from China to Australia is a crucial step in the international shipping process. Customs clearance involves the formal declaration and processing of your goods by the customs authorities of both countries to ensure compliance with import regulations and to facilitate the smooth flow of goods across borders. Here’s an overview of the customs clearance process from China to Australia:

Documentation Preparation:

Prepare essential shipping documents, including a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading or airway bill, and any necessary certificates or permits. Ensure that all information is accurate and matches the details of your shipment.

Select Basenton Freight Forwarder:

We can help navigate complex customs processes and ensure compliance with import requirements.

Submit Customs Documentation:

Provide the necessary documents to your customs broker or agent. They will prepare and submit the required paperwork to customs authorities in both China and Australia.

Determine Tariffs and Duties:

Customs authorities will assess the applicable tariffs, taxes, and import duties on your goods based on their classification and value. Your customs broker can help you determine these costs in advance.

Customs Inspection:

Customs authorities in both countries may choose to inspect your shipment for various reasons, including security concerns, random checks, or suspicions of non-compliance. Properly pack and label your goods to facilitate inspection if required.

Payment of Duties and Taxes:

Once the customs authorities have assessed the applicable duties and taxes, you or your customs broker will need to make the necessary payments to clear the goods through customs.

Release of Goods:

After completing all required customs procedures and paying the necessary fees, customs authorities will release your goods for delivery to their final destination in Australia.

Delivery to Destination:

Your goods will be transported to your chosen destination within Australia, whether it’s a warehouse, distribution center, or the end recipient’s address. Coordinate the delivery with your chosen logistics provider.

Compliance with Quarantine and Biosecurity Regulations:

Australia has strict quarantine and biosecurity regulations to protect against the introduction of pests and diseases. Ensure that your goods comply with these regulations, and be prepared for potential inspections by the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment (DAWE).

Maintain Records:

Keep accurate records of all customs documentation, including invoices, receipts, and customs clearance paperwork, for auditing and compliance purposes.

Shipping from China to Australia

Cheapest way to Shipping from China to Australia

The cheapest way to ship goods from China to Australia depends on various factors, including the size and weight of your shipment, your timeline, and your specific needs. Here are some cost-effective shipping methods you can consider:

Sea Freight (Ocean Freight): Sea freight is typically the most cost-effective option for shipping large quantities of goods over long distances. You can choose from different container sizes, such as 20-foot and 40-foot containers, or even less-than-container-load (LCL) options for smaller shipments. However, sea freight is slower than air freight and may take several weeks for your goods to arrive.

Rail Freight: If your shipment originates from a location in China with good rail connections, you may consider rail freight. Some companies offer rail services that connect China to Europe via the Trans-Siberian Railway. While it involves multiple modes of transport, it can be a cost-effective alternative for certain types of cargo.

Consolidated Shipping: Consolidated or groupage shipping combines multiple small shipments from different shippers into one container. This can be a cost-effective option if you have a smaller quantity of goods to ship but don’t need to fill an entire container. It reduces costs by sharing container space with other shippers.

Economy Air Freight: If you need faster shipping than sea freight but want to save compared to standard air freight, consider economy air freight services. These services often have longer transit times than standard air freight but are cheaper.

Incoterms Negotiation: When negotiating your purchase contract with the supplier in China, consider the use of International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) that transfer more of the shipping costs and responsibilities to the seller. Terms like FOB (Free On Board) or EXW (Ex Works) can affect the overall cost of shipping.

Cheapest way to Shipping from China to Australia, We provide reliable and cost-effective rates and competitive prices for your shipments through our global network of agents, partners and warehouses. We provide shipping services in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Europe, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Mexico and more. Basenton services include sea, air, express, rail transportation from China to all over the world. As a professional freight forwarder, we can provide a free quotation according to your requirements within 24 hours. No hidden fees, no extras. Our expert team will provide you with the perfect one-stop door-to-door shipping solution.

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