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Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Customs Clearance

The economic relations between China and the Middle East countries are very close. Take Saudi Arabia as an example. Saudi Arabia is located in the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia, and trades with China are frequent. However, the local customs in Saudi Arabia strictly controls the goods imported into the local country. Therefore, you must understand the local customs clearance requirements before shipping from China to Saudi Arabia. To prevent the goods from reaching the local customs and unable to clear customs due to customs clearance issues. There are many issues related to customs clearance. Basenton summarizes the following for everyone, you can refer to:

shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Shipping From China To Saudi Arabia Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a crucial step in the shipping process from China to Saudi Arabia. China and Saudi Arabia are two countries where customs procedures can be complex. That’s why it makes sense to work with a freight forwarder who is familiar with the China to Saudi trade route. Freight forwarders usually have local experts in both countries who can help you clear customs with ease. The experts will also ensure that you provide correct and accurate information as required by the relevant customs authorities.

While customs documentation requirements vary by country, there are still some specific forms and documents required for import and export clearance.

For example, Chinese customs authorities will require all of the following export clearance documents, and Saudi Customs will also require all of the following documents when assessing your shipment during the import clearance process:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Letter of credit or other payment terms (depending on the contract between the parties involved)
  • Ocean bill of lading or air waybill (Basenton will provide this for you)

Other considerations for customs clearance in Saudi Arabia

1. The recipient must be a company, private parts are not accepted, and the 15-digit VAT tax number of the recipient company must be provided.

2. The product must be accompanied by a certificate of origin and an invoice showing the value of the item. The zip code format is 5 digits. The phone number of the recipient (landline or mobile phone number is recommended) on the waybill and invoice. The country of origin must be indicated, and the production country information on the product packaging must be consistent with the invoice declaration; truthfully declare the value of the goods, if the declared amount of the goods is greater than or equal to USD100, the original commercial invoice must be provided with the goods; if the declared amount of the goods is greater than Or equal to USD2500, the original commercial invoice and original certificate of origin must be provided with the goods.

3.  Products exported by sea shipping from China to Saudi Arabia must have a country of origin identification, such as “Made in China” or “Manufactured in China”. The customs does not accept the identification of the country of origin information on the outer packaging of the goods. Certificate of origin with the goods: the original certificate of origin can be sent separately, but a copy of the certificate of origin must be attached to the goods.

4. Saudi Arabia Customs strictly prohibits goods with built-in cameras (such as drones, pens, glasses, watches, etc. with built-in cameras) and electronic cigarettes. This is very important to avoid wasting manpower and material resources.

5. For shipments of the following categories of goods, the original SASO certificate (SASO = Saudi Arabian Standards Organization certification) must be provided with the goods, and the recipient is not allowed to provide it locally:

shipping from China to Bahrain

The first category: toys;

The second category: electrical and electronic products;

The third category: automotive products;

The fourth category: chemical products, medical equipment, medical products, military products.

List some categories of goods: laptops, computer accessories, motor accessories, auto accessories, brake accessories, Light fittings, Adapters, Chargers, Computer spare parts, mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, and parts, etc., all belong to the above four categories.

Seaborne exports shipping from China to Saudi Arabia do need to pay more attention to the requirements of local customs to avoid economic losses. Of course, if you are not sure, you can contact Basenton. We have professional staff to connect with you and give you professional help.

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