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Shipping Freight from China to Port of Houston

Port of Houston (Texas, USA)

The Port of Houston handled 284.9 million metric tons of cargo, both within and outside the United States. This makes it the busiest foreign tonnage handling port in the country. In addition, it is also the 10th busiest port facility in the world.

The port was established in 1914 along Houston’s downtown harbor. Currently, the facility spans 50 miles up to where Morgan is located. Of all the ports in the United States, Houston handles 2.5 times more cargo than southern Louisiana.

Cargo Handling:

The port has an average of 7,800 to 8,500 seagoing vessels calling at the port every year. There are 9 public terminals in total, including 2 container terminals and 5 general cargo operation terminals. The width of the river is 106.5 meters and the maximum depth is 11.4 meters.

Bayport freight operations via 6 Neo-Panamax and 6 Post-Panamax cranes. Meanwhile, 42 RTGs, 2 Panamax, 5 Post-Panamax and 7 Neo-Panamax cranes are in use at Barbers Terminal.

Network and layout:

The Houston port network is the largest container-handling network on U.S. Gulf routes. In addition, the 52 heavy lift docks spread across the layout cover different roles.

The network consists of more than 200 operators large and small with public and private sources. A total of 795,000 jobs are available in the operating facility to meet the port’s operational needs.

Shipping freight from China to Port of Houston, goods are transported by land via the similar network of Houston rail networks and trucks. As a result, the total direct trade operated by the port amounts to $159.8 billion annually.

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