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Shipping from China to Dammam Port

Shipping from China to Dammam port

Shipping from China to Dammam

Dammam (English name: dammam) is one of the ports in Saudi Arabia. The coordinates of the port of Dammam are located at latitude: 26.3926665, longitude 49.9777136, which is an important hub of the Red Sea Line.

Dammam Port. Port Nature: Gulf Port, Basic Port (C, M)
Longitude and latitude: 26°34′N, 050°11′E
Located on the northeast coast of Saudi Arabia (full name: KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA), it is adjacent to the port of Rastan Dili (RAS TANNURAH) in the north, near the northwest end of Bahrain Island, and is on the west side of the Persian Gulf (PERSIAN GULF). The largest port in Eastern Arabia.

Sea from China to Dammam

The Port of Dammam has a tropical desert climate with north-westerly winds prevailing, with an annual average temperature of 20-30°C, with a maximum of 42°C. The annual rainfall is about 100mm. Average tide height: 2.4m at high tide and 0.6m at low tide. ​​

The port is divided into two port areas: east and west. The east port has 22 berths with a maximum water depth of 12m, and the west port area has 20 berths, including 7 container berths with a maximum water depth of 14m.

Loading and unloading equipment includes various shore cranes, mobile cranes, truck cranes, container cranes, forklifts, conveyor belts and tugboats.

Shipping from China to Dammam, Saudi Arabia

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