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Shipping from China to Hungary Cost and Time

Hungary is a landlocked country in Europe. It borders Slovakia to the north, Ukraine to the northeast, Romania to the southeast, Serbia to the south, Croatia to the southwest, Slovenia to the west, and Austria to the northwest. Hungary is one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with China. Germany is Hungary’s main import and export economic partner, with China ranking third.

The trade volume between China and Hungary in 2022 is US$15.52 billion, of which China exports US$10.47 billion to Hungary and imports US$5.05 billion from Hungary. The exported products mainly include medical equipment, fitness equipment, household appliances, electronic equipment, furniture,textiles and other products.

How to ship goods from China to Hungary? This guide shares knowledge and information about shipping methods, shipping times, shipping costs, the best ways to ship to Hungary, and more. Hope you found the answer on how to ship from China to Hungary.

Shipping from China to Hungary

Shipping methods from China to Hungary

There are 3 modes of transportation for goods transported from China to Hungary: sea Freight, air Freight and rail Freight.

Sea Freight from China to Hungary

If you are looking for the cheapest shipping method from China to Hungary, then sea shipping is the option you should choose. Although Hungary is a landlocked country, more than 90% of its freight traffic is carried by sea. Sea freight is economically and environmentally superior to other forms of cargo transport services, especially for bulk cargo or large equipment over long distances. Most cargo is transported in containers via container ships, with some transported via bulk carriers or ro-ro vessels. What’s more, almost all types of goods can be shipped by sea, even those classified as dangerous goods, as long as we have the required documents and certificates.

  • FCL (Full Container Load): Shipping a container filled specifically for one customer from China to Hungary. Full container shipping is more cost effective.
  • LCL (Less Than Container Load): Sharing a container with other customers who are shipping goods to the same destination at the same time. Of course, due to the extra work (consolidation, unpacking, warehousing, paperwork, etc.), the final cost per unit is higher than the full box, and the shipping time is longer. LCL is a great option for small businesses.

FCL and LCL are the two most common types of shipping. Additionally, for OOG cargo (out of gauge cargo) from China, frame containers and open top containers may be the solution. For cold chain transportation, we have refrigerated containers. For bulk transport, breakbulk solutions or ro-ro vessels.

Sea Freight from China to Hungary

Hungary’s main shipping port

Port of Cepel:
Location and Quantity: The port of Cepel is located along the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary, with convenient transportation access. This important commercial port handles huge shipping volumes, primarily accommodating breakbulk and general cargo.
Major Trading Partners and Strategic Importance: The port is strategically located and has considerable strategic importance when dealing with regions such as Slovakia, Austria, southern Germany and Serbia. It can easily enter the larger European market and become a reliable partner for countries inside and outside the EU.
Business Background: If your business is considering expanding into major European markets, the location and transportation advantages of the Port of Cepel will provide tremendous opportunities for your logistics. Its wide range of facilities and services can support your expanding supply chain, increasing the robustness and speed of your operations.

Port of Donauneustadt:
Location and volume: The Port of Donau Neustadt is an important port located adjacent to Donau Neustadt, one of the largest industrial cities in Hungary. The port is a core shipping hub and handles large volumes of incoming and outgoing cargo.
Main trading partners and strategic importance: Its main trading partners include Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Slovakia and Croatia, playing a vital role in the trade cycle. Its proximity to industrial cities facilitates fast and streamlined transshipments, making it a popular port for international trade.
Business background: If you wish to cooperate with industrial partners in Hungary, Donau New Town Port can meet your business’s transportation needs. The port offers fast trade and strategic access to industrial areas and can serve as an optimal logistics solution.

Port of Baja:
Location and Volume: The Port of Baja is located in the city of Baja, close to the country’s southern border, and handles an extensive range of general and bulk cargoes. The port’s geographical location and robust facilities help manage large shipping volumes.
Main trading partners and strategic importance: Due to its southern location, the Port of Baja has close trade ties with Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia and especially Serbia. It plays a vital role in international trade routes, making navigation on the Danube smoother.
Business Background: For businesses seeking partnerships in Southern Europe, the Port of Baja may be an integral part of your strategy. The port’s strategic location and connections to key markets make it an attractive option for businesses seeking agility and diversity in their shipping operations.

Air Freight from China to Hungary

Air freight is suitable for perishable, valuable and time-sensitive cargo. This is the most modern and dynamic method that allows us to deliver goods in the shortest possible time. Yes, the biggest difference between air freight and other modes of transportation is the transit time. Goods shipped by air from China take 3 to 5 days to arrive in Hungary, while goods shipped by sea take 1 month.

Electronics are best shipped by air as they may be damaged by water if shipped by sea. In addition, perishable goods such as fruits, plants and some pharmaceuticals can also benefit from shorter transport times.

Due to high costs and limited shipping capacity, air freight is not frequently used except for time-sensitive shipments. When transporting perishable goods, they cannot afford a month-long journey across the ocean. When deadlines are tight, using air freight is the only way to go. Sometimes people choose to ship high-value equipment by air because they are more concerned about safety than cost.

Due to some limitations and restrictions of airlines and aircraft, not everything can be transported by air, and some may be dangerous for air transport. Whatever your situation, please speak to our team for more information before proceeding.

Air Freight from China to Hungary

Hungary’s main international airport

Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport
Cargo volume: According to the latest data, the airport handles approximately 150,000 tons of cargo per year, making it the largest cargo handling facility in Hungary.
Main trading partners: Germany, Turkey, China, Russia, USA, and Canada are the main trading partners, representing a wide range of areas of the world economy.
Strategic importance: Located in the heart of Europe, it provides businesses with a central hub for international freight, allowing for efficient distribution throughout the EU.
Distinctive features: The airport has facilities such as a dedicated air cargo terminal and multiple freight forwarding offices. It also houses the DHL Express Central and Eastern European hub.
Right for your business: If your shipping strategy relies on quick access to a wide range of international and European markets, Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport is the logical choice for air freight.

Debrecen International Airport
Cargo Volume: While the airport’s cargo volume is significantly smaller at around 10,000 tonnes per year, alternative cargo transfer points are provided for businesses with specific requirements.
Main trading partners: The main trading partners are Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium and Italy.
Strategic importance: Located in the east of Hungary, close to other Eastern European countries. Its location makes it an excellent choice for businesses targeting the Eastern European market.
Distinguished features: The airport has a modern cargo terminal and direct access to the highway, ensuring seamless and efficient subsequent distribution.
Right for your business: For businesses that need to transport goods to Eastern European markets, or those looking for a less congested port of entry in Hungary, Debrecen International is an effective option.

Railway freight from China to Hungary

Railway freight from China to Hungary

China-Europe freight trains provide a new mode of transportation from China to Hungary, which is faster than sea freight and cheaper than air freight. In recent years, rail freight has become increasingly popular among importers and exporters, and the volume of transcontinental freight trains from China to Europe has grown steadily.

  • The first China-Europe freight train from Xiamen to Budapest, Hungary, departed on January 19, 2018, passing through Xi’an Railway Station. The total journey was approximately 12,000 kilometers and lasted 18 days.
  • The first China-Europe train runs from Jinhua, China to Budapest, Hungary. The train started on June 7, carrying auto parts, electronic equipment, household items, beauty equipment, clothes, etc. The rail journey from Jinhua, China to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, takes approximately 18 days.
  • The first China-Europe freight train departed from Yinchuan, Ningxia, bound for Budapest, Hungary on April 28, 2022. This is the first China-Europe train from Ningxia. Starting from Yinchuan, China, the entire journey is 8,500 kilometers, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Poland, and arriving in Budapest, Hungary, in 21 days.

How much is the shipping cost from China to Hungary in 2024?

Shipping market prices change rapidly. Ocean, air and rail freight prices fluctuate over time, influenced by supply and demand and carrier strategic adjustments. Year-over-year differences can be significant, and last week’s prices may not apply to this week.
The price from China to Hungary can only be an estimate.if you want to know the latest and most correct price, you can contact Basenton Logistics to get a quote.

Cost Of Shipping 20ft & 40ft Container From China To Hungary

  • How much does it cost to ship a 20-foot container from China to Hungary?
    The average price for shipping a 20-foot container from China to Hungary is US$2,050 to US$3,550. Shipping schedules for 20-foot containers from China to Hungary vary by route.
  • How much does it cost to ship a 40-foot container from China to Hungary?
    The average price for shipping a 40-foot container from China to Hungary is US$3,250 to US$5,050. Shipping schedules for 40-foot containers from China to Hungary vary by route.

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How much is the shipping cost from China to Hungary

Sea Freight costs from China to Hungary (LCL and FCL)

Chinese SeaportHungarian SeaportLCL cost per cbm20FT Container Cost 40FT Container Cost
ShanghaiBudapest$100 – $120$2300 – $2500$4000 – $5000
GuangzhouBudapest$80 – $100$2000 – $2200$4000 – $4500
QingdaoBudapest$70 – $100$2000 – $2200$3800 – $4500
Hong KongBudapest$100 – $120$2300 – $2500$4000 – $4500
ShanghaiGyor$100 – $150$2300 – $2500$4000 – $5000
QingdaoDunaujvaros$100 – $120$2300 – $2500$4000 – $4500

To find out how much it costs to ship from China to the rest of Europe, you can read the post link below or ask Basenton Logistics.

Air freight cost per kilogram from China to Hungary

The cost of air freight from China to Hungary depends on the type and weight of the goods transported and the airline used. It is generally about 5 to 12 US dollars per kilogram. The heavier the goods, the less the cost per kilogram of air freight. For 150 kilograms and For shipments up to 500kg, standard air freight is the cheapest option.

How much does rail freight cost from China to Hungary?

Rail transport from China to Hungary is more expensive than air transport, but cheaper than sea transport. The rail distance from China to Hungary is about 12,000 kilometers, the price is about US$100 per cubic meter, and the transportation time is 16 to 20 days. Although costs can vary depending on the season, shipping a full container load by rail from China to Europe typically costs around $4,000 to $10,000.

How long does it take to ship from China to Hungary?

Shipping from China to Hungary takes 30 to 45 days, rail shipping takes 16 to 21 days, and air shipping takes 3 to 5 days. Actual shipping times vary based on service, route selected, weather, terminal congestion and other factors.

Sea Freight Times– Shanghai – Budapest: 37 days- Shenzhen – Budapest: 30 days
Sea freight from China to Hungary typically takes around 30 to 45 days. This timeframe depends on the specific origin and destination ports chosen, service routes, sailing schedules, and carrier selections.
The above transit times apply to full container load (FCL) shipments. For shipments less than container load (LCL), please allow an additional 5-10 days.
Air Freight TimesGenerally, air freight from China to Hungary takes 3 to 5 days for delivery. However, direct flight routes between Beijing and Budapest enable quicker deliveries.
Keep in mind that higher speed comes with higher costs. Flight routes and available cargo space may vary. When you have goods needing air freight to Hungary, reach out to us for competitive prices while ensuring quality service.
Rail Freight Times– Xiamen – Budapest: 18 days- Xi’an – Budapest: 25 days- Chengdu – Budapest: 25 days- Yinchuan – Budapest: 21 days
Typically, rail freight to Hungary takes 18 to 25 days, depending on the chosen terminals and routes. During peak seasons, journey times may be extended due to border congestion.
If you require door-to-door rail freight services, an additional five days should be factored in, which your freight forwarder can arrange for you.
How long does it take to ship from China to Hungary?

Container Sea Freight time from China to Hungary

POL (port of loading)POD (via Rijeka)Transit time
ShanghaiBudapest37 days
ShenzhenBudapest30 days
QingdaoBudapest45 days

FYI: Shanghai in East China, Shenzhen South China, and Qingdao North China, data from these 3 ports is enough to demonstrate the sea shipping time from China to Hungary.

Air Freight time from China to Hungary

Generally speaking, goods shipped by air from China take 3 to 5 days to arrive in Hungary. However, there are direct flights between Beijing and Budapest, allowing us to deliver air freight within 1 day.

How to ship from China to Hungary in the best shipping way

Choosing the best shipping method depends on factors such as your budget, how fast you need delivery, and the nature of the shipment itself. Air freight is the fastest but usually more expensive; priority is given if your cargo weighs less than 300 kg and needs to be shipped urgently; for larger shipments (≥2 cubic meters), sea freight is cost-effective; while rail freight is faster and cost (minimum 1 cubic meter). Assessing your specific needs and consulting with a freight forwarder will help you make an informed decision.

Should I Choose A Chinese Or Hungary Freight Forwarder?

If your supplier is in China, it is best to choose a freight forwarder from China because you will also need a warehouse in China for storage and preparation. When factors such as geography and language are taken into account, Chinese freight forwarders become the best choice for overseas transporters. Basenton Logistics can transport goods from China to other countries, covering global shipping FCL, LCL, air transport, warehousing, distribution, customs clearance and other services.
If you choose a local freight forwarder in the Hungary, they will need to contact the Chinese agent, who will be responsible for picking up, warehousing and customs clearance in China. Therefore, you should consider whether you are willing to incur the time and expense of multiple turnarounds.

Basenton shipping case to Hungary:

Shipping From China To Budapest Hungary

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Customs clearance documents for shipping from China to Hungary

It is the importer’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary customs clearance documents are provided when shipping goods from China to Hungary.
Documentation is submitted by the importer or freight forwarder. They include:

  • packing list
  • commercial invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • arrival reminder
  • Import permit
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Single Administrative File and CMR
Shipping from China to Hungary

Hungarian import taxes and duties

You must pay import taxes on all items shipped to Hungary. The country of origin, HS code and type of goods will determine how much duty must be paid.

Hungary calculates customs clearance fees based on the CIF value of the goods. An item’s CIF value adds together the product’s price and shipping costs.

Import duties on goods shipped into Hungary range from 3% to 12%.

In addition to import taxes, customs clearance costs include a tax threshold of HUF 6,000 (USD 15), 27% VAT and GST, and a customs duty threshold of HUF 41,000 (USD 100).

It is best to ask your freight forwarder to help you with import duties. This can be done if you choose door to door delivery.

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