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Shipping From China to Iran

Basenton Logistics with a trusted name, possessing very good track records on delivering goods safely and timely and have commitments to our customers or perhaps to other business entities. Our staffs are known for their extensive experience in handling all facets of cargo logistics/forwarding operations. With our experienced staff and professional handling team, all facets of cargo logistics/forwarding operations can be shipped from China to Iran via sea or air nationalwide coverage such as Bandar Abbas, Khorramshahr, Bushehr,Teheran, Kish Island and so on

According ur cargo details, we can provide all kinds of logistics service such as courier express service, break bulk, RO-RO, out of gauge, warehousing and consolidation, distribution, dangerous cargo, customs clearance, road transportation, insurance ,and trading services.

Contact us right now with ur cargo details.

Shipping From China to Iran
Container Shipping Rates from China to Iran
  • Main seaports in China to Bandar Abbas, Khorramshahr, Bushehr
  • Reliable shiping schedule
  • Competitive Ocean freight
LCL Freight Shipping from China to Iran
  • Main seaports in China to Bandar Abbas, Khorramshahr, Bushehr
  • Fixed Schedule with in time delivery
  • Competitive freight based on per CBM or TON
Air Freight Shipping Rate from China to Iran
  • Main airlines from China to Teheran, Kish Island
  • Competitive air freight rate
  • Directly and transit service both included
Courier Serivce Shipping from China to Iran
  • Delivery to Iran
  • Huge discount of DHL/FEDEX/TNT/ARAMEX
  • Including customs clearance
Door to Door Service Shipping from China to Iran
  • Door service by LCL/FCL/Air
  • Handling all related customs document
  • Including customs duty&taxes (DDP/DDU)
Consolidiation Service
  • Collect cargo fm different supplier with different city
  • Warehouse in every main city in China
  • Custom clearance and document making

Table of Contents

Shipping from China to Iran

To send a package from China to Iran, you can use different shipping methods, including air, sea and land shipping.

Air freight: Air freight is often used as a fast and safe way to transport large, valuable or sensitive packages. There are many air transport companies in China that can send your packages to Iran. In this method, the package delivery time is between 3 and 7 working days.
Sea shipping: Sea shipping as one of the more economical ways to ship packages can be used to send large and heavy packages. In this way, the package delivery time takes about 2 to 6 weeks.
Land Transportation: Land Transportation can be a suitable option for transporting packages that are close to each other. This method includes cargo transportation with trucks and vans.

In any case, to choose the best shipping method, it is better to contact international shipping companies or domestic shipping companies in Iran such as Basenton and check the details and how to send your packages with them. Also, you should make sure that the required documents are available for customs clearance and delivery of the packages to the destination.

Air freight from China to Iran

Air transportation from China to Iran is one of the fastest and most reliable transportation methods for sending packages and goods. For air transportation from China to Iran, you can use the services of reputable international shipping companies operating in this field.

In this method, the air transportation company uses its planes to transport packages and goods from China to Iran. Some of the major air transport companies that operate in this field include Delta Cargo, FedEx, UPS, DHL, MSC, etc.

Depending on the type of goods and its volume, you can use express service or normal air transportation. In express shipping, goods and packages are delivered to their destination in a short period of time, while in regular air shipping, the delivery time of goods varies depending on different conditions.

It should be noted that before air transportation of goods from China to Iran, you must be aware of the relevant customs and financial regulations and restrictions and prepare the necessary documents for clearance.


Air Freight in Iran: Key Hubs for China-Iran Trade

Air freight services between China and Iran play a crucial role in facilitating trade due to their reliability and efficiency. Despite the limited number of international airports in Iran, significant trade volumes have been achieved, amounting to approximately $276 billion over the course of seven years, as reported in the Handbook on China and Developing Countries. These transactions have primarily taken place at Iran’s five main international airports:

AirportLocationRole in TradeAirlines
Tehran (Imam Khomeini)Capital ProvinceTehran, as Iran’s capital and a highly developed region, is a preferred destination for importers. Imam Khomeini Airport, one of Tehran’s largest airfields, is a hub for over 40 international airlines and is especially convenient for deliveries to northern Iranian towns.Various international airlines
ShirazFars Province CapitalThe Shahid Dastghaib International Airport in Shiraz is a vital link in China-Iran relations, granting access to southern Iranian regions. This airport serves as a gateway to multiple provinces, with carriers like Mahan, KishAir, and Qatar Airways offering cargo services.Mahan, KishAir, Qatar Airways, and others
MashhadNortheast IranLocated in northeast Iran, Mashhad connects Iran to Afghanistan and Armenia and is home to Shahid Hashemi Nejad Airport. This city, with its proximity to numerous provinces, offers cost-effective access to both nearby regions and distant southern provinces like Sistan-Va-Baluchestan.Various international airlines
TabrizNorthwestern IranThe Shahid Madani International Airport in Tabriz is favored by traders exporting to Iran’s northwestern regions. It provides logistical access to several vital ports, with carriers like Mahan and Kish Airlines playing a significant role in cargo deliveries.Mahan, Kish Airlines, and others
IsfahanCentral IranIsfahan International Airport holds a strategic location with connections to nine key provinces. Fourteen active airlines operate here, including Mahan, KishAir, and Qatar Airways, making it a crucial entry point for shipments from China to Iran.Mahan, KishAir, Qatar Airways, and various others

Which city in iran can accept air freight shipment from china ?

In Iran, several cities have international airports, but only a select few of them accommodate international air freight shipments from China. These cities include:

  1. Tehran: Imam Khomeini International Airport

    • Address: Imam Khomeini Airport City, Tehran Province, Iran
    • IATA Code: IKA
    • Imam Khomeini International Airport, located approximately 30 kilometers southwest of Tehran’s city center, is one of Iran’s primary gateways for international air freight. Its modern facilities and strategic location make it a key hub for cargo operations.
  2. Mashhad: Hashemi Nejad International Airport

    • Address: Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
    • IATA Code: MHD
    • Hashemi Nejad International Airport, situated in Mashhad, is another critical entry point for air cargo from China. It serves the northeastern region of Iran and offers excellent connectivity for trade purposes.
  3. Shiraz: Shahid Dastgheyb International Airport

    • Address: Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran
    • IATA Code: SYZ
    • Shahid Dastgheyb International Airport, located in Shiraz, is an essential airport in southern Iran for handling air freight. It facilitates the movement of goods and cargo to and from China and plays a significant role in trade activities in the region.
  4. Tabriz: Tabriz International Airport

    • Address: Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
    • IATA Code: TBZ
    • Tabriz International Airport is a crucial cargo gateway in northwestern Iran. Its strategic location near the border with Turkey and its well-developed infrastructure make it an ideal choice for air freight shipments between China and Iran.

These airports are strategically positioned to handle the influx of air cargo from China, contributing to the efficient exchange of goods and promoting trade relations between the two nations. Importers and exporters can rely on these airports to facilitate their logistics and shipping needs.

Air freight transit times from China to Iran

for checking transit time from the central city in china too,ain city in Iran, please check this table

Transit timeTehranMashhadShirazTabriz
Shanghai2-4 days5-7 days5-7 days5-7 days
Shenzhen2-4 days5-7 days5-7 days5-7 days
Guangzhou2-4 days5-7 days5-7 days5-7 days
Beijing2-4 days5-7 days5-7 days5-7 days
Hongkong3-5 days5-7 days5-7 days5-7 days

How Long Does It Take To Ship From China To Iran

Air freight Cost from China to Iran

Air freight cost from china to Iran every week change, and it depends on many things like weight/size of shipment/type of shipment, but here we tell you average air cargo shipping cost from china to Iran.

In Basenton Logistics, we always try to offer the best price for air cargo service from China to Iran.

The cost of airfreight is expensive, but as it has many advantages, many people prefer this way. air freight cost for shipping from China to Iran by air is:

 45Kg+100 kg+300kg+500 kg+1000 kg+
Shanghai9 $8 $7.5 $7 $6.5 $
Shenzhen9 $8.5 $7.5 $6.8 $6 $
Guangzhou9 $8.2 $7.5 $6.8 $6 $
Beijing8 $7.6 $7 $5.8 $5.5 $
Ningbo8 $7.6 $7 $6.1 $5 $

please for checking price contact us


Sea transportation from China to Iran

Sea transportation from China to Iran is one of the economic and suitable methods for transporting cargo and goods between these two countries. In this method, cargo and goods are transported from China to Iranian ports using cargo ships. In the field of sea transportation, there are many international shipping companies that provide a variety of services.

For sea transportation from China to Iran, you can use the services of reputable international shipping companies that operate in this field, such as Asadi Express. When choosing a shipping company, you should pay attention to factors such as price, delivery time, security, and the history of the company.

Usually, in sea transportation, the delivery time of packages and goods is longer than air transportation, but the price of sea transportation is usually lower than air transportation. Also, depending on the type of goods and its volume, you can use container shipping services or shipping with dream ships.

Main Sea Port of Iran

Iran, as one of the largest countries in the Middle East, boasts numerous renowned and substantial sea ports that play a pivotal role in facilitating sea shipping from China to Iran.

Every day, these sea ports handle thousands of container imports and exports, making them vital hubs for international trade. If you’re considering sea shipping services from China to Iran, you must choose one of these key seaports:

  1. Bandar Abbas (IRBND)

    • Location: Bandar Abbas Port is situated in the southern part of Iran along the Persian Gulf.
    • Importance: It serves as a major gateway for sea shipping from China to Iran, and it’s one of the busiest and strategically crucial ports in the region.
    • Address: Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan Province, Iran
  2. Bushehr (IRBUZ)

    • Location: Bushehr Port is located in Bushehr Province along the Persian Gulf coast.
    • Importance: This port is a key entry point for sea shipping operations, facilitating trade and maritime activities.
    • Address: Bushehr, Bushehr Province, Iran
  3. Imam Khomeini Port (IRBKM)

    • Location: Located near Mahshahr in Khuzestan Province, Imam Khomeini Port (formerly Bandar Shahpur) is strategically significant.
    • Importance: It plays a vital role in sea shipping from China to Iran and contributes significantly to the country’s shipping and trade operations.
    • Address: Mahshahr, Khuzestan Province, Iran
  4. Chabahar (IRZBR)

    • Location: Chabahar Port, in the southeastern part of Iran on the Gulf of Oman, is strategically positioned.
    • Importance: It holds critical importance for sea shipping between China and Iran, serving as a gateway to international shipping routes and facilitating trade with Afghanistan and Central Asia.
    • Address: Chabahar, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran

These sea ports in Iran serve as vital entry and exit points for sea shipping, connecting China and Iran and facilitating the flow of goods, commodities, and cargo between the two countries. Their strategic locations and infrastructure make them essential components of international trade between China and Iran.

What is the best sea port in Iran for shipping from China?

When it comes to selecting the best sea port in Iran for shipping from China, our experience has consistently led us to recommend Bandar Abbas (IRBND) and Bushehr (IRBUZ). These two ports have repeatedly proven to be excellent choices for a variety of reasons.

In terms of cost-efficiency, both Bandar Abbas and Bushehr often offer more budget-friendly shipping options from China. Their competitive pricing makes them attractive choices for businesses looking to optimize their logistics expenses.

Moreover, the customs process at these two sea ports tends to be smoother and more streamlined compared to others in Iran. This can significantly reduce the time and effort required for clearing goods through customs, ensuring that shipments reach their destination swiftly and without unnecessary delays.

In conclusion, when seeking the best sea port in Iran for shipping from China, Bandar Abbas (IRBND) and Bushehr (IRBUZ) consistently stand out as top recommendations. Their cost-effectiveness and efficient customs procedures make them preferred choices for businesses engaged in international trade and shipping operations.

Sea freight transit times from China to Iran ( Ocean fright in 2024 )

Transit time and delivery time for ocean freight and sea shipping service from china to Iran depend on many factors like:

  • Chose FCL or LCL service
  • You chose from which port in china
  • Destination port
  • Use directly shipping service or no
    but for checking transit time from main china sea port to Iran you can check this table
From / ToBandar AbbasBushehrImam KhomeiniKhorramshahr
Shanghai35  Days30 Days35  Days25 Days
Shenzhen30 Days30 Days25 Days30 Days
Ningbo25 Days32 Days30 Days40 Days
Guangzhou30 Days35  Days30 Days35  Days
Hong Kong30 Days40 Days25 Days30 Days
Qingdao25 Days25 Days30 Days35 Days
Tianjin25 Days35  Days30 Days35  Days
Xiamen30 Days28 Days25 Days25 Days
Dalian35  Days30 Days35  Days40 Days
Dongguan25 Days30 Days35  Days30 Days
Nanjing35  Days30 Days25 Days25 Days

Cost of Shipping 20ft & 40ft Container from China to Iran

The average price to ship a container from China to Iran is $2,850 to $4,850.
Shipping costs for shipping a full container from China to Iran depend on the size of the container (20ft or 40ft) and the timetable route, please contact the Basenton Logistics Team for detailed rates for shipping containers from China to major container ports in Iran .

  • How much does it cost to ship a 20-foot container from China to Iran? The average price to ship a 20-foot container from China to Iran is $3250 to $4250. Shipping schedules for shipping 20-foot containers from China to Iran vary by route.
  • How much does it cost to ship a 40-foot container from China to Iran? The average price of shipping a 40-foot container from China to Iran is from $3,850 to $4,850. Shipping schedules for shipping 40-foot containers from China to Iran vary by route.

Sea Shipping Cost from China to Iran (Ocean fright rate in 2024)

Ocean freight rate like air freight cost change very fast and depend on many factors like :

  • size and volume of the shipment
  • type of container
  • type of commodity and product
  • from which port in china to which port in Iran
    we suggest you contact Basenton Logistics team; our team try to give you the best solution and price for sea shipping from China to Iran

but for your reference we provide sea shipping cost from china to Iran  for one container ( 20ft ) in this table:

From / ToBandar Abbas (IRBND)Bushehr (IRBUZ)Imam Khomeini (IRBKM)Khorramshahr (IRKHO)
Hong Kong$2,950$3,150$3,350$3,200

Documents Required For Customs Clearance In Iran

If you want to start the customs clearance process in Iran and plan to ship a package from China to Iran, you must prepare many documents.

Here we tell you the main documents required to initiate customs clearance process in Iran:

Document NamePersian Translation
COMMERCIAL IDکارت بازرگانی
Packing listلیست بسته‌بندی
PROFORMA INVOICEفاکتور پیش‌فاکتور
ORDER OF REGISTRATIONثبت سفارش بازرگانی

How to start the customs clearance process in Iran

Commencing the customs clearance process in Iran requires some careful steps. Here’s a guide to help you get started:

1. Find a Reliable Customs Broker or Agent:

It’s highly advisable to begin by seeking out a reputable customs broker or customs agent who has established strong connections within the Iranian customs authority. This individual will play a pivotal role in facilitating your customs clearance process.

2. Engage a “ترخیص کار” (Customs Broker):

In Iran, a customs broker or agent is often referred to as “ترخیص کار” (Tarkhis Kar). Collaborating with a skilled and experienced Tarkhis Kar can be immensely beneficial. They possess the knowledge and expertise required to guide you through the intricacies of customs procedures in Iran.

3. Document Preparation and License Application:

Once you’ve found a capable customs broker, you can work together to prepare all the necessary documents for customs clearance. This includes compiling items such as your Commercial ID, Delivery Order, Warehouse Receipt, Bill of Lading, Packing List, Proforma Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Standard Certificate, Order of Registration, and any logical permissions required for your specific goods.

4. Agreement with Your Customs Broker:

Establish a clear agreement with your customs broker. This agreement should outline the scope of their responsibilities and the services they will provide. Many businesses opt for a comprehensive arrangement where the customs broker takes care of the entire customs clearance process on their behalf.

By engaging a proficient customs broker and having a well-defined agreement in place, you can streamline the customs clearance process and navigate the complexities of importing goods into Iran more efficiently. A trustworthy customs broker can help ensure that your shipments comply with all the necessary regulations and requirements, ultimately saving you time and effort in the process.

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