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Basenton Logistics are a company that provides professional and perfect international logistics service and also deal with a wide ranges of freight forwarding services. In order to meet your cargo shipping needs regarding Israel, we have organized a vast network that holds the capability of accommodating economical, affordable, and reliable logistics plans. Our high quality services are not only limited to import and shipping from to Israel but also extends to pick up, documentation, packaging, loading, unloading, customer clearance, warehousing, consolidating and many more.

We are highly successful in maintaining a healthy and strong relationship with international cargo carriers so that our customers can enjoy the most competitive and affordable rates while obtaining our services for shipping from China to anywhere. Our company takes into account all the important factors that a customer cares about and serves its customers with the best shipping services. Whenever you intend deliver your items shipping from China to Israel, we are here to provide you the best, affordable, efficient and trustworthy services so that you would not have to deal with any kind of inconvenience or fraud while delivering your cargo. We keep you updated about all the terms and regulations at the first place to ensure a quick and transparent service.

Container Shipping Rates from China to ISRAEL
  • Main seaports in China to Ashdod Haifa
  • Reliable shiping schedule
  • Competitive Ocean freight
LCL Freight Shipping from China to Israel
  • Main seaports in China to Ashdod Haifa
  • Fixed Schedule with in time delivery
  • Competitive freight based on per CBM or TON
Air Freight Shipping Rate from China to Israel
  • Main airlines from China to Telaviv
  • Competitive air freight rate
  • Directly and transit service both included
Courier Serivce Shipping from China to Israel
  • Delivery to Israel
  • Huge discount of DHL/FEDEX/TNT/ARAMEX
  • Including customs clearance
Door to Door Service Shipping from China to Israel
  • Door service by LCL/FCL/Air
  • Handling all related customs document
  • Including customs duty&taxes (DDP/DDU)
Consolidiation Service
  • Collect cargo fm different supplier with different city
  • Warehouse in every main city in China
  • Custom clearance and document making

Shipping your goods from China is what Basenton offers. Actually it is a company that offers professional international logistics services and deals with many freight forwarding services. To meet the shipping of your goods requirements to Israel, we have economical, affordable, and reliable logistics plans.

In addition, we have other services such as picking up, documentation, packaging, loading, unloading, customs clearance, warehousing, consolidating, and many more.

We have all important factors that customers care about. Therefore, whenever you want to deliver your goods from China to Israel, we are here to provide you the best, affordable, efficient and trustworthy services.

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What is an FCL Shipment?

FCL is a term used in sea freight to describe shipments that consist of a “full container load,” or a shipment that only has one consignee in a single container and is not being shared with other shippers. Standard container sizes are 20’ and 40’ containers; both sizes offer standard and high cube sizing.

The major disadvantage of FCL, as well as any sea shipment, is the time it takes to reach the final destination. It can take a container ship around a month, if not longer, to travel across the world. If every second counts for your shipment, ocean freight might not be the ideal solution. However, if planned correctly and the shipping time is factored in, FCL does not have any significant disadvantages. 


  • A 20-foot container can fit up to 33.08 CBM of cargo. 
  • A 40-foot container can fit up to 67 CBM of cargo. 
  • A 40-foot high cube container can fit up to 76.4 CBM of cargo.

Transit Time

Typically, when shipping by sea, transit time will take between 20-45 days for the cargo to arrive. Ocean freight as a whole takes significantly longer than air freight. When shipping via air, the shipment can land in a matter of days. Due to the long transit time for FCL shipments, shippers are advised to plan accordingly.

Sea freight transit times from China to Israel (sea freight ):

Differences in the cost of sea freight shipping depends on distance, volume, weight and insurance. Below is a table to help you choose better.

Shanghai11 days12 days
Shenzhen10 days11 days
Guangzhou11 days15 days
Beijing12 days13 days
Ningbo14 days15 days

Send a parcel from China to Israel

Why Choose Basenton;

 24 hours of online feedback 

 Ability to carry out goods from any city in China

( Major Port in China (shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Beijing, Qingdao, Tianjin)

 Honest, trustworthy, professional

Reasonable costs and best support at destination

Take responsibility for shipping (we also help you solve any problems). Help you coordinate with suppliers,customs,shipping lines,trucking,inspection agent). 

Different schedule choices

 Enough spaces and containers even in peak season

The ports of Israel:

Sea port AshdodSea port JaffaSea port Hadera
Sea port AshkelonSea port Tel-AvivSea port Haifa


What is the cheapest way to shipping from China to Israel?

What is the cheapest way to shipping from China to Israel? Over the years, it has become possible to propose a shipping service from a continent to another and to reach many places, located far from each other.
This service can be expensive, but the price will vary according to different factors such as for example:

· The type of product you want to send

Before sending your package, you will have to check the rules and limitations of the company you‘d like to ship with. If your product requires specific needs, such as being transported under cool temperatures for example, then maybe the price of the shipping will be more expensive.

· The size and the weight of the package

In general, the more your package will be heavy and huge, the more the price for your delivery from China to Israel will be expensive.

· The delivery time

You may use express services if you really need to receive your package within the shortest time possible. However, these services are generally more expensive than normal services. Before sending your package, it can be useful to compare different services, to try to find a fast delivery for a fair price.

If you need to send a package from China to Israel fastly for a cheap price and if your parcel’s weight is less than 2 kilos with packaging and labels included, then the service “Ship from China” of Basenton will be the best option for you. The company works with 4 different fixed-price bands:

Shipping From China to Israel lazyload

The service “Ship from China” of Basenton is one of the cheapest delivery services you will find on the market, proposing besides short delivery times.

Is the delivery from China to Israel fast?

The shipping time from China to Israel will vary according to the company you will select and according to the type of service you will choose.

If you opt for express services, for example, your international delivery from China to Israel should take 5 days maximum but the price will be more expensive.

You can find today a good compromise, like the “Ship from China” service of Basenton that proposes fair prices and fast shipping at the same time. The company delivers more than 35 destinations in the world and has an average delivery time of 8 days for all of them, Israel included.

Exceptionally and due to unpredictable events such as meteorological issues, this shipping time can be extended to a few days. However, by the opposite, when all the controls at the Israeli borders are fast, this shipping time can be as fast or even faster than the express services proposed by big international courier companies.

How can I send a parcel from China to Israel?

Shipping from China to Israel can be stressful and even seems complicated at first look, especially if it is your first time doing it.

You may have many questions in mind and wonder where to start to send your parcel to Israel from China. With Basenton, you can realize everything online:


· Order your delivery to Israel from China
· Pay for it through the website
· Stay at your place while an agent will come to pick-up your parcel.

Your parcel just doesn’t have to exceed 2 kilos with packaging and labels included. To do so, you just have to follow these easy steps:

· Go first on the Basenton homepage.
· Fill in the necessary information (your name, your Chinese ID card number or passport number, your email address, the province where you are living, etc. It represents all the necessary information for the pick-up of your package that works in more than 120 Chinese cities.
· After that, you will fill in the recipient information.
· Then, you will securely pay for your shipping to Israel from China.
· Finally, you will just have to wait for the pick-up partner to call you by phone in Chinese to schedule a convenient pick-up time.


Shipping From China to Israel

Can I easily track my parcel from China to Israel?

Thanks to Basenton, yes! On the website’s homepage, you will have the possibility to follow your parcel from China to Israel, no matter which courier company you used for your parcel delivery. Basenton works as a universal tracking tool and is able to follow any package shipped with any courier company and posts. Tracking your package will give you more information about:

· The order status
· The real-time location of your package
· The name of the transporter or the transporters in charge of the delivery from China to Israel
· The next steps of the delivery
· The final date you should receive the package

· Knowing about these details will allow you to feel released and forget about the stress when you were wondering where your package could be.
You should receive all the tracking details related to your parcel delivery after that. If instead you see the sentence “not found”, it can be due to two different reasons:

· The first reason why you can’t see the tracking details is maybe that you put the order number instead of the tracking number in the search bar. You can double-check in the confirmation email you received after making your delivery purchase which one is the tracking number. Both numbers often look very similar and people confuse them sometimes.
· The second reason can be because sometimes, it is better to give more time to the system to receive all the tracking details. Waiting for the day after you made your delivery purchase, or at least a few hours after to try to track your parcel can be better. The system will have had time to receive all the tracking information.
If after that you are still not able to see the tracking details, you can reach an agent through the contact page. There, you can leave a message and an agent will give you feedback within the shortest time.

What is the import tax in Israel?

The import tax corresponds to the price you will have to pay to the Israeli authorities if the total value of your package exceeds a certain amount. For Israel, the limited threshold fixed is 75USD.
Please note that the courier company is not responsible for any tax that could arise, it is the sender’s responsibility to always make sure that there is no increase. This situation will avoid any additional costs that the receiver would have to cover when you will do your international shipping from China to Israel.

How can I pay for my shipping from China to Israel?

First, you will have the possibility to choose between these different payment cards:

· Mastercard
· Visa
· Diners Club
· American Express
· Discovers

Then, very soon, the company will also propose to its customers to pay through WeChat and Alipay.
For all the different payment methods, be sure that your online payment will always be secured thanks to “Stripe”, a reliable payment processing software used by Basenton to ensure the most reliable payment experience possible to its customers.


Shipping From China to Israel

What can I shipping from China to Israel?

What can I shipping from China to Israel? For your delivery from China to Israel, you will have to check what kind of items you will be able to ship to avoid any bad surprises. Each courier company has its own rules and limitations, but most of the time, you will find the same type of items in the prohibited list of each company.
For Basenton for example, you are not going to be able to ship products such as:

· Liquid, powder and paste (liquid cosmetics, toothpaste, capsule drugs,…)
· Perishable products (food, plants, all live animals except properly packaged bees, silkworms and leeches)
· Magnetic goods (speakers, products with strong magnetic fields…)
· Batteries and electronic products with batteries (mobile phones, computers…)
· Weapons (hand weapons, imitation and ammunition)
· Hazardous goods (compressed gas products, erosive, toxic gas, flammable, erosive,…)

All parcels are scanned, so if one of the prohibited items is found in your package, it will be returned at your own expense.
Another point that you have to respect if you want to send your parcel from China to Israel is related to the size and the weight of the package:
Your parcel’s weight doesn’t have to exceed 2 kilos with labels and packaging included
The longest side of your parcel should not exceed 50 cm.
The sum of all the sides length should not exceed 110 cm.

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