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Shipping from China to Mauritania

Shipping from China to Mauritania, Many are looking to import from China to Mauritania to take advantage of the great diversity of Chinese products and opportunities to profit from them. Mauritania has the distinction of being a vital trading point in West Africa and has seen an increased flow of trade with China in recent years.

Businesses in Mauritania face a golden opportunity to capitalize on the high demand for Chinese products, but they also face some challenges. The process of importing from China to Mauritania can be complicated, from customs clearance to ensuring compliance with standards and product quality. This guide gives you guidance and tips to make the “shipping from China to Mauritania” process easier and more efficient.

Conditions of import from China to Mauritania

Shipping from China to Mauritania

If you are planning to start an import process from China to Mauritania, here are some conditions that you should know and comply with:

  1. As an importer, whether you are Mauritanian or foreigner, you can freely carry out trade activities.
  2. You must register in the Central Importers Register.
  3. If the value of the goods you import in one year is 30 million old ouguiya (equivalent to 86,000 USD) or more, you must obtain a tax registration number (Numéro d’Immatriculation Fiscal – NIF) from customs.
  4. If your company’s capital exceeds 5 million old ouguiya (equivalent to 14,000 USD), you must also obtain a tax registration number (Numéro d’Immatriculation Fiscal – NIF).
  5. You must pay for the “Individual Duties and Taxes” (RTU), a single window created to pay non-tariff taxes that are paid to the Chamber of Commerce, the Transport Authority, and the Nouakchott Metropolitan Municipality.
  6. You must deal with automated customs ASYCUDA++, a system used by all customs offices in Mauritania to simplify customs procedures.

Documents required for customs clearance in Mauritania

Shipping from China to Mauritania

For customs clearance in Mauritania, you will need to provide some basic documents. These documents include:

  1. Commercial invoice: It must contain the name and address of the seller and buyer, the place and date on which the invoice was prepared, the method of shipping, quantity, description, price of goods, and terms of delivery and payment.
  2. Bill of lading or certificate of origin: These documents prove the source of the goods and the method of shipment.
  3. Inspection certificate: It is provided by SGS, an international company specialising in inspection, inspection and quality verification. The inspection certificate must accompany imported goods.

Remember, large payments are usually made via fixed and confirmed letters of credit or by direct bank transfer. Cash payments are also frequently used for smaller purchases. Importers require pre-shipment inspection and quality control.

Customs clearance procedures in Mauritania

Customs procedures are very complex and discouraging for importers who are not familiar with the Mauritanian system. However, the government is taking measures to ease these measures to facilitate the evacuation of products through customs, including digital transformation and to some extent reduce administrative complexities and time required to process orders.

Imported goods must be declared at customs after landing, and Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) checks the nature, price, composition and quantity, and compares them with what was reported in the original invoice. All shipments are X-rays, and about 20-30% of them are physically inspected, so make sure your inventory is accurate and honest.

If you are considering importing into Mauritania, understanding customs regulations and complex procedures can be a crucial factor in the success of your business. Make sure to check and adhere to all requirements to ensure a smooth and efficient import process. Shipping from China to Mauritania requires careful planning and understanding of laws and regulations, so feel free to seek professional help if you need to.

Customs duties and procedures

All imported goods, except those that have been released by law, are subject to import duties. These fees are usually calculated based on the original invoice price of the goods (CIF value). If the buyer does not present the original invoice, the customs authority estimates the local value of the product and applies the appropriate price.

Shipping procedures from China to Mauritania

Shipping from China to Mauritania

If you want to ship from China to Mauritania, here are the basic steps you should follow:

1. Choose a shipping company

First, you’ll need to choose a shipping company that offers its services between China and Mauritania. Be sure to choose a reputable company and provide affordable services. You can search online or ask for recommendations from people who have shipped to Mauritania before.

2. Optimal packaging of goods

After choosing a shipping carrier, you’ll need to make sure your goods are properly packaged. This means using the right packaging material to protect the goods from damage during transportation. You may want to consult your shipping company for tips on the best way to pack goods.

3. Order of transportation

Once your goods are ready to ship, you will need to arrange transportation with the shipping company. This means setting shipping dates and making sure that the goods arrive at the port or airport in a timely manner.

4. Shipment Tracking

After the shipment has been arranged, you should track the shipment to make sure it arrives safely. Many shipping companies offer online tracking services.

5. Receipt of goods

Finally, when the goods arrive in Mauritania, you will need to arrange pick-up and customs clearance.

Remember, international shipping can be complicated, so I suggest you shorten the previous steps with one step, which is to hire a shipping agent to bear all these burdens and provide you with all the services you need such as packaging, storage, documentation, customs clearance, and arranging transportation. Freight forwarders use their networks and expertise to help coordinate international shipping and streamline the process so look for a good one and a head wind.

Shipping from China to Mauritania … Sea or air

Shipping from China to Mauritania

International shipping can be complex, requiring good planning and coordination. Whether you choose sea or air freight, each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

1.Sea freight from China to Mauritania

Although sea freight may take longer compared to air freight, it can be the perfect choice for some businesses.

When to ship by sea?

If you are dealing with large or heavyweight goods, or if you do not need fast delivery, sea freight is the right choice for you. Although sea freight may take longer compared to air freight, it offers a much lower cost, making it the ideal choice for many businesses.

Mauritania’s seaports

Mauritania has a range of commercial seaports that play a crucial role in its foreign trade. Here are the most prominent of these ports:

  1. Port of Nouakchott: This is the main port in the country and is located on the Atlantic coast. It is strategically located and has a modern infrastructure, making it the main gateway for goods coming to Mauritania.
  2. Port of Nouadhibou: This port is located in the north of the country and is considered one of the largest fishing ports in West Africa. It is characterized by its proximity to rich fisheries, which makes it an important center for the fish industry.

Time spent shipping from China to Mauritania

Sea freight from China to Mauritania usually takes about 29 days for the same cruise. However, we must also take into account the time it takes to process the shipment and customs procedures. This includes about 7 days for the closing of the freight station in China, and about 5 days from the arrival of the ship in Mauritania until the final delivery of the goods. So, the total shipping time from China to Mauritania can be around 41 days.

2.Air freight from China to Mauritania

Air freight is the perfect choice for fast and safe shipping of goods from China to Mauritania. Fast and efficient, ideal for valuable or urgent goods.

When to ship by air?

When importing from China to Mauritania, there are many factors that you should consider when choosing air freight. Here are some times that might make air freight the perfect choice for you:

1. Speed is the priority

If you need your goods quickly, air freight is the perfect choice. Air freight can reduce the time it takes to transport from weeks (as in sea freight) to just a few days.

2. Valuable goods

Air freight is safer for valuable goods, as the goods are handled more carefully and the chance of loss or damage is reduced.

3. Light and small cargo

Air freight is usually calculated based on weight, so it can be an economical option for light and small cargo.

4. Perishable goods

If the goods are perishable or spoilable, air freight reduces the time the goods spend in transport, reducing the chance of damage.

Remember, although air freight can be faster and safer, it can be more expensive than sea freight. Therefore, you should always evaluate the benefits and costs based on your individual needs.

Air ports Mauritania

Mauritania has several air ports offering commercial air routes. Here is a list of the most prominent of these ports:

  • Nouakchott International Airport (NKC): It is the main air gateway to the country and is located in the capital Nouakchott.
  • Nouadhibou International Airport (NDB): Located in Nouadhibou, it is an important air cargo hub.
  • Zouerate Airport (OUZ): Located in Zouérat, it offers air cargo and domestic flight services.

How long does a cargo plane take from China to Mauritania?

The duration of air freight from China to Mauritania can change based on many factors, including route, weather conditions, and customs delays. But overall, cargo planes can make the journey from China to Mauritania in 2 to 3 days. This makes air freight the ideal choice for urgent shipments or requiring express delivery.

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