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Shipping from China to Port of BEAUMONT

The Port of Beaumont has existed since 1908, and the main business is of a military nature. However, the lumber freight business was the facility’s first commercial operation in 1912.

The facility covers 150 square miles and generates $2.2 billion in annual revenue from commercial shipping. It is one of the few ports in the United States that hosts both the merchant and defense fleets! Therefore, it is also an important base for handling military goods and manufacturing products.

Shipping from China to Port of BEAUMONT Cargo Handling:

The facility is located next to the Sabine-Neches waterway, the main route for U.S. oil imports. The waterway handles 57 percent of the nation’s oil shipments and 14 percent of gasoline shipments.

The port’s latest annual statistics reflect 2,070,665 tonnes of dry cargo and 596,211 tonnes of general cargo handled. The remainder consists of oil cargoes, which totaled 101 million tonnes in 2019.

With a total capacity of 3.5 million metric tons, the grain depot is the best in its class. Daily loading and unloading operations are carried out on 12 available berths throughout the day.

Network and layout:

The port is connected to 3 major rail networks including the Southern and Pacific Railroads. As a result, more than 1,860 employees hold permanent positions in freight and port operations.

The network consists of a large 600,000 sq. ft. storage space for all cargo.

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