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Shipping from China to Port of CORPUS CHRISTI

Port of CORPUS CHRISTI in Texas, USA

The Port of Corpus Christi is one of the few ports in the U.S. with a blueprint for energy efficiency. Its establishment dates back to 1926 and is a major terminal for crude oil and natural gas.

The average depth of 14 meters allows free access for tankers of all sizes. The facility has 50 hectares of public storage and is divided into 2 parts for parallel operations. 6 terminals, namely North, South, Liquid, Bulk, RO-RO and La Quinta, are used for marine traffic.

The port also has a carrying capacity of 1500PSI, the strongest among Gulf ports. Since 1997, part of the facility has also housed military units from the U.S. Naval Base.

Cargo Handling:

The port handles an average of 100 million tonnes of cargo, with 111 million tonnes recorded in 2019. 80% of this is crude oil and petroleum products handled at oil terminals. On average, the facility hosts more than 6,500 vessels of all sizes annually.

The Grain Cargo Elevator has 36 concrete silos and an adjacent site that can store 5,000,000 bushels. For dry cargo, the conveyor belt can handle more than 1500 tons of cargo per hour. At the same time, the gantry also has the capacity to handle 600 tons per hour.

Network and layout:

The North Terminal network has rail ramps for direct transfer of ro-ro cargo. Meanwhile, Pier 8 at Southside is the strongest of the open pier designs.

Shipping from China to Port of CORPUS CHRISTI, the terminal also has 9,300 square meters of cold storage and storage capacity for sensitive cargo handling.

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