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Shipping from China to Port of Long Beach

The Port of Long Beach was the second largest container terminal in the United States in 2019. The facility is located behind its neighboring Los Angeles port and currently handles 80-85 million metric tons.

More than 25% growth over the past decade. A total of 3.2 km of operating area is available for active container operations. The port’s freight business began in 1911. Currently, it combines with the corridor of the Port of Los Angeles to form San Pedro Bay.

Cargo Handling:

The port facility has a total of 80 operational berths and 10 cargo terminals within its expansive area. These modern facilities recorded a throughput of 8,113,315 TEUs in 2019.

The annual cargo value of the container business reaches $56 billion. The average depth of a container ship is 50 feet. At the same time, the maximum draft of ships arriving at the dock is 20.1 meters. These facilities make it one of the few ports in the United States with such a large draft.

Network and layout:

Over 100 miles of rail facilities connect the port and its internal network for direct processing. Shipping from China to Port of Long Beach allows shipping of standard size containers to ports alongside each other.

More than 50,000 jobs per year come from port work and cargo handling operations. The green port policy reduced total emissions by 88%, the second highest in the country.

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