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Shipping from China to Port of New York

The Ports of New York and New Jersey encircle the entire coastal area of ​​New York Harbor. At 25 miles, the facility is the largest natural port in the world. It has direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, with a 640-mile surface channel leading to the complex.

The expansion of 1609 is the key point and leading factor for the increase in the port’s inbound flow. A major boom began in 1910, placing it as the busiest port in the world. Annual net turnover is $5.5 billion, making it one of the most profitable ports in the United States. 23.5% of the port’s trade is with China, while India comes in second with 8.1%.

Cargo Handling:

In 2019, the facility recorded a total of 136.6 million tons of cargo handling data. This includes 41 million tons of general cargo and 45 million tons of bulk operations.

In the same year, the facility also handled the import of 7,471,131 TEU and the export of 7,179,788 TEU. A total of 570,023 vehicles also arrived at the plant, with a US market share of 46%.

The facility has a total of 9 piers with a maximum pier length of 3087 meters. There are a total of 6 mega berths with a draft limit of up to 15.2m for super container handling.

Network and layout:

Shipping from China to Port of New York, the facility is spread across a network of 17 counties, 10 of which are fully under its oversight. As such, it accounts for more than 50% of the total North Atlantic TEU shipments.

The high-speed rail network has more than 400,000 container shipments per year. At the same time, small ships account for 24% of canal and inland bulk shipments. A team of 7,000 people is responsible for year-round loading, unloading and terminal operations.

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