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Shipping from China to Port of South Louisiana

Port of South Louisiana (Laplace, USA)

The Port of South Louisiana has existed since the early 1700s and has been in the freight business since the 1940s. It is second only to the Port of Houston in terms of total cargo tonnage (million tons).

Additionally, South Louisiana handles 60 percent of all grain cargo handling that occurs in the Midwest. Covering more than 54 miles, the facility is one of the largest and most widespread ports in the United States.

The stretch between New Orleans and Baton Rouge covers both ends. The port has achieved 11.9% growth over the past decade, a key marker of its contribution to the country’s economy. Located next to the Mississippi River, it has the highest traffic density of any river port in the United States.


Cargo Handling:

The Port of South Louisiana recorded 238 million tons of cargo handled in the last calendar year. The facility has a total of 13 available berths and can handle more than 4,000 ocean-going vessels per year.

The maximum draft for different berths is limited to 13.5 to 15.2 meters. Their cargo handling capabilities are a mix of breakbulk, dry bulk, container and liquid cargo operations. The facility handles 25% of all oil cargoes shipped within the United States.

Network and layout:

Shipping from China to Port of South Louisiana, the superport is the starting point for nearly 640 miles of pipeline service. 3 major highways (Interstates 10, 55, and 59) also connect the port to every major destination in the United States.

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