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Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Amazon FBA

The average daily sales volume of Amazon Saudi Arabia – according to the latest estimates – is about $ 5.5 million, the Amazon FBA service helps you increase your sales, as it allows you to focus on operations that contribute to increasing your profitability and obtaining a good share of market size, and leave the task of shipping, packaging and customer service on Amazon,

In addition, it was found that registering for the Amazon FBA service contributed to the increase in sales by 30%-50%, due to the fast shipping provided by Amazon on the one hand, and on the other hand, customers prefer to buy products that are fulfilled by Amazon over products that are sold and shipped by merchants.

So, what is Amazon FBA Saudi Arabia? How to subscribe to it? The value of the fees for the service? Advantages? How to sell an asset on Amazon and become a premium seller? …. This is what we discuss in detail in the following lines, so follow us…

What is Amazon FBA Saudi Arabia? And what is the mechanism of its action?

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Amazon (Amazon FBA) is a popular service offered by Amazon for buying and selling online. It is an abbreviation for Fulfillment by Amazon launched by Amazon in 2006, to allow you to buy any product you want in the quantities that suit you and then ship it to Amazon warehouses, which in turn ship orders to buyers, return goods, and everything related to customer service for some fees.

In this way, Amazon FBA eliminates the need for stores and incurring their cost, and the most beautiful thing is that after shipping these products to Amazon warehouses, it will package the product on your behalf and ship it to your customers in exchange for a commission it gets from you.

What Is Amazon FBA

As for the mechanism of action of Amazon FBA in Saudi Arabia, it is as follows:

  1. Create a sale account on Amazon, and log in to the Seller Central to set up fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
  2. Prepare your product listings, and once you’ve added your products to the Amazon catalog, select FBA inventory.
  3. Prepare your products for safe transportation to the fulfilment center, in accordance with Amazon’s packing guidelines, shipping requirements, and guidance.
  4. Prepare the shipping plan that’s right for you, print Amazon shipping labels, and book your appointment on Carrier Central.
  5. Ship your products to Amazon, create a shipping plan, print Amazon Shipment ID labels, and send your shipments to Amazon fulfilment centers.
  6. Your goods are then stored in the Amazon FBA until you receive orders from your customers for the products, meaning that Amazon stores the goods for you for a storage fee that generally depends on the size of the product.
  7. Amazon scans your products and makes them available for sale on your Amazon store.
  8. Once the order is placed, Amazon takes care of the remainder of the transaction until the order is packaged and shipped to the customer.
  9. Amazon handles customer service, follows up on orders, and tracks returns and refunds.
  10. Finally, every two weeks, Amazon sends you profits from your sales after deducting its commission.

If you import your goods from China, you can use the services provided by shipping companies, such as the FBA shipping service, where the company ships your products directly to Amazon FBA warehouses and adds the products to your seller account in Amazon.

Then you will not have to do the previous steps or do the customs clearance process for the goods, as the shipping company – using its Amazon account as a shipping company – will take all the previous steps and even ship your products to Amazon warehouses and add them to your account.

Basenton Logistics Company has shipping service from China to Saudi Arabia Amazon or Noon warehouses, you can contact them to get the details of the service provided.

Amazon FBA Saudi Arabia fees


For each of the services provided by Amazon, you will receive a commission from you, and the value of these fees depends on the type of goods you sell and the shipping plan, divided into the following types:

Commission fees on sales

It is a commission that Amazon asks you for every product it sells to you. Where a percentage is deducted from the total selling price.

The commission also includes taxes that are calculated from Amazon VAT calculation services, and the total selling price is the amount paid by the buyer plus shipping fees.

Starting from 5% or a minimum of SAR 1.0, it varies according to the category and is distributed as follows:

CategoriesCommissionMinimum commission
apparel15%1 SAR
Cars%101 SAR
Children14%1 SAR
Beauty9% / Fulfilled by Amazon: 7%11 SAR
Books%101 SAR
Camera8% / Under FBA: 5%11 SAR
Consumer Electronics5%1 SAR
Electronic Accessories%101 SAR
Furniture15%1 SAR
Gift Cards%101 SAR
Groceries3% for products with a promotional price up to SAR 25 9% for products with a promotional price above SAR 25
Health & Personal Care8% for products with a total promotional price of SAR 50 or less, and 12% for products with a total promotional price of more than SAR 501 SAR
House%101 SAR
Jewelry• 15% for a SIM with a total promotional price of SAR 1,000, and 5% for any SIM with a promotional price of more than SAR 1,0001 SAR
Kitchen10% / Under FBA: 8%11 SAR
Baggage & Travel Accessories15%1 SAR
Home appliances5%1 SAR
Mobile Phones5%1 SAR
Music15%1 SAR
Musical Instruments15%1 SAR
Office Products15%1 SAR
Outdoor Activities%101 SAR
Personal Computers5%1 SAR
perfumes15%1 SAR
Personal Care Appliances9%1 SAR
Pet Supplies14%1 SAR
Portable Audio Devices%101 SAR
Shoes15%1 SAR
Small appliances%101 SAR
Sports%101 SAR
Antique stamp collectibles%101 SAR
Instruments10% / Under FBA: 8%11 SAR
playing%101 SAR
Video and DVD (DVD)%101 SAR
Video Game Controllers5%1 SAR
Video games%101 SAR
Wristwatches• 15% for a SIM with a total promotional price of SAR 5,000, and • 5% for any SIM with a promotional price of more than SAR 5,0001 SAR
Wireless devices%101 SAR
All other categories%101 SAR

Commission fees on Amazon sales

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Shipping Fees (Amazon FBA)

It is a service that simply means (you sell and the rest is on us). Amazon has one of the most advanced shipping networks in the world. With fulfillment by Amazon:

  1. Amazon stores your products in their warehouses
  2. Amazon packs, packs, ships products and provides customer service for these products.
  3. The fulfillment service by Amazon is simple and low-cost, there is within this service:
  • Charges for product shipping, packaging and labeling.
  • Product storage fees.
  • Optional services.

Fees vary depending on the weight and size of the product as follows:

Slide size and weightSaudi Riyal (per unit)
Standard: 500 g5.0
Standard: 1,000 g5.5
Basic: 1,500 g6.0
Standard: 2,000 g6.5
Basic: 3,000 g7.5
Standard: 4,000 g8.5
Basic: 5,000 g9.5
Standard: 6,000 g10.5
Standard: 7,000 g11.5
Standard: 8,000 g12.5
Standard: 9,000 g13.5
Standard: 10,000 g14.5
Standard: 11,000 g15.5
Standard: 12,000 g16.5
Ultra Size: 1 kg7.5
Ultra Size: 2 kg8.5
Ultra Size: 3 kg9.5
Ultra Size: 4 kg10.5
Ultra Size: 5 kg11.5
Ultra Size: 6 kg12.5
Ultra Size: 7 kg13.5
Ultra Size: 8 kg14.5
Ultra Size: 9 kg15.5
Ultra Size: 10 kg16.5
Ultra Size: 15 kg21.5
Ultra Size: 20 kg26.5
Ultra Size: 25 kg31.5
Ultra Size: 30 kg36.5
Ultra Size: 30 kgs and more+1 additional SAR per kg

Shipping fees for goods – Amazon FBA

Monthly storage fees

All products stored at the Amazon fulfilment center, based on the average daily inventory volume measured in cubic feet, are charged at a cost of SAR 3 per cubic foot per month.

Long-term storage fees

These are fees incurred by inventory that has been held at Amazon in its fulfilment centers for more than 365 days, and its code is LTSF. On the 15th day of each month, inventory held at fulfilment centres in Saudi Arabia for more than 365 days is charged at SAR 30 per cubic foot.

Best Shipping From China To Saudi Arabia

Amazon FBA Saudi Arabia … The most important advantages and disadvantages


Amazon FBA Features

The service has a set of features that attract merchants all over the world, as these features are the pillar of any business, namely:

  1. Logistics and scalability

This feature is considered the best in the Amazon FBA service, as Amazon takes care of shipping and storing the product to your customer, and enables you to save a lot of money that is usually spent on storage, so you do not need to rent storage space, in addition to allowing your business to expand easily.

If you start your business with Amazon FBA and get sales, Amazon will take care of the shipping process, and all you have to do is make sure that the goods are available in your inventory in Amazon warehouses on an ongoing basis.

  1. Fast & Free Shipping with Amazon Prime

If you have an Amazon FBA professional seller account, you will automatically get Amazon Prime shipping.

With Amazon Prime shipping, your customers can quickly receive products within two days thanks to the presence of thousands of Amazon fulfilment centers around the world.

  1. Buy Box Feature

If you sell your products using Amazon FBA, you may take advantage of the Buy Box feature, a box that appears on the left of the product page with quick product information and the Add product to cart or buy directly box.

This box is important because more than 80% of Amazon’s sales come from the “Buy Now” box in the Buy Box, so winning the Buy box often leads to a noticeable increase in your sales, and in order to get it you must have:

  • Professional seller account on Amazon FBA Saudi Arabia.
  • New unused product.
  • Product available and available in stock.
  • Competitive price.
  1. Discounted shipping rates

Because Amazon is the undisputed e-commerce giant, their contracts with major shipping companies often find reduced shipping costs. This is beneficial to all parties.

Of course, as an Amazon FBA merchant this will increase your profits by spending less money on shipping.

Where Amazon’s logistics network gives your customers the best deals when it comes to shipping rates, sometimes shipping is free with Amazon Prime shipping.

  1. Customer Service

You don’t have to worry about customer service with Amazon FBA, Amazon will take care of responding to your customers’ inquiries, Amazon FBA has excellent customer service around the clock, seven days a week.

6. Increase in sales

Customers often shop products with an FBA badge.

Disadvantages of Amazon FBA

Any electronic service is not without defects, these defects may not affect some businesses, and may detrimentally affect other businesses, so follow us Disadvantages of selling on Amazon FBA:

  1. Amazon FBA is not free

The FBA Amazon trip is not a free trip, but this is not surprising, the service is paid due to Amazon storage fees, so if you have a slow or very low inventory selling rate, you may pay a good amount for the monthly storage fee.

Amazon FBA is ideal if your products are small with large sales, meaning that stock replenishes quickly.

If you plan to sell large products that take up a lot of space in Amazon’s warehouses with a low selling rate, it may be better to ship the goods yourself.

  1. Inventory Management

It can be difficult to keep track of your inventory and products when you are not directly involved in the sale and shipping of goods. If your product runs out of stock, Amazon will reduce the order in which your products appear, which usually means lower sales. To maintain sufficient inventory, you should regularly follow up and analyze your inventory reports.

Besides, sending your inventory to Amazon is not easy. You can send the goods yourself or use an intermediary to do so, or have your supplier ship the products directly to Amazon centers, but Amazon is very strict about its packaging instructions, Amazon may return products if you do not follow the instructions.

  1. Limited show of your brand

If you choose the method of fulfillment by Amazon, keep in mind that Amazon packs and ships your product from its centers, meaning that you will not have the opportunity to show your brand, as Amazon controls the packaging of your product, and your product boxes bear the Amazon logo and brand name. If your goal is to create a brand and personalize your customer experience, your options for doing so will be limited with Amazon FBA.

How to sell on Amazon KSA? Steps to open a seller account on Amazon

Registering with Amazon as a seller requires opening a seller account on the Amazon site, adding products and choosing the appropriate delivery method, and we will address each of these procedures in the following lines:

First: Steps to open a seller account in Amazon

If you have a “buyer” account on Amazon, you can use it to start selling, or you can open an Amazon merchant account using your personal email.

In general, for sale on Amazon KSA Amazon.sa, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Amazon.sa’s website and click “Start Selling”.
  2. Click the “Register Now” button to become a seller on Amazon.
  3. You will be directed to the registration page where you need to enter your key details such as:
  • Email address or buyer’s Amazon account.
  • Active phone number.
  • National ID card or Saudi Iqama.
  • Commercial registration if you are a company owner.
  • Commercial registration and power of attorney in case you are a legal representative of the company.

For individuals you will need only one of these documents:

  • Bank statement
  • or credit card statement
  • Or the water or electricity bill.
  • Bank account to send your financial dues from profits on Amazon.
  1. After verifying your personal information and completing all formalities, you are provided with a seller account on Amazon.sa.
  2. List your products on Amazon, what you can sell depends on the product type, category, and brand. When you start selling your product on Amazon, you will first list the product in the Seller Center or via the API service.

Product listing details include:

  • Product identification number.
  • SKU, which is the identifier of the product, to track your inventory.
  • Product page details, including price, quantity available, product status, and shipping options.
  • Product name, category, description, brand, photos.
  • Keywords to help shoppers find your product.

Selling plans on Amazon

There are two plans for selling on Amazon, the Professional and Individual plan, and we can say about them a distinctive plan and a regular plan, the professional selling plan is offered for free for a limited time, below we review the characteristics of each:

  1. Characteristics of the Professional plan on Amazon:  
  • As a professional seller on Amazon, you can sell more than 40 products per month.
  • You can access advanced selling tools like inventory insights and monitor your orders through business reports.
  • It is also possible to submit a request to add certain products that are conditional on certain requirements after they are met.
  1. Characteristics of the individual plan on Amazon:

This is an appropriate plan if you:

  • It sells less than 40 products per month.
  • You don’t need advanced selling tools.
  • You have not yet decided what products you want to sell.

Second: Product Detail Page

Product details are displayed on the Product Detail Page, which is where your customers find all the relevant information about the product.

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon KSA Amazon.sa, you’ve definitely seen this page before. The product detail page contains the following:

  1. Product page title: Must contain a maximum of 200 characters, with the first letter of each word capitalized.
  2. Product pictures: 500 × 500 or 1000 × 1000 pixels.
  3. Product shapes: display all shapes of the product such as its different colors or sizes.
  4. Important information: Write short sentences highlighting the features and benefits of the product while using keywords to improve the chances of finding the product.
  5. Buy Box: Contains the Buy Now button or Add to Cart, shipping information, and delivery times.

Third: How to deliver products

  • Self-charging or shipping by merchant 

It means that you sell on Amazon but you store your goods on your own site and ship the products to customers yourself.

  • Easy shipping service with Amazon FBM

Easy shipping is one of the product delivery services offered by Amazon, where Amazon chooses a reliable shipping company that delivers goods from your store or warehouse directly to the customer.

  • Fulfilled by Amazon FBA

This way you store your products in Amazon centers and Amazon packs and ships the products and takes care of responding to customer inquiries.

How To Choose Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder

How Do Amazon Sellers Choose Amazon FBA Freight Forwarding

How to be a premium seller on Amazon?

  • Take advantage of FBA fulfillment services to offer professional delivery options to your customers.
  • Make ads for your products or make offers and coupons, the latter are an incentive most of the time to press the Buy Now button.
  • Expand your product list by listing more products.
  • Register your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry to control which product detail pages on Amazon use your brand name.
  • Create marketing content for your brand.
  • Use the pricing automation tool on Amazon Sales Hub.
  • To stay competitive in the marketplace, control price changes by setting up automatic pricing rules for free on Amazon FBA.
  • If you make your product list successful, this certainly means a distinguished seller account that shoppers easily reach, and following the best practices related to adding product listings has a great impact on the success of your product listing, among the practices is to add clear images and titles that accurately describe the product and contain keywords, in addition to brief points about the product.
  • Keep an eye on your inventory at the Amazon Sales Center and keep it abundant.

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Cheapest Shipping Company From China To Saudi Arabia

Amazon FBA KSA has made it incredibly easy to start and grow your online business. Amazon FBA can take care of the services of storing your goods, displaying products, and shipping them to customers, and all you have to do is import the goods at the lowest prices to display them at attractive final prices and make good profits.

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Amazon FBA

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Amazon FBA

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Amazon FBA time

Currently we have 2 routes for FBA shipping from China to amazon FBA in Saudi Arabia by DDP terms.

  • Air freight
    • Reach the FBA warehouse in Saudi Arabia about 10-15 days.
    • The cost is moderate and the speed is fast.
    • The China-Saudi Arabia section uses air freight, according to the cargo situation, the cargo will be loaded in Shenzhen or Hong Kong, and our partner will complete the door-to-door delivery in Saudi Arabia.
    • By Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping, that means we will handle customs clearance, pay import and export dutys, you just need to wait for the goods to be delivered to the FBA warehouse in Saudi Arabia.
    • Using LCL shipment mostly.
  • Sea freight
    • Reach the FBA warehouse in Saudi Arabia about 35-40 days.
    • The cost is low and the speed is slow.
    • The China-Saudi Arabia section uses sea freight, according to the cargo situation, the cargo will be loaded in Shenzhen or Guangzhou, and our partner will complete the door-to-door delivery in Saudi Arabia.
    • By Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping, that means we will handle customs clearance, pay import and export dutys, you just need to wait for the goods to be delivered to the FBA warehouse in Saudi Arabia.
    • Using LCL shipment mostly.

How Long Does It Take To Ship From China To Saudi Arabia

Outer box requirements for Amazon FBA shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Cargo Requirements

  • Accept item with battery or items with magnetic, but you must declare it at first. If you do not report it, you will be charged a high fine.
  • Do not accept any imitation goods, pure battery, concealing will result in high fines.
  • Do not accept liquids, powders, food, medicines, flammable and explosive goods, antiques, currency, countries banned exporting goods, airlines and shipping companies banned goods, concealing these goods will result in high fines.
  • Asbestos or asbestos-containing products require an import license, concealing them will result in high fines.
  • Wooded products, such as wooden crafts, make-up brushes and other wooden products, must have the fumigation certificate. We can apply for fumigation certificate, but it will cause additional costs and delay the transportation.
  • Each item is required to have a unique FNSKU label.
  • Strongly recommended that all item be printed with the word “Made in China” or the stick the “Made in China” labeling on each item package.

Outer Carton Requirements

  • The outer carton is recommended to use a new and sturdy carton. Do not have the logo or info which is not related to the goods.
  • Each outer carton need attach two Amazon shipment label(one on front and one on back), using the clear opp gummed tape or the clear sticker to cover the label.
  • We suggest the weight of a carton be controlled at 10~30Kg (if it is exceeded, it must be confirmed in advance to avoid rejection).
  • For the dimensions of the outer carton, the longest side is less than 120CM, the shortest side is less than 75CM, and the shortest side *2+ the longest side is less than 330CM (if it is exceeded, it must be confirmed in advance to avoid rejection).
  • Please use the clear opp gummed tape to seal the carton outer carton, don’t use the tape in color.

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