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Basenton Logistics offers full ranges of freight services to satisfy your requirements on time and on budget.  Ocean freight from China to SaudiArabia, Air freight from China to Saudi Arabia, An In-Depth Guide to Shipping from China to KSA, Process of shipping from China to Saudi Arabia, Sea Freight From China To Saudi Arabia, Freight forwarder China to Saudi Arabia, Shipping cost from China to Saudi Arabia, Shipping time from China to Saudi Arabia, Air Freight from China to Saudi Arabia, best shipping from China to saudi arabia, Moreover, shipping services with nationwide coverage through the Saudi Arabia (cities include Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh and so on) is available via all major ports and airports.

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Our shipping rates are highly competitive and we offer services from every city in China to any destination in Saudi Arabia.

At Basenton, you’ll always have enough space for your goods, even during peak shipping seasons, whether you choose to ship by air or sea.

Our services include FCL, LCL, Roll on Roll off, and more, depending on your goods and needs.

In addition, Basenton provides a range of professional services, such as goods packing, paperwork, loading and unloading, insurance, and more. So why wait?

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Container Shipping Rates from China to Saudi Arabia
  • Main seaports in China to Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh
  • Reliable shiping schedule
  • Contract Ocean freight
LCL Freight Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia
  • Main seaports in China to Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh
  • Fixed Schedule with in time delivery
  • Competitive freight based on per CBM or TON
Air Freight Shipping Rate from China to Saudi Arabia
  • Pick up from any city of China
  • Competitive air freight rate
  • Shipping by air from China to Saudi Arabia takes 3 to 5 days.
Courier Serivce Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia
  • Delivery to Saudi Arabia
  • Huge discount of DHL/FEDEX/TNT/ARAMEX
  • Including customs clearance
Door to Door Service Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia
  • Charged by per CBM or per KGS
  • From any city of China to warehouse in Saudi Arabia
  • Including customs duty&taxes (DDP/DDU)
Consolidiation Service
  • Collect cargo fm different supplier with different city
  • Warehouse in every main city in China
  • Custom clearance and document making

Table of Contents

An In-Depth Guide to Shipping from China to KSA

This comprehensive guide provides you with all the necessary information for shipping goods from China to the KSA.

When importing goods from China, it is crucial to mark the country of origin on all items, specifically stating “Made in China.” on the package. Failure to do so can result in potential confiscation of the goods.


While there may be variations in transit times for freight shipments between China and the KSA, you will encounter a wide range of cost options.Whether you choose to ship by air or sea, you can rest assured that you will have sufficient space, even during peak seasons.

Basenton Logistics offers shipping services to Saudi Arabia, including options such as FCL, LCL, Roll on Roll off, and more, tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Shipping by sea typically takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks. Alternatively, you can arrange a pickup in any city in China and have DFH ship your goods by air, providing highly competitive shipping rates with delivery times ranging from 3 to 5 days.


China boasts state-of-the-art airports throughout the country, offering convenient routes and major international connections such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, and more.The most popular city destinations in Saudi Arabia include Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al Madinah. You have the flexibility to choose shipping options such as air transportation to the nearest airport, sea transportation to the designated seaport, or express delivery to your doorstep.

Basenton Logistics provides professional services including goods packing, paperwork assistance, loading and unloading, insurance coverage, and more. Request a quick quote now to reduce your shipping costs.

With a global presence, Basenton Logistics is strategically positioned to offer exceptional logistical support for your consignment until it reaches its final destination in any major country worldwide.

Shipping From China to Saudi Arabia

Process of shipping from China to Saudi Arabia:

The process of shipping from China to Saudi Arabia typically involves the following steps:

Step 1: Documentation and Customs Clearance

The shipping process begins with ensuring that all necessary documentation is in order. This includes verifying the country of origin, invoices, packing lists, and any other required customs documents. The customs clearance process is initiated to comply with Saudi Arabian regulations and ensure smooth entry of the goods into the country.

Step 2: Packaging and Labeling

Goods are properly packaged to ensure their safety during transportation. Packaging materials should be sturdy and suitable for international shipping. It is important to label the packages with the country of origin ” made in China “, shipping address, and any other required information.

Step 3: Transportation Mode

Selection Depending on the nature of the goods and the urgency of delivery, the appropriate transportation mode is selected. Options include air freight, sea freight, or a combination of both.

Step 4: Booking and Pickup

Once the transportation mode is chosen, arrangements are made with the selected shipping carrier or freight forwarder. The cargo is then picked up from the supplier’s location in China and transported to the departure port or airport.

Step 5: Transit

During transit, goods are carefully monitored and tracked to ensure their safe and timely arrival. The duration of transit will vary depending on the chosen transportation mode and the specific route taken.

Step 6: Customs Clearance in Saudi Arabia

Upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, the goods go through the customs clearance process. This involves inspections, verification of documentation, and the payment of any applicable customs duties and taxes.

Step 7: Delivery and Distribution

Once customs clearance is completed, the goods are ready for final delivery. They can be transported to the designated destination within Saudi Arabia, whether it’s a specific city, a seaport, or a customer’s location. Distribution and logistics services may be provided by the shipping carrier, freight forwarder, or a local delivery service.

Throughout the entire shipping process, Basenton Logistics can navigate the complexities of international shipping, comply with regulations, and ensure the smooth transportation of goods Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia safely and timely

Sea Freight From China To Saudi Arabia

Sea freight is the most economical method of transporting goods from China to Saudi Arabia.

Depending on the size of your shipment, you have the option to choose between Less Than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL).

With FCL shipments, the entire container is dedicated to a single shipment, and you are responsible for the entire shipping cost.

Your supplier loads the shipment into a sealed container, which is then directly sent to you, reducing the chances of any damage during transit.

FCL shipments generally arrive a few days earlier than LCL shipments due to the additional loading and unloading stages involved in LCL shipments, as they involve items from multiple suppliers.

For FCL freight, you can choose from the following container types:

  • 20-ft container: internal capacity of 29 CBM
  • 40-ft container: internal capacity of 66 CBM
  • 40-ft high cube container: internal capacity of 76 CBM
  • 45-ft high cube container: internal capacity of 86 CBM

If you have a tight deadline, FCL is the more practical choice.

On the other hand, LCL shipping involves transporting goods by sea that occupy less than the entire volume of a container.


This approach offers a cost-effective way to reduce expenses in your supply chain, as you will be sharing the space and cost with others instead of paying for a full container (FCL) that you may not fully utilize.

Shipping From China to Saudi Arabia

Freight forwarder China to Saudi Arabia:

We are highly successful in maintaining a healthy and strong relationship with international cargo carriers so that our customers can enjoy the most competitive and affordable rates while obtaining our services for shipping from China to anywhere. Our company takes into account all the important factors that a customer cares about and serves its customers with the best shipping services.

 Saudi Arabia:

Origin PortDestination Port20′ Container40′ Container
ShanghaiJeddah$900 – $1,200$1,500 – $2,000
NingboDammam$1,000 – $1,300$1,700 – $2,200
ShenzhenRiyadh$1,100 – $1,400$1,800 – $2,300

Key notes:

  • Rates are general estimates for FCL shipments of common goods
  • Actual rates vary based on cargo type, seasonal factors, fuel costs, etc.
  • Transit time is typically 3-5 weeks from China to Saudi ports
  • Sea freight is lower cost but slower than air freight (4-10x more expensive

For better and more accurate freight quote to Saudi Arabia from China, please feel free to contact us or fill in some details of your shipment, and soon our staff will offer you quotation based on what cargo information you submit.

Your enquiry show include below details

Loading port / Discharge port / Cargo name / Weight /  Volume ( FCL or LCL ) /  Ready time

Shipping time from China to Saudi Arabia:

The transportation time from China to Saudi Arabia needs to determine the items to be transported, the size of the goods and the relevant documents required, and which city in China will be shipped to Saudi Arabia by sea or air. Contact us for specific shipping times.

Sea container shipping transit time from China to Saudi Arabia ( Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh )

POL(port of loading)POD(port of destination)Transit Time

How Long does it take to Ship from China to Saudi Arabia

Sea shipping lines that offer shipping from China to Saudi Arabia:

COSCO / Maersk / HPL / MSC / WHL / PIL / CMA / EMC / ONE / HMM / OOCL

Air Freight from China to Saudi Arabia:

Shipping From China to Saudi Arabia

If you’re looking to transport goods from China to the Saudi Arabia, air freight is a rapid and dependable choice.

When considering air freight from China to the Saudi Arabia, there are several factors to consider, such as cost, reliability, and experience in shipping from China to the Saudi Arabia.

Although air freight may be more expensive than sea freight, it offers the advantage of faster delivery, which can be beneficial if you require prompt arrival of your goods. However, it is important to compare prices among different airlines to choose the most suitable option based on required schedule and transit time.

Reliability plays a critical role when selecting a carrier. Basenton Logistics has a strong reputation for timely delivery, as any delays could have a cascading effect, leading to missed deadlines, inventory shortages, and customer dissatisfaction. Real-time tracking information is valuable for monitoring the progress of your shipment.

As a professional logistics provider in China, Basenton Logistics possesses extensive experience in the air shipping process and regulations for transporting goods Shipping From China to Saudi Arabia. This experience also ensures that all necessary customs clearance is handled smoothly, guaranteeing timely delivery of your goods.

DDP air freight cost per kilogram from China to Saudi Arabia

The cost of air freight from China to Saudi Arabia depends on the type and weight of the goods being transported and the airline used. Generally speaking, it is about US$5 to US$10 per kilogram. The heavier the cargo, the lower the cost per kilogram of air freight. For shipments under 200kg, standard air freight is the cheapest option.

Air freight is suitable for high-value, urgently needed cargo. Although the cost is higher, shipping time is minimal.

Main airports: Departing from major airports in China (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou), direct flights to Saudi Arabia airports: Abha Airport (AHB), Prince Sultan Air Base (AKH), Hofuf Airport (HOF), Baha Domestic Airport ( ABT)).

Shipping time: It takes about 3-7 days.

Door-to-door shipping refers to the service that handles the entire shipping process from China to the final destination in Saudi Arabia. This includes pickup from the shipper’s warehouse or factory, customs clearance, transportation and final delivery to the recipient’s doorstep. This service provides convenience and reduces the risk of damage or loss during shipping.

Before shipping goods from China to Saudi Arabia, it is important to ensure that the goods are packed and labeled correctly. Here are a few key steps to follow:

  • Use sturdy packaging materials to protect your goods during transportation.
  • Clearly label packages with the recipient’s name, address and contact information.
  • Make sure your goods are insured to cover any potential loss or damage during transport.

Door to Door Cargo from China to Saudi Arabia

For China to Saudi Arabia trade, there are 2 main modes of transportation, sea Freight and air Freight.

Basenton Shipping Case from China to SAUDI ARABIA

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