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Basenton Logistics are a company that provides professional and perfect international logistics service and also deal with a wide ranges of freight forwarding services. In order to meet your cargo shipping needs regarding whole Singapore, we have organized a vast network that holds the capability of accommodating economical, affordable, and reliable logistics plans. Our high quality services are not only limited to import and shipping from China to Singapore but also extends to pick up, documentation, packaging, loading, unloading, customer clearance, warehousing, consolidating and many more.

Whenever you intend deliver your items shipping from China to port of Singapore , we are here to provide you the best, affordable, efficient and trustworthy services so that you would not have to deal with any kind of inconvenience or fraud while delivering your cargo. We keep you updated about all the terms and regulations at the first place to ensure a quick and transparent service.

For better and more accurate sea freight quote to Singapore from China, please feel free to contact us or fill in some details of your shipment, and soon our staff will offer you quotation based on what cargo information you submit.

Container Shipping Rates from China to Singapore
  • Main seaports in China to Singapore
  • Reliable shiping schedule
  • Competitive Ocean freight
LCL Freight Shipping from China to Singapore
  • Main seaports in China to Singapore
  • Fixed Schedule with in time delivery
  • Competitive freight based on per CBM or TON
Air Freight Shipping Rate from China to Singapore
  • Main airlines from China to Singapore
  • Competitive air freight rate
  • Directly and transit service both included
Courier Serivce Shipping from China to Singapore
  • Delivery to Singapore
  • Huge discount of DHL/FEDEX/TNT/ARAMEX
  • Including customs clearance
Door to Door Service Shipping from China to Singapore
  • Door service by LCL/FCL/Air
  • Handling all related customs document
  • Including customs duty&taxes (DDP/DDU)
Consolidiation Service
  • Collect cargo fm different supplier with different city
  • Warehouse in every main city in China
  • Custom clearance and document making

Table of Contents

Methods for shipping from China to Singapore

When shipping goods from China to Singapore, there are 2 main methods that sellers can use — air freight and sea freight.
Air freight refers to the shipment of goods via a plane. Goods are loaded onto a plane till the maximum weight load is reached before it sets off to its destination. This mode of transport is faster than sea freight and is usually more expensive.
Sea freight refers to the shipment of goods via a cargo ship. Goods are packed into containers and loaded onto a shipping vessel before sailing to its destination. This takes longer than air freight but is typically more cost-efficient.
  • a. FCL
  • Full container load (FCL) is when you have enough cargo to fill an entire shipping container. In such cases, it is more cost-effective to ship via FCL as you will be paying a flat rate for the entire container, instead of paying per cubic meter (CBM) occupied.
  • b. LCL
  • On the other hand, if your cargo is not enough to fill a full container, you can opt for less than container load (LCL) instead. This means that your goods will be combined with others to fill a container. With LCL, you only pay for the space that your goods occupy.

Choosing between air and sea freight

With 2 methods available, it is important to understand the differences between them to choose the right shipping option for your cargo. Here are some key differentiating factors.


Air freight can ship goods a lot faster as compared to sea freight. Shipping from China to Singapore via air takes about 5 to 14 days, while sea freight takes about 6 to 31 days.

Thus, if you have any urgent deliveries or perishable goods, air freight is the way to go. To maximize savings for larger volumes of cargo that are not time-sensitive, go for sea freight.

Shipping cost

Globally, approximately 80% of goods are transported by ships. Sellers that ship in bulk or large quantities that can fill an entire container will get to enjoy economies of scale. In fact, any cargo above 2 CBM is likely to be more cost-effective being shipped via sea than air.

If you are looking to ship small quantities of samples or small order batches, air freight can be more economical.

Cargo restrictions

Air freight has strict regulations regarding the types, sizes and weights of items that can be shipped. Bulky, odd-sized or dangerous goods typically cannot be shipped via air. Some examples include:
  • Liquids (e.g., nail polish, colognes, perfumes, nail polish remover)
  • Aerosols or gas (e.g., deodorant, hairspray, paint)
  • Toxic or corrosive items (e.g., batteries, phones, cameras)
  • Food
On the other hand, sea freight does not have such restrictions on cargo. If your goods fall into the list of prohibited items, opt for sea freight.

FCL and LCL shipping

You can transport your goods by both FCL and LCL shipping.

There are many factors you need to consider when shipping from China to Singapore.

A standard 40 foot container can accommodate 22 standard pallets, with a 20 foot container holding 10 pallets.

If you’re shipping large volumes and can fill a container, it makes sense to choose FCL (Full Container Load).

The other advantage of Full container load is that your items are kept separate from other importers.

On the other hand, LCL (Less than a Container Load) refers to shipping where your goods share space within a container with other goods.

If you’re OK with that, then LCL shipping (also known as groupage) offers a more economical way to ship smaller quantities that make up less than half of the volume of a full container.

FCL Ocean Freight Shipping Costs from China to Singapore (updated January 2023)

Departure PortDestination PortContainer 20’ (USD)Container 40’ (USD)Estimated Transit time (days)

To receive a personalized FCL quote, fill in our form in less than 5 minutes and receive a reply from one of our logistics experts within 24 hours.

LCL Consolidation Sea Freight Shipping Costs from China to Singapore (updated January 2023)

Departure PortDestination PortPrice per CBM (USD)Estimated Transit time (days)
One Stop Service from Foshan to Singapore door: USD85/CBM14 days around to door

To receive a personalized LCL quote, fill in our form in less than 5 minutes and receive a reply from one of our logistics experts within 24 hours.

Air freight Shipping Costs from China to Singapore (updated January 2023)

Departure CitRangeDestination AirportPrice Per KG ($USD)Estimated Transit time (days)
ShanghaiRate for 100KGS-299KGSSIN(Singapore)2.21
ShanghaiRate for 300KGS-1000KGSSIN2.21
ShanghaiRate for 1000KGS+SIN2.21
ShenzhenRate for 100KGS-299KGSSIN (Singapore)2.51
ShenzhenRate for 300KGS-499KGSSIN(Singapore)2.51
ShenzhenRate for 500KG-1000KGS+SIN(Singapore)21
Air freight from China
Air freight from China

What is the cheapest way of shipping from China to Singapore

The most affordable option to ship from China to Singapore, regardless of the shipping method you choose, is through a reputed China Freight Forwarder like Basenton Shipping who can guarantee you the lowest freight costs and container freight rates from China.

We at Basenton Shipping are able to pass along our high-volume shipping rates in addition to providing a best rate guarantee on all modes of transportation.Start now and get a shipping estimate from China.

How long does it take to ship from China to Singapore?

Shipping from China to Australia lazyload

It depends on whether you are shipping by air or sea.

For air freight, shipping from China to Singapore may take approximately 5 to 14 days depending on the China airport that you are shipping from. Sea freight takes approximately 6 to 31 days depending on which China port you are shipping from.

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