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Shipping from China to Sudan

Shipping from China to Sudan is witnessing a remarkable development, as China comes as one of Sudan’s most important trading partners. According to statistics, the value of Sudanese imports from China amounted to about $2 billion in 2019, indicating the extent of heavy dependence on Chinese products.

In light of this rapid growth in bilateral trade, many traders in Sudan are looking to import various types of goods from China. However, there are many challenges that companies may face, from customs clearance procedures to quality standards to be observed. Therefore, in this guide, we offer a set of tips and guidelines aimed at facilitating the shipping process and making it more efficient from China to Sudan.

Shipping from China to Sudan

Conditions and requirements for importing from China to Sudan

The conditions and requirements for the import of goods into Sudan are generally as follows:

  1. Import License: As an importer, you are required to obtain an import license issued by the Ministry of Commerce, which is necessary for all import operations, regardless of the value of the goods.
  2. Customs declaration: You must submit a customs declaration to the Sudanese customs authority, containing precise details about the imported goods, including their description, quantity, value, and source.
  3. Customs duties and taxes: You must pay customs duties and taxes on the goods you bring into Sudan, and these fees depend on the type and value of the goods.
  4. Certificate of Origin: You are required to provide a certificate of origin for all imports, which is a document proving the country where the goods were produced.
  5. Bill of lading or air waybill: You must provide the bill of lading or air waybill issued by the shipping company, which contains details about the goods, the sender, the recipient, and the shipping route.
  6. Inspection and verification: The Sudanese government requires pre-shipment inspection and verification of certain goods, to ensure that they comply with the country’s standards and regulations.
  7. Prohibited and restricted goods: The import of certain goods into Sudan is prohibited or restricted, such as weapons, drugs, and some agricultural products.
  8. Sanctions: Sudan has been subjected to international sanctions in the past, which may affect the import of some goods, so it is important to check the current status of sanctions before importing goods into Sudan.
  9. Documentation: Proper documentation is critical to the import process, including invoices, packing lists, and any other documents required by the Sudanese authorities.
  10. Exchange Control Regulations: In Sudan there are exchange control regulations that affect the import of goods, you have to be aware of these regulations and ensure compliance with them.

Requirements for importing goods into Sudan may vary depending on the type of goods, the value of the shipment, and other factors, so it is important that you consult with a local customs broker for up-to-date information on the import of goods into Sudan.

Shipping procedures from China to Sudan

Shipping procedures from China to Sudan

If you want to import and ship goods from China to Sudan, here are the steps to follow from buying goods to selling them:

  1. Selection of products and suppliers:
    • Select the products you wish to import and find a reliable supplier.
    • Verify the legitimacy of the supplier by checking ratings, reviews, and checking the business license.
    • Contact the supplier to confirm product availability and discuss details such as prices, delivery times, and payment methods.
  2. Shipping and delivery arrangement:
    • Confirm your order with the supplier and arrange shipping and delivery.
    • The supplier may provide shipping services (we do not recommend this option), or you can work with a shipping agent to take care of the entire process.
    • A freight forwarder can help you choose the best shipping method, negotiate prices, and handle customs clearance.
    • It is preferable to purchase shipping insurance for additional protection.
  3. Handling customs clearance:
    • Importing products from China to Sudan requires a customs clearance procedure.
    • Submit the necessary documents and pay the applicable fees and taxes.
    • You can work with a customs broker to handle this process, or you can do it yourself.
    • Make sure you have all the required documents, including the commercial invoice, bill of lading and packing list.
    • You will also need to pay any import duties, taxes, or other charges required by the Sudanese government.
  4. Reception and inspection of products:
    • Once the products go through customs clearance, they will be delivered to you.
    • Inspect the products as soon as they arrive to ensure that they are in good condition and meet your expectations.
    • If there is any problem with the goods, contact the supplier immediately to resolve the issue.
  5. Sell Products:
    • Once the products are in your hand, start selling them through different channels, including online marketplaces, social media, and physical stores.
    • Ensure that products are priced competitively and marketed effectively to attract customers.

Shipping from China to Sudan… Sea or air

Shipping from China to Sudan can be done by sea or air, and the choice depends on several factors including the type of goods, budget, and time constraints. Here are some considerations that may help you make your decision:

  • Urgent: If you need your goods quickly, air freight is the best option.
  • Budget: If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, sea freight is usually cheaper.
  • Size and weight: For large, heavy or bulky shipments, sea freight is more convenient.
  • Type of goods: Some goods may be better suited to the atmosphere (such as food) or the sea (such as hazardous materials).
  • Destination: Consider your destination’s proximity to major airports and ports.

1.Sea freight from China to Sudan

Sea freight allows large volumes of goods to be transported at a relatively low cost, making it an ideal choice for importers and exporters dealing with large shipments.

When to ship by sea?

Sea freight is characterized by:

  • Low cost: It is usually cheaper than air freight, especially for large shipments.
  • Suitable for bulky goods: Ideal for heavy or bulky goods that can be very expensive when shipped by air.
  • Environmental impact: Lower carbon footprint compared to air freight.
  • Slower: It takes longer than air freight, usually a few weeks.
  • Port fees: involves port fees and costs.
  • Documentation: Requires more comprehensive documentation compared to air freight.

Seaports of Sudan

Commercial seaports of Sudan

Sudan, with its distinctive geographical reality on the Red Sea, has several seaports that are considered one of the most important ports in Northeast Africa:

  1. Port Sudan:
    • It is the largest port in Sudan and one of the most important ports on the Red Sea.
    • It is the main gateway for imported and exported goods to and from Sudan.
    • It has modern and sophisticated facilities that allow the circulation of a wide range of goods.
  2. Aswan Port:
    • It is located south of Port Sudan and is considered a secondary port.
    • It is mainly used for the export of agricultural products and natural resources.
  3. Quseir Port:
    • It is located north of Port Sudan and is considered a small port.
    • It is mainly used for exporting domestic goods and importing basic goods.
  4. Suakin Port:
    • South of Port Sudan is a historic port of particular importance.
    • Previously, it was considered the main port of Sudan before the Port Sudan port was developed.

The Sudanese government continues to work on developing and modernizing these ports to ensure the provision of efficient and reliable services to traders and investors.

shipping from China to Sudan Time

Shipping from China to Sudan

The duration of sea freight depends on several factors:

  • Distance: The distance between the port of China and the port of Sudan.
  • Shipping method: air or sea freight.
  • Route: Direct or transit.
  • Climatic conditions: storms and extreme temperatures.
  • Volume of shipments: Factors such as the volume of shipments, the accuracy of documentation and unexpected checks.
  • Customs procedures: complications and possible delays when crossing borders.
  • Peak periods: holidays and holidays

But generally the duration of sea freight between China and Sudan is estimated: it can range from twenty to forty-five days. They may vary in the current period due to the current situation.

Sea freight rates from China to Sudan

Estimated Prices: Sea freight rates for a 40ft container from China to Sudan ports start at $1,200. But in light of the current political and military situation in Sudan, prices every day matter, it is better to ask the shipping company before importing to determine the expected cost.

2.Air freight from China to Sudan

When to ship by air?

Air freight from China to Sudan is an ideal option in several cases:

  1. Urgent shipments: If you need something to arrive quickly from China to Sudan, air freight is the perfect choice. It significantly reduces waiting time compared to sea freight.
  2. Valuable cargo: Air freight is safer for precious or fragile cargo, as it reduces the period of exposure to potential damage during transport.
  3. Weight and volume: If the goods are lightweight and small in size, air freight may be an economical option compared to sea freight.
  4. Cost: Sometimes, air freight may be less expensive when compared to the costs associated with delaying the arrival of goods when using other shipping methods.
  5. Customs regulation: Sometimes, customs clearance for air cargo can be faster and easier than sea shipments.
  6. Seasonality: At some times of the year, there may be an increase in demand for sea freight, making air freight a faster and more efficient option.

However, you should keep in mind that air freight may be more expensive than sea freight, especially for large shipments. So, it’s best to compare options and prices before deciding to ship.

Air ports of Sudan

Thanks to its strategic location, Sudan has a group of major air ports that are among the most important in Northeast Africa: Khartoum International Airport:

  • It is the largest airport in Sudan and is located in the capital Khartoum.
  • It is the main gateway for imported and exported goods to and from Sudan.
  • It has modern and sophisticated facilities that allow the circulation of a wide range of goods.

Port Sudan International Airport:

  • It is located in the city of Port Sudan on the Red Sea coast.
  • It is considered an important airport for the export of agricultural products and natural resources.

El Fasher International Airport:

  • It is located in El Fasher city, North Darfur State.
  • It is considered an important airport for the export of domestic products and the import of basic goods.

Nyala Airport:

  • It is located in the city of Nyala, South Darfur State.
  • It is considered an important airport for the export of domestic products and the import of basic goods.

These ports play an important role in supporting the national economy and promoting trade exchange with neighboring and international countries.

Air freight from China to Sudan

How long does a cargo plane take from China to Sudan?

The duration of air freight from China to Sudan depends on several factors, including:

  • Shipment type: Urgent goods may be shipped by express cargo planes and arrive in less time.
  • Shipping company: Some shipping companies offer faster services than others.
  • Weather conditions: Weather and climatic conditions may affect the duration of shipment.
  • Customs procedures: Customs procedures in both China and Sudan may affect the duration of shipment.
  • Final destination: The shipping time also depends on the target city in Sudan.

But generally, a cargo plane from China to Sudan takes about 5 to 7 days, and may vary based on the above factors.

Air freight rates from China to Sudan

Air freight rates from China to Sudan depend on several factors, including the weight and size of the shipment, the type of cargo, the duration of the shipment, the shipping company, the season and the current conditions. But it was generally before the current situation:

Quantity Shipped (kg)Price (USD per kg)
>= 200.002.00

These prices may change over time and may vary based on the shipping company and the factors mentioned above. So, it’s best to check the updated rates with different shipping companies before shipping.

Shipping companies from China to Sudan

The main shipping companies from China to Sudan include:

  1. Basenton Logistics: Provides reliable shipping services from China to Sudan, focusing on innovation, sustainability and excellent customer service. The company provides shipping services designed to meet the needs of each customer, whether they are shipping bulk goods, perishable goods, or any other type of goods.

These companies offer various shipping services that include air and sea freight and provide customized logistics solutions to meet customer needs.

Shipping Costs from China to Sudan

Shipping Cost from China to Sudan

Due to the need to provide additional security for traders and imported goods, shipping costs from China to Sudan are increasing unstablely, which makes it difficult to come up with accurate numbers that are logical between the time of publishing the article and the time you read it, so we advise you to inquire just before importing it, but our estimates, as we have already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, hope that the situation will stabilize and security and prosperity will return to Sudan and its people.

In conclusion;

In this article, we provided an overview of shipping from China to Sudan, and dealt with a set of important topics related to shipping and customs clearance.

We started by talking about customs clearance in Sudan, and mentioned the conditions, requirements and procedures related to it. We then dealt with the list of goods that are subject to restrictions when imported into the Sudan, and goods prohibited from importing into the Sudan.

We explained that customs clearance in Sudan is a complex process that includes many steps such as obtaining exemptions from local authorities, customs clearance, health clearance, and other necessary procedures. There is a need for constant verification of changes in customs procedures.

Next, we moved on to talking about shipping procedures from China to Sudan, and we explained that they start by identifying products and suppliers, and then arranging shipping and delivery. After that, customs clearance is handled and the required documents are submitted. When products are received, they are inspected and sold in local markets.

We explained that shipping from China to Sudan can be done by sea or air, and the choice depends on factors such as urgency, budget, size and weight of goods, and type of goods. Sea freight allows large quantities to be transported at a low cost and is suitable for bulky cargo, while air freight is faster but more expensive. Sudan has several seaports, and shipping time is affected by factors such as distance, route and climatic conditions.

We mentioned when to ship by sea and the seaports of Sudan, the time it takes to ship from China to Sudan (20-45 days), the factors affecting this, and the rates of sea freight from China to Sudan. We also discussed when to ship by air and air to Sudan, how long a cargo plane takes from China to Sudan (5 to 7 days), and air freight rates from China to Sudan.

In conclusion, we talked about shipping companies from China to Sudan, and shipping rates from China to Sudan. We have provided valuable advice and information to help importers deal with the shipping and customs clearance process efficiently and effectively.

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