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Shipping from China to UAE Airport Guide

Shipping from China to UAE airports of origin is a cost-effective way to transport goods and materials. With a wide range of options available, it’s easy to find the cheapest shipping option from China to UAE. By choosing the right carrier, you can save money on shipping costs and ensure that your goods arrive quickly and safely.

Whether you are looking for air freight or sea freight, there are plenty of options available for shipping from China to UAE airports of origin. With the help of an experienced logistics provider, you can compare rates and services offered by different carriers and select the best option for your business needs. Additionally, you can get expert advice on regulations related to international shipments so that your shipment is smooth sailing all the way!

Shipping from China to UAE Airports of Origin in China:

Airport Facts:
 · Best option when the supplier of your goods is based in Western China.
 · Former military airfield in Sichuan Province.
 · China’s fifth-biggest air cargo gateway.
 · Handled over 600,000 tonnes of freight in 2018.
UAE Airports Served: Abu Dhabi.
Chengdu to UAE Cargo-Only Operators: None.

Airport Facts:
 · World’s third-largest hub for air cargo.
 · Named the world’s top cargo airport in 2019 by Air Cargo World.
 · Advanced facilities enabled freight handlers to process 3.7 million metric tonnes of freight in 2018.
UAE Airports Served: Dubai International, Dubai Al Maktoum, Abu Dhabi.
Shanghai to UAE Cargo-Only Operators: DHL Aviation, Emirates Sky Cargo, FedEx Express, Etihad Cargo.

Airport Facts:
 · Located 19 kilometers north of Chongqing in the Yubei District in Western China.
 · Has three terminals with a fourth scheduled for completion within a decade.
 · China’s tenth-busiest airport for cargo.
UAE Airports Served: Dubai International, Abu Dhabi.
Chongqing to UAE Cargo-Only Operators: Etihad Cargo.

Shipping from China to UAE

Airport Facts:
 · Located in the geographical center of China’s air network.
 · Popular commercial trading and air freight hub in Hubei Province.
 · Handles a quarter of a million tonnes of air cargo annually.
 · A transportation hub connects the airport with the city of Wuhan, which is 26 km to the south.
UAE Airports Served: Dubai International, Dubai Al Maktoum.
Wuhan to UAE Cargo-Only Operators: Emirates Sky Cargo.

Airport Facts:
 · Located on the east bank of the Pearl River near Huangtian and Fuyong villages.
 · Part of a Special Economic Zone.
 · Thriving hub serving electronics manufacturers in the region.
UAE Airports Served: Dubai International, Dubai Al Maktoum.
Shenzhen to UAE Cargo-Only Operators: UPS Airlines.

Shipping from China to UAE Other Airports in China
As well as the airports featured above, Basenton Logistics can route your air freight to Dubai and the UAE with a carrier flying out of any of the following Chinese airports:
 · Qingdao
 · Wuhan
 · Xiamen
 · Guangzhou
 · Beijing
 · Zhengzhou
 · Shanghai Hongqiao

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