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Shipping from China to UAE Ocean Cargo Port Guide

Today we are going to share the Shipping from China to UAE Ocean Cargo Port Guide:

Shipping from China to UAE Cargo Ports of Origin in China

Port Facts:
· Economic hotspot located on the Pearl River Delta.
· Main port serving the city that shares its name.
· Container cargo handling is one of the many freight services offered here.
· Popular with exporters due to its location at the intersection of the Xijiang, Beijiang, and Dongjiang Rivers.
Owned By: Guangzhou Port Group Company Ltd.
Annual Container Volume: >21.9 million TEUs.

Port Facts:
· Xiamen Island, a nearby estuary and a stretch of coastline form the expansive Port of Xiamen.
· Ranked among the world’s top-ten biggest cargo handling centers.
· Facilities include nine container terminals.
· Has the capacity to send consignments to over 50 destinations worldwide, including Dubai.
Owned By: Xiamen Port Authority.
Annual Container Volume: >10 million TEUs.

Port Facts:
· Welcomes container shipping vessels from over 700 destinations.
· Premier port, well capable of handling your shipment from China to the UAE.
· Likely to be your closest major port if your goods are manufactured in Shandong Province.
Owned By: Qingdao Port (Group)Ltd.
Annual Container Volume: >18 million TEUs.

Port Facts:
· World’s biggest port in 2019.
· Known as the best-connected port on the planet.
· High quality and quantity of road and rail links to the port.
· Uses the most advanced technology for processing and loading of the freight onto vessels.
Owned By: Shanghai International Port Company Ltd.
Annual Container Volume: >40 million TEUs.

Port Facts:
· Located in the Dawan District of Guangdong Province.
· Extensive container terminal.
· Good alternative to the nearby larger and busier port of Shenzhen.
Owned By: China Merchants Shekou Port Service Company Ltd.
Annual Container Volume: >46,000 TEUs.

Shipping from China to UAE Other Ports in China
As well as the five ports described above, Basenton Logistics can also dispatch your freight from the following container gateways in China:
· Tianjin
· Wuhan
· Ningbo-Zhoushan
· Qinzhou
· Zhuhai
· Zhongshan
· Shantou
· Shenzhen
· Lianyungang
· Wuhu
· Dalian

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