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As a China freight fowarder, Basenton logistics located in Shenzhen China, providing cost-effective and efficient solutions for shipping from China to UAE.

Whether you are shipping from China to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, Fujairah or Ajman, Basenton can always provide you the best shipping charges and rates.

We have Top 1 contract rate with the main Carrier like: YML, EMC, WHL, ZIM, ESL, OOCL, COSCO , 


We can provide Sea/ Air Freight from China to entire UAE city, even we can provide Door To Door service include tax and duty

Our qualifications:

Our company is a fully licensed and certified logistics provider, with all the necessary permits to operate international logistics services from China.

The certificate we have: FMC-NVOCC 031318WCA member: 84961JCTRANS member:107728China MOC-NVOCC09845

We have a team of trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service at all times.

We also comply with all the relevant international shipping regulations, ensuring that our clients’ cargo is transported safely and efficiently. 

Container Shipping Freight from China to UAE
  • Shipping from China to Jebel Ali , Sharjah, Ajman
  • Reliable shiping schedule
  • Contract Ocean freight
LCL Freight Shipping from China to UAE
  • Combine multiple shipments into a single container
  • Fixed Schedule with in time delivery
  • Competitive freight based on per CBM or TON
Air Freight Shipping Rate from China to UAE
  • Pick up from any city of China
  • Competitive air freight rate
  • Shipping by air from China to Dubai takes 1 to 3 days.
Courier Serivce Shipping from China to UAE
  • Delivery to Any city in UAE
  • Huge discount of DHL/FEDEX/TNT/ARAMEX
  • Including customs clearance
Door to Door Service Shipping from China to UAE
  • Charged by per CBM or per KGS
  • From any city of China to warehouse in UAE
  • Including UAE customs duty&taxes (DDP/DDU)
Consolidiation Service
  • Collect cargo fm different supplier with different city
  • Warehouse in every main city in China
  • Custom clearance and document making

Table of Contents

Import from China to UAE:

Shipping from China to UAE

Shipping From China To UAE

We cover all the major ports of China ranging from Shenzhen, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Hangzhou to Ningbo, and many more.

Our long list of satisfied clients stand to benefit from this alliance as it greatly helps in facilitating the import process.

We efficiently manage all the transport process to ensure that the whole import is streamlined for our clients.

Right from the process of pickup of goods to packaging, to inventory details to documentation and custom clearance to loading and unloading of your cargo,we are a one stop service to facilitate all the import of items shipping from China to Jebel Ali, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman UAE.

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What shipping service from China to the UAE we can provide

Sea Freight Shipping

If you prefer a slower, more cost-effective shipping option, our sea freight shipping service might be right for you. We have established strong partnerships with ocean freight carriers (OOCL, COSCO, WHL, EMC, ESL, HMM, YML ETC), , allowing us to offer affordable rates and reliable sea freight shipping services. We offer both full container load (FCL) and less-than-container load (LCL) options for shipments of all sizes. 



Air Freight Shipping

Shipping from China to UAE

If you need your shipment to arrive in the UAE as quickly as possible, air freight shipping might be the best option.

Our air freight shipping from China options are designed to be fast, reliable, and cost-effective. We offer competitive rates, and our air shipping service is perfect for urgent shipments or high-value products that require extra care.

Road Freight Shipping

If your shipment requires door-to-door service,we also offer road transportation services, which provide seamless connections between ports, airports, and other destinations. With our professional drivers and modern transport vehicles, we can ensure a safe and fast transportation experience.

Customs Clearance Services

Customs clearance is a key consideration when shipping goods from China to the UAE. Our international logistics company is experienced in dealing with customs clearance, and we have a deep understanding of the requirements and regulations involved. We’ll work with you to ensure that your shipment is properly documented, and we’ll handle all the necessary customs clearance procedures to minimize delays.

Door to Door Cargo from China to UAE

From any city of China to warehouse in UAE.

Door-to-door shipping refers to the service that handles the entire shipping process from China to the final destination, UAE. This includes pickup from the shipper’s warehouse or factory, customs clearance, transportation and final delivery to the recipient’s doorstep. This service provides convenience and reduces the risk of damage or loss during shipping.

Warehousing and Distribution Services

At our international logistics company, we understand the importance of having a reliable partner when it comes to warehousing and distribution. That’s why we offer a range of value-added services to support our clients’ logistics needs. Our warehousing and distribution services are designed to help you manage your inventory, optimize your supply chain, and improve your delivery times.

Sea freight from China to UAE

When you are shipping goods from China to UAE, if your main purpose is to save costs and transit time has little impact on your supply chain, then you should probably choose sea shipping. Shipping by sea comes in many forms. For container ships, we often send regular ocean freight such as FCL and LCL, and sometimes for oversized cargo shipments, we use frame containers and open top containers. For large projects we charter bulk carriers or ro-ro vessels.

FCL (Full Container Load): Shipping a container filled specifically for one customer from China to the UAE.

LCL (Less Container Load): Sharing a container with other customers who have goods at the same time, shipped to the same destination. Of course, due to the extra work (consolidation, unpacking, warehousing, paperwork, etc.), the final cost per unit is higher than the full box, and the shipping time is longer.

Air Freight from China to UAE

Air freight is a very convenient method of transportation. There are many reasons to choose the route from China to UAE. They are faster than any other mode of transportation.

Air freight from China to UAE is reliable. They won’t be late and transport your goods safely. The next important reason to use air freight is to reduce packaging costs. Generally speaking, heavy packaging is required when shipping by sea, but not when shipping by air. In addition, air freight does not require renting a warehouse in China. In addition, air freight insurance costs are lower than ocean freight. Hence, you get fast delivery and don’t need to spend much money on packaging, insurance and warehouse facilities.

This mode of transportation is commonly used for international and intercontinental shipments of products such as electronics, textiles, medical equipment, and perishable food products. The air freight market from China is favored by UAE customers due to China’s status as a major global manufacturing hub.

There are some disadvantages to air shipping from China to UAE. Due to certain restrictions, you cannot ship all products by air freight. For example, if you are shipping lithium batteries, they need to pass certain tests. Batteries can be transported if they can pass aviation regulations. Another disadvantage is that air freight is not cost-effective if you are shipping large quantities of products.

Basenton Logistics has agreements with most major airlines serving between these two countries. We ensure you can transport your goods within your schedule.

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Shipping cost from China to UAE

Shipping costs from China to UAE depend on several factors, such as the mode of transportation, the distance between the origin and destination, the type of cargo, and the size of the shipment. Here are some general guidelines on the costs of shipping cargo from China to the UAE:

  • Sea Freight: The most economical way of shipping cargo from China to the UAE is by sea. The cost of sea freight varies depending on the shipping company, the size of the cargo, and the shipping route. On average, the sea freight from China to the UAE can range from $800 to $2000 by a full container
  • Air Freight: If you need to ship your cargo urgently, air freight is a faster option, but it is also more expensive. The cost of air freight depends on the weight and volume of the cargo, the origin, and the destination. On average, the air freight from China to the UAE can range from $3 to $8 per kilogram.

It’s important to note that these costs are just estimates, and actual costs may vary depending on the specific details of your shipment. You can consult us (Basenton Logistics) to get an accurate quote based on your specific needs.

Shipping Container Cost From China To UAE

LoadTransit timePrice
20′ Container29-39 days$3058-$4077
40′ Container29-39 days$3940-$5254
40’HC29-39 days$3940-$5254
45’HC29-39 days$4332-$5776

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Shipping LCL Costs From China To UAE

LoadTransit timePrice
1 CBM31-44 days$781-$1041
5 CBM31-44 days$1997-$2663
10 CBM31-44 days$3409-$4546

Air Freight Costs From China To UAE

LoadTransit timePrice
100 kg6-10 days$919-$1225
300 kg6-10 days$1846-$2461
500 kg6-10 days$2513-$3351


Express Costs From China To UAE

LoadTransit timePrice
10 kg3-6 days$315-$420
100 kg3-6 days$1832-$2443


Sea Freight Transit Time from China to UAE

OriginDubaiSharjahAbu Dhabi
Port of Shanghai 222525
Port of Nansha141515
Port of Xiamen 25 26 26
Port of Qingdao 29 29 30 
Port of Shenzhen131515
Port of Ningbo 232525
Port of Chung Ching 31 31 32 
Port of Zhongshan 24 24 24 
Port of Wuhan 29 29 30 
Port of Lianyungang 29 29 30 

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Air Freight Transit Time from China to UAE

OriginDubaiAbu DhabiSharjah

Door To Door Cargo Shipping From China To UAE

Door-to-door cargo transportation refers to the service of transporting goods directly from the shipper’s location in China to the consignee’s doorstep in Dubai. The service covers all necessary logistics operations, including packaging, loading, transportation, customs clearance and final delivery. It provides businesses with convenience and peace of mind as they don’t have to worry about the complexities of international shipping.

For more detailed information on door-to-door shipping from China to UAE, you can click on the link:

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The documents required for customs clearance in the UAE vary depending on the type of goods being imported or exported. However, in general, the following documents are typically required for customs clearance in the UAE:

  • Commercial Invoice: including the names and addresses of the buyer and seller, a description of the goods being shipped, and the price of the goods.
  • Bill of Lading: Issued by the shipping company that shows proof of ownership and confirms that the goods have been loaded onto the vessel for shipment.
  • Packing List:  List of all the items being shipped, including the quantity, weight, and dimensions of each item.
  • Certificate of Origin: Confirms the country where the goods were produced or manufactured.
  • Import/Export License: Depending on the type of goods being imported or exported, an import or export license may be required.
  • Insurance Certificate: Provides proof of insurance for the goods being shipped.
  • Other Documents: Depending on the type of goods being imported or exported, additional documents may be required, such as health or safety certificates, permits, or licenses.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements for customs clearance in the UAE can vary depending on the nature of the goods, the country of origin/destination, and other factors. Therefore, it’s best to consult You can consult us (Basenton Logistics) too ensure that you have all the necessary documents for your specific shipment.

Local UAE Shipping Service:

We can provide the UAE door delivery, local trucking, pick up, custom clearance service and even the import license as we have lots of agent in UAE that can support us with competitive rate and service.

Why Basenton Logistics -- Freight forwarder China to UAE:

Shipping from China to UAE

Shipping goods from China to the UAE can be challenging, but with our international logistics company as your partner, you can rest assured that your shipments will arrive safely and on time.

We have the expertise, experience, and technology needed to ensure successful shipping, and we’re committed to providing the highest-quality service to our clients based on your needs and budget.

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