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Shipping Routes from China to USA

As global trade continues to expand, China and the United States account for a large proportion of trade. A large number of goods are transported from China to the United States every day. Understanding the various routes from China to the USA has become increasingly important for international traders. .

These routes offer different advantages depending on the destination, cargo type and budget. Here, we outline the main shipping routes from China to the United States, their characteristics and what you need to know when planning your next shipment.

Shipping From China To USA

What are the shipping routes from China to USA?

When shipping from China to the USA, there are several shipping routes available for both sea and air freight. It is essential to select a freight forwarder with experience and a comprehensive network to avoid any costly mistakes.

For sea freight, there are two main routes available: the Pacific route and the Atlantic route. The Pacific route is the most popular and cost-competitive shipping lane that covers a distance of approximately 7,200 nautical miles. The shipping transit time varies from around 18 to 25 days, depending on the shipping route and the destination port. Some common departure ports include Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo, and Xiamen. Arrival ports could be Los Angeles, Seattle, Okland, and New York.

The Atlantic route typically takes around 35 to 45 days to reach its destination port. This shipping route connects the East Coast of China to the East Coast of the USA, and some common departure ports include Qingdao, Shanghai, and Ningbo. Arrival ports include New York, Baltimore, Charleston, and Savannah.

For air freight, there are over 500 direct and indirect flights available from China to the USA every week. The transit time for air freight is significantly shorter, usually taking between one to seven days, based on the destination city and specific carrier.

Sea shipping routes from China to USA

There are many dedicated routes from China to the United States, such as the US East Route, the US West Route, the US-China Route, the Gulf Coast Route, etc. These routes are common routes.

From the perspective of American ports, it is first divided into two routes: east and west, from the eastern United States mainly to New York and Savannah, and can pass through the Panama Canal on the way. The starting points for West port in the United States are often Seattle and Long Beach, and sometimes depart from Oakland or Los Angeles, depending on the actual route.

What are the shipping routes from China to USA?

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US East Route

Ships traveling from China to the U.S. East Coast typically follow one of two main routes:

Across the Pacific: This route crosses the Pacific, often passing through the Panama Canal before continuing to East Coast ports such as New York, Boston or Miami. The route is popular for general cargo and container shipping due to its reliability and direct access to major East Coast cities.

Transatlantic route: Less commonly used, but still an option, ships can sail across the Pacific, through the Suez Canal, and then across the Atlantic to an East Coast port. This route can be chosen for specific cargo types or based on ship schedules.

The US-China route is also an important route. In most cases, the US-China part can also be counted as the scope of the US East route. Strictly speaking, it is still the US-China line. Both Houston and Miami are ports for frequent ship travel between the United States and China. On the way it passes through the Panama Canal and enters the Gulf of Mexico. For specific routes, please refer to the route map from China to the United States.

Shipping routes from China to USA map

shipping routes from China to USA map

West Coast Route

For shipments to the U.S. West Coast, the primary route is across the Pacific Ocean. Ships leave Chinese ports and head directly to West Coast ports such as Los Angeles, Long Beach or Seattle. These ports provide good connectivity to the hinterland via rail, road and other modes of transport.

Gulf coast route

Ships bound for the Gulf Coast, including ports such as Houston, Galveston and New Orleans, also follow the Pacific route. The Gulf Coast is a major hub for energy-related cargo and is ideally located for cargo destined for Mexico and Central America.

The 10 Best Routes for Shipping Containers from China to the USA

Basenton Logistics offers a variety of route options for shipping containers from China to the United States. Here are the 10 most popular and busiest routes to major U.S. container ports used by Chinese exporters and importers.

Origin port in ChinaDestination port in USA
Port of ShanghaiPort of New York
Port of ShenzhenPort of Newark
Port of Ningbo-ZhoushanPort of Baltimore
Port of Hong KongPort of Norfolk
Port of GuangzhouPort of Savannah
Port of QingdaoPort of Miami
Port of TianjinPort of Houston
Port of DalianPort of Los Angeles
Port of XiamenPort of Washington
Port of YingkouPort of Tacoma

Factors to consider when choosing a shipping route from China to the USA

When choosing a route from China to the United States, here are some factors to consider:

Cargo Type: Certain cargo types, such as perishable cargo or hazardous materials, may require specific routes or vessel types.

Shipping time from China to USA: Different routes provide different shipping times. If speed is your priority, choose a route with a shorter travel time.

Shipping costs from China to USA: Shipping costs vary based on route, ship type, and other factors. Compare costs carefully to find the most economical option.

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Reliability: Some routes may be more reliable than others due to weather patterns, port congestion, or other factors. Research the reliability of different routes before making a decision.

Port connectivity: Consider the connectivity between the destination port and inland areas. Some ports offer better connections by rail, road or other modes of transport.

Understanding the different shipping routes from China to the United States is crucial for international traders. By evaluating factors such as cargo type, transit time, cost, reliability and port connectivity, you can choose the best route for your freight and ensure a smooth and efficient shipping process.

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