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Sea Freight & Air Freight Shipping Time From China To UAE

A large quantity of your purchases in China would like to be shipped back to the UAE by sea. How long is the shipping time from China to UAE?

This needs to be based on the location of your shipment, the size and season of your shipment and the shipping method you choose. Ocean freight allows you to ship large quantities of items at very competitive costs and reasonable shipping times.

Shipping time from China to UAE

Before choosing sea freight, Basenton recommends that you choose the nearest port in the United Arab Emirates for delivery. In China, we will choose the nearest port for you to deliver, because there must be a route closest to you in many ports in China.

China to UAE Shipping time:

Compared with sea freight, if you need to receive the goods in the UAE within 1-5 days, you can send them by express or by air. Express includes the following EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, and express will give the corresponding price according to the weight of the goods and the type of goods.

Shipping time from China to UAE

If you feel that the cost of express delivery is more expensive, you can also get a lower discount than the official website through the freight company because the freight company has a cooperative relationship with these express delivery companies.

Shipping time from China to UAE, Whether you need to ship from China to any other city in UAE, Basenton freight forwarders with years of experience can always provide you with a variety of shipping methods including sea, air and express. Contact us to get the best discounts from China to UAE.

Shipping time from China to UAE

The shipping time from China to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can vary depending on several factors, including the specific cities or ports of origin and destination, the mode of transportation (e.g., sea or air), and the shipping service chosen (e.g., standard or expedited). Here are some general guidelines for shipping times:

1. Sea Freight:

From Major Chinese Ports (e.g., Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo) to Major UAE Ports (e.g., Dubai, Jebel Ali): Sea freight shipments can take approximately 20 to 40 days, but this can vary based on factors like weather conditions, vessel schedules, and transshipment points.

2. Air Freight:

From Major Chinese Airports (e.g., Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport) to Major UAE Airports (e.g., Dubai International Airport): Air freight is significantly faster than sea freight and can take around 1 to 5 days, depending on the specific flight schedules and shipping services chosen.

Please note that these are approximate shipping times, and actual delivery times may vary. It’s essential to consider factors like customs clearance, the type of goods being shipped, and any potential delays in transit.

The specific shipping route, carrier and service chosen will play a major role in determining actual shipping times. Contact us today for accurate Shipping from China to UAE information and to learn about the options available for your specific shipment.

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