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Social Custom to be aware of when dealing with Egyptians

In interpersonal communication, the Egyptians’ etiquette is mainly by handshaking. The most important thing is to avoid using the left hand when shaking hands with the Egyptians, which is the same taboos as dealing with other Islamic countries’ people.

In addition to the handshake, the Egyptians also use hugs or kisses on some occasions. The kisses used by the Egyptians tend to use different ways of kissing different parts because of the different objects. There are three of the most common forms. One is kissing face, which is usually used between friends and relatives, especially between women. The second is to kiss the hand, which is used to pay tribute to the eunuch or thank the benefactor. The third is the air kiss, which is more common among lovers.

In the social activities, the Egyptians often exchange greetings with each other after meeting the parties. Such as:  “I wish piece be with you.”, “Allah bless you”, “Good morning”, “Good evening”, etc., which are their usual greetings.

Egyptians Social Custom

There were two taboos when dinning with Egyptians. First, avoid using left hand for food. Second, avoid talking to others during meals. They think that it will waste food and it is a disrespect to God.

The Egyptians most like the two colors that they call the “auspicious color” of green and the “happy color” of white. The colors they hate are also two, one is black and the other is blue, which are ominous in their eyes. In terms of numbers, “5” and “7” are favored by Egyptians. In their view, “5” will bring auspiciousness, and “7” means perfection. For the Christians who believe in Christianity, the “13” is the most embarrassing figure. In the Egyptian folk, people value the onion very much and think it represents the truth. But for the needle, it`s very taboo by them. In Egypt, the “needle” is a swearing word. 

When talking with the Egyptians, you should pay attention to the following questions: First, men should not take the initiative to find women to talk; second, Do not praise Egyptian women for their slim figure, because Egyptians are beautiful for their buxom bodies; the third is not to praise the Egyptian family’s home, In Egypt, this practice will be understood as asking for something; the fourth is not to discuss religious disputes, political situation in Middle East, and also male-female relations.

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