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Social Customs about Bahrain

Bahrain is an Islamic country and it has no special etiquette in the official meeting. In general, men wear formal attire, and women’s dresses should be decent, without wearing black robes and headscarves. When meeting with a woman, men generally don’t take the initiative to shake hands.

The formal banquets are all halal food, no pork food and alcoholic beverages. But Bahrain’s society is relatively open, and many restaurants can provide pork and alcohol.

The daily life of residents is dominated by the Islamic way of life. Muslims have to do five worships/day, and worship in the mosque on Fridays and major Islamic festivals. The Islamic calendar is the month of Ramadan in September. It is one and a half hours before sunrise every day. It is forbidden to eat or even smoke during the sunset and forbidden to open the restaurant during the fasting period. It is also forbidden for anyone to openly eat in public places.

Bahrain Customs

Bahraini people pay attention to interpersonal communication and attach great importance to etiquette. The Islamic law stipulates that when confronting others, they must face each other. The language should be civilized and beautiful, and the words should be whispered, treat people and look good, and avoid rudeness. Pay attention to the rules of dress. In social situations, it is common to shake hands, and very close friends line up to kiss. Meet each other first, then talk to each other. It is impolite to use the right hand when shaking hands, tea, and handing.

In Bahrain, if you want to meet with each other, you must make an appointment in advance. It is impolite to visiting without host invitation.The Bahrain people are known for their sincerity and enthusiasm. When they are welcoming guests, they are always happy to walk side by side with their guests. In order to express their intimate feelings, they often have to come and walk with their visitors. This is a special customs and habits of the Arabs who express enthusiasm, friendship and courtesy. They are real, loyal, generous, and like to make friends.Once the guests praise or appreciate something of them, they will definitely give you something that you admire.If you don’t accept it, they will be angry and resentful.The more you eat at the dinner table, the more happy the owner will be in Bahrain home.Because this really expresses the food you like the owner, and is satisfied with the host’s welcome to you. They have a strong sense of time.They are generally used to dating time and have a tradition of making appointments on time.They especially like to talk about falcons or horses as they talk about topics because they are two animals they love very much.

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