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Social Customs About UAE

The customs of the United Arab Emirates . The united Arab emirates is one of the Arab countries , the people believe in Islam , has a unique way of life and cultural customs . The traditional dress of the local people is characterized by : men wear white robes , head wearing a white scarf ; Women wear black robes and turbans , and some have black veils over their faces . Muslims must worship five times a day . Every Friday afternoon to do the main ma worship , also known as ” gathering ceremony ” .

” Ramadan ” is Arabic transliteration , is the islamic cloth September month name . Islam considers this month to be the most auspicious month of the 12 months , the month of the issuance of holy quran scriptures inspired by god . Islam stipulates that all muslims , except the sick , pregnant women , nursing women , infants and people who set foot on the journey before sunrise , should fast for a whole month , every day from sunrise to sunset , prohibit all food and sex , including no smoking , no drinking water , etc . Muslims believe that fasting is a way to get back to basics and make people more virtuous . During Ramadan , every afternoon , all the government offices of islamic countries are almost empty . Therefore , during Ramadan , business trips must be arranged in the morning . Afternoon , the street is sparsely populated , usually noisy streets and lanes at this time is relatively calm , the market store door is closed , restaurants all day holiday , evening work . But when the sun goes down , all muslims start chanting praise to god , and families or friends get together for eid al-fitr . During Ramadan , you are not allowed to eat , drink or smoke outdoors or in public places .

United Arab Emirates

The second day after the end of Ramadan is eid al-fitr . Holidays are generally three days off . People will go to the mosque for worship , relatives and friends will visit each other to congratulate , many young men and women also specially arranged at this time to hold a grand wedding , more festive atmosphere added .

According to the islamic teachings , Ramadan is a great , festive , auspicious and honorable month , . So we should respect the customs of the united Arab emirates , if there are customers and friends of the united Arab emirates , we should give the most sincere blessing and avoid too much interference .

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