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Something You Should Know about Ocean Freight from China to the US

At around 30-40 days for a door to door shipment from China to the USA, ocean freight has the longest lead time. That’s because ships move a lot slower than planes.

Beyond additional preparation required, ocean liners have also started to move slower to save fuel (and money). For instance, US Customs requires importers using a single entry bond and travelling by ocean freight to also take out an ISF bond.

On top of that, port congestion, customs delays, and bad weather condition affects ocean freight more than they do for air freight from China.

ocean freight offers a premium service if you need your goods to move faster. Depending on shipment requirements, expedited freight might be able to really cut down the transit time. In some instances, it might even be competitive with air freight lead times.

Expedited freight works by streamlining ocean freight processes and by only tying in with the faster sea services and premium trucking services. This makes expedited freight a great option when shipping from China.

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