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The Characteristics of Logistics Management

First, quickness

Fast logistics through fast transportation and scientific logistics management and event management. In supply chain management, fast logistics is the basic requirement of the supply chain and the basis for ensuring an efficient supply chain.

Second, information sharing

Compared with the traditional vertical integrated logistics model, the flow of logistics information integrated into the supply chain is greatly increased. The demand information and feedback information transmission is not a step-by-step transmission, but a network type. Enterprises can quickly grasp the supply and demand information and market information of different links in the supply chain through the Internet, and achieve information sharing and coordination. The increase of shared information and the application of advanced technology enable enterprises at any node in the supply chain to timely grasp the market demand information and the operation of the entire supply chain. The logistics information of each link can be transparently linked with other links. Communicate and share, thus avoiding the distortion of demand information. At the same time, by eliminating the process and time without adding value, the logistics system of the supply chain is further reduced in cost, which provides a basic guarantee for the agility and refined operation of the supply chain.

Logistics Management

Third, diversity

In supply chain management, the diversity of logistics is reflected in the diversity of logistics forms and the diversity of logistics items. The diversity of logistics forms mainly refers to the diversity of logistics and transportation methods, pallets, and the like.

Fourth, humanization

Logistics is based on the requirements of users, with a variety of products, reliable quality to achieve customer-friendly services. In supply chain management, logistics requires both scientific methods and management, while at the same time adapting to changes in customer needs in real time, reflecting the characteristics of human needs.

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