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The Cost of International Shipping LCL and FCL

If you want to ship goods from China to countries like USA, UAE and Saudi Arabia, you need to know a lot about freight, or find a reliable freight forwarder to help you all the way. Either way, knowing more about freight forwarding can help you move more safely in this industry. Let’s talk about the cost of international shipping LCL and FCL.

With the rapid development of world productivity and international trade, the development of the international shipping industry in the past decade is also remarkable. In the early 1990s, container shipping was not very popular around the world, and a large part of the international maritime industry was transported in the traditional bulk form.

Air Freight from China to USA
Air Freight from China to USA

Now, except for some special import and export commodities such as ore and oil, international shipping, regardless of long-distance or long-distance transportation, mostly adopts international shipping container transportation, regardless of long-distance transportation.
As far as international seaborne import and export commodity trade is concerned, due to the constraints of many factors such as market capacity, the buyer’s forecast of the market and the buyer’s own operating ability, the buyer’s import volume of a certain batch of goods is specific in a certain period of time.

In most cases, the buyer’s imported goods are ordered by the quantity of the whole container, but sometimes they only order the quantity of less than one or a few whole cases; although a certain batch of goods is ordered from the seller, the quantity of the goods in the international shipping container The goods are sold to two or more exporters; or, the goods in the container need to be delivered to different consignees at the destination port, and sometimes even to different destination ports.
For international shipping container transportation, we put one container, one exporter, one consignee, and one destination port. If the “four ones” conditions can be met, it is called FCL cargo. One of the three types of goods, consignor and destination, defined as “LCL”, which refers to two or more exports.
The customs declaration procedures for international shipping packaged goods are more complicated and time consuming than that of FCL goods. First, the whole container of goods meets the customs inspection, customs clearance, and release of smaller units and batches of goods in the importing and exporting countries and importing countries. As long as the documents submitted by the exporting and importing countries are reasonable and complete, the export customs and import customs are completed. After the relevant procedures and the collection of relevant taxes and fees, the customs will be cleared quickly. And LCL products will not have such simplicity and speed.

If the goods in the international shipping container have an error in a document, the export customs will not release the goods. Because the export customs must close the container before customs clearance, the container is allowed to be shipped abroad.
LCL is more expensive than FCL. Under normal circumstances, the freight and miscellaneous charges required for the ocean transportation of intermediate containers generally include three items: freight, transport surcharges and port miscellaneous charges. Freight charges and shipping surcharges should be the same for a full container of goods, but the difference is only for items such as assembling the goods at the port of shipment and unpacking them at the port of destination.

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