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The Customs Strictly Require Wooden Packaging

To ensure that the essential packaging for the use of outbound goods meets the quarantine requirements of the importing country or region, and to avoid economic losses, <<Measures for the Administration of Quarantine Treatment of Wooden Products for Outbound Goods>> add below rules:

1. The wooden packaging used for outbound goods shall be disposed of in accordance with the prescribed quarantine treatment methods and the IPPC logo shall be applied .

2. When the Customs examines the outbound goods, it shall conduct a spot check on the wooden packaging used for the goods, and shall not be allowed to leave the country if it does not meet the requirements .

In fact, the state has always had requirements for fumigation of wooden goods and packaging, except that the previous fumigation was a commercial inspection, and the inspection was also a customs administration. Therefore, the regulatory authorities have always closed their eyes on the export of wood packaging fumigation.

However, as the inspections begin to merge and the number of complaints from overseas countries increases, the requirements in this regard will become more and more strict in the future!

Strict requirements for wooden packaging

Administrative Measures for the Quarantine Treatment of Wood Packaging of Outbound Goods

Article 13 If one of the following circumstances occurs in a trademark application enterprise, the Customs shall order it to rectify and rectify the qualification of the mark during the rectification period.

 (1) The heat treatment/fumigation treatment facilities and testing equipment are not up to the requirements;

 (2) The detoxification treatment fails to meet the technical indicators such as the specified temperature, dosage, and time;

 (3) The management of the finished wood packaging products that have passed the decontamination treatment is not standardized, and there is a risk of re-infestation of harmful organisms;

 (4) The wooden packaging mark does not meet the requirements of the specification;

 (5) Unclear handling and sales of wood packaging;

 (6) The relevant quality management system is not functioning properly and the quality record is not sound;

 (7) failing to declare to the customs in accordance with the regulations;

 (8) Other factors affecting the quality of quarantine of wood packaging.

Article 14 If one of the following circumstances occurs due to the identification of the enterprise, the Customs will suspend the cancellation of its logo and apply for it.

 (1) Being disposed of, destroyed or returned in foreign countries for the reasons of Article 13;

 (2) failing to effectively remove the damage and apply the mark;

 (3) selling or misappropriating signs and other false acts;

 (4) A serious safety or quality accident occurs;

 (5) Other serious impacts on the quality of quarantine of wood packaging.

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