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The Difference Between Air and Ocean Transportation

1. Different carriers:

Air transportation:Air transport has the least resistance and the shortest transport route. Because the air assist is far less than the friction resistance of water and the ground, the direct transport distance of air transport is also far less than the curved transport of sea transport.

Ocean transportation: Shipping by sea is cheaper than by air, but takes a longer time. If you choose large and heavy goods, shipping by sea may be your best choice.

2. The freight is different:  It is cheaper to ship per kilo by sea than by air

3. Different transport time: Air transportation is much faster than sea transportation.                      

4. The form is different:

airway bill:(Change the bill fee from RMB300-1500 per time)

1.Once the name is confirmed, it cannot be changed. Do not accept large product names (machine parts, automobile parts, etc., are not acceptable).

2.Shipper : Generally, it can be changed, but not for individual airlines. Change bill cost depends on course, airline division is different and different.

3.Consignee: generally subject to change. Change bill cost depends on course, airline division is different and different.

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Ocean bill of lading:

(1)The amendment fee is generally one file fee + others (euroline +ENS, Amtrak +AMS).

(2)It can be changed in general, except for Iran. Because Iran must provide the correct information of bill of lading before BOOKING the cabin and provide it to the letter of guarantee.

5. different properties:

Air transportation: Air waybill of lading of many countries, use COPY can clear customs and take delivery of goods, the original bill of lading received at random is available, or can not be used.

Ocean transportation:

(1) There are three forms of bill of lading: original bill of lading, telex release   bill of lading and bill of lading. And be careful not to lose the bill of lading, because whoever owns the ocean bill of lading has the right to take delivery of the goods.

(2) In case of the loss of the original bill of lading, the shipping company requires to register, issue an announcement, give a deposit, issue a letter of guarantee & bill of lading loss statement, and so on. After a lot of safeguard measures, the shipping company agrees to issue a new bill of lading to you for customs clearance.

(3) Regarding telex release bill of lading: if the bill of lading is to be telex release, but not telex release, it is not allowed to pick up the goods.

(4) Bill of lading: the shipping company directly releases the goods to the consignee of the bill of lading. If there is SWB, but you want to control the goods at the moment, it is not allowed, and the owner will not care about you.

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