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The main content of Basenton’s supply chain management in China

The main content of Basenton‘s supply chain management in China

Supply chain management strategy is to consider supply chain from the height of enterprise development strategy Management is related to the core issues of the overall situation, such as the formulation and operation of implementation strategies The choice of method, the establishment of an information support system, and so on. Let’s make a brief To discuss.
(1) Formulate the implementation strategy of supply chain management
The implementation strategy of supply chain management is to solve an enterprise’s specific implementation
The methodology and strategy used in supply chain management to avoid detours or emergence Mistakes.

The main content of Basenton's supply chain management in China

1. Take strong measures both inside and outside the company
From the inside of the company, it is mainly to carry forward the spirit of teamwork. To encourage employees to work together and solve problems, they must regard cooperation as an obligation, rather than shirk responsibility. In this way, the company will operate in a way similar to the emergency room of a hospital, to complete the tasks brought about by the new orders, and to obtain new market opportunities.

On the other hand, there must be clear intellectual resource rights regulations and clear ethical codes within the enterprise to regulate people’s behavior and protect the rights of employees to invent and create. In management, it emphasizes the decentralization of power, so that middle and lower-level managers can have more autonomy under the premise of ensuring the overall tasks of the enterprise. The persuasive leadership style, encouragement and trust replace the traditional boss’s command and control of subordinates. A corporate culture in which personnel at all levels have a strong enterprising spirit, responsibility sharing, and honor sharing has become common practice. The entire enterprise, from individual employees to organizations, can most effectively adapt to market changes and make “agile” responses.

2. Give full play to the role of information
Because the market is changing rapidly, the most important thing is to grasp the changes in user needs and to know yourself and the enemy in the competition. If you do not have a thorough understanding of the internal information of your company, how can you ask employees to integrate them from the overall perspective? If a competitor has adopted some new measures and adopted some new technologies, but the company has not yet understood it, how can it take timely countermeasures to improve its competitive methods? The basic idea of ​​”Agile” is to be fast and flexible, so the value of information must be raised to a sufficient level to understand.

3. The composition and work of supply chain enterprises
Moving from competition to cooperation, from mutual confidentiality to information exchange, will actually bring greater benefits to the enterprise. If a new opportunity emerges in the market, for example, if a new type of computer is launched after half a year, it will sell well, so several large computer companies that are competitors may immediately form a cooperative relationship. The basis for the implementation of agile manufacturing is the national and even global communication network. When you learn about partners with expertise on the Internet, you can determine the cooperation relationship in the network communication.
Department, and through the network with concurrent engineering approach to achieve the fastest and high-quality new product development.

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