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What are the 13 Famous Ports in China?

There are many ports in China, and they play an indispensable role in international trade and transportation, which promotes the development of world trade.Now let me give a brief introduction to these major ports.

1.Dalian port
Dalian port located at the southernmost tip of the Liaodong peninsula, is one of the largest international trading ports in northern China. Is a large-scale, modern comprehensive port. Ports in northeast China and Inner Mongolia.The harbor area is divided into Dagang, Ganjingzi, Siergou, Xianglu Reef, Tiyuwan and other wharfs. The warehouse area of the harbor area is 218000 square meters, and the storage area is 520000 square meters.

2.Qinhuangdao port
Qinhuangdao Port is located in Qinhuangdao Bay, northwest of the Bohai Sea, China. It is a natural port with a history of more than 90 years. It is the world’s largest coal export port and the second largest port in China. Such there are 25 warehouses built in the port area, with a storage area of 750 thousand square meters and a 82 kilometer railway inside the port. Qinhuangdao port handled cargo throughput of 1. to 13 billion tons in 2001. Qinhuangdao port has become China’s largest coal export port and comprehensive port for foreign trade.、

3.Tianjin port
Tianjin Port is located at the junction of the Beijing-Tianjin urban belt and the Bohai Rim economic circle. It is the shortest distance between the Bohai Rim and the inland areas such as North China and Northwest China. It is the sea gateway of Beijing and Tianjin. It is also one of the starting points of the eastern end of the Eurasian Continental Bridge. Such as of July 2003, Tianjin Port had 76 berths of various types, with a total length of 14,000 meters, of which 53 berths were above 10,000 tons, with a total capacity of 117 million tons, including 3.55 million standard containers. Such
Tianjin port is divided into northern Xinjiang, southern Xinjiang and Haihe three Grand Port. Containers and groceries are the main operations in the northern Xinjiang port area; liquid bulk and dry bulk operations are the main operations in the southern Xinjiang port area; and small vessels below 5000 tons are the main operations in the Haihe port area, except for the third port company of Tianjin Port, all of which are cargo terminals.

4.Qingdao port
Qingdao Port is located in Jiaozhou Bay on the southeast coast of Shandong Province, which is close to the west of the Yellow Sea. It consists of three major ports: Qingdao Old Port Area, Huangdao Oil Port Area and Qianwan New Port Area. There are 15 terminals and 73 berths, including 13 operating terminals and 49 operational berths. There are 32 berths above 10,000 tons, 6 berths for 50,000 tons, 6 berths for 100,000 tons and 2 berths for 300,000 tons. Mainly engaged in container, coal, crude oil, iron ore, grain and other import and export goods loading and unloading services and international and domestic passenger services. It has trade with more than 450 ports in more than 130 countries and regions in the world. It is an important international trade port and maritime transport hub on the west coast of the Pacific.

The well-known ports in China

Lianyungang is located on the south coast of Haizhou Bay on the northeast coast of Jiangsu Province, and is on the west side of the Yellow Sea. The port is the eastern bridgehead of the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge. The west end point can reach Rotterdam Port in the Netherlands. It is the most convenient and economical port for trade and transportation in 11 provinces and regions, such as East China, Central Plains and Northwest China. Such
There are 30 berths of all kinds, 25 of which are 10,000-ton berths, with an annual throughput capacity of 25 million tons, and a maximum of 120,000 tonnes for ships entering and leaving. The main import and export commodities include coal, cement, timber, grain, fertilizer, chemical industry, electromechanical products, etc.

6.Shanghai port
In the Yangtze Estuary and Huangpu River, Shanghai Port is one of the world’s largest ports with hundreds of millions of tons, a national multi-functional hub port, the largest coastal port in mainland China, one of China’s important water passenger transport hub and foreign trade ports, the largest container loading and unloading port in China, and the largest coal unloading port in China.

7.Ningbo port

Ningbo Port is composed of Ningbo Old Port Area, Zhenhai Port Area, Beilun Port Area, Daxie Port Area and Chuanshan Port Area. It is a multi-functional and comprehensive modern port with inland river port, estuary port and seaport as one and large, medium and small berths. Mainland China’s main iron ore, crude oil, liquid chemical transfer and storage base, East China’s main coal transfer and storage base.

8.Xiamen port

Xiamen Harbor is located in the southeastern coast of Fujian Province, Southeast China, at the mouth of the Kowloon River. There are four main harbor areas: Heping, Dongdu, Kawasaki and Liu Wudian.

9.Guangzhou port

Guangzhou Port is located at the confluence of Dongjiang River, Xijiang River and Beijiang River in the northern Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province, including Huangpu, Guangzhou Inner Port, Xingang and Xinsha. It is the international trade hub port in South China. It has 643 berths, of which 46 are over 10,000 tons. Guangzhou port is a comprehensive hub port in Southern China.

10.Shenzhen port

Shenzhen Port is located in the southeast coast of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. It is divided into two major ports in the East and west. The Western ports mainly serve the Pearl River Delta, along the Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Kowloon Railway and the hinterland of the Xijiang River Basin. The Eastern ports are mainly located in Yantian Port Area, serving mainly along the Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Kowloon Railway and the eastern coastal areas, mainly for container transfer.

The well-known ports in China

11.Zhanjiang port

Zhanjiang Port is the first modern port designed and constructed by China after the founding of New China. It is located in Leizhou Bay, northeast of Leizhou Peninsula, Guangdong Province. It is a natural deep-water port in China. There are three port areas in Zhanjiang port, namely, Shun Shun Island, Xia Hai and Xiashan.

Operate the loading, unloading, storage, transit and passenger transport of petroleum, ore, coal, chemical fertilizer, grain, timber, containers, dangerous goods and major items and other goods. The port is the shortest route to mainland, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.


Hong Kong is situated on the eastern side of the Pearl River Estuary off the southern coast of China. There are two people’s harbor corridors in the East and west. The navigational aids are well equipped. Alpine mountains surround the eastern, southern and northern sides of Hong Kong with good shelter conditions. Hong Kong, located at the entrance of the Pearl River Delta and at the center of the Asia-Pacific periphery where economic growth is impressive, occupies an important position in China and neighboring Asian countries. Hong Kong is the only fully developed modern deep-water port between Singapore and Shanghai, where two different modes of maritime transport meet – giant ocean-going ships coming from the Pacific Ocean and smaller inland river ships coming from the Pearl River – thus becoming the concentration of all maritime trade activities in South China.

13.Macao port

Macau Port is located on the west side of the Pearl River Estuary along the southern coast of China. It includes Aberdeen Island and Loop Road Island. It is adjacent to Zhuhai Port and across the sea from Hong Kong. It is a famous international tourist port.Hong Kong is divided into Hong Kong and Hong Kong. The western side of the Macao Peninsula is an inland port with a water depth of 3.8 meters, and the southern side is an outdoor port with a water depth of 5.1 meters. There is an Ao You Bridge between Macau Peninsula and Youzai Island, while Youzai Island is connected to Roundabout Island by a 2225-meter long road. The main export goods of the port are textiles. The imported goods are mainly machinery, textiles, electrical appliances, food and mineral products.

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