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What are the Import Tariffs for Shipping from China to UAE

What are the precautions for shipping Customs Clearance from China to the UAE? Shipping from China to the UAE has been very busy these years because China is the UAE’s second-largest trading partner. The main products exported from China to the UAE are electronic products, recording equipment, cameras, steel, etc. The main products exported from the UAE to China are For plastic products, copper and iron, and its products. Since China is already the second-largest economy and the UAE is one of the fastest-growing countries in the Middle East, China-Arab trade is expected to grow faster in the future. What are the precautions for shipping Customs Clearance from China to the UAE? Basenton will give you a detailed introduction.

As we all know, Europe and the United States are the most developed and mature markets in the world. Due to fierce competition, economic weakness, a market downturn, high tariffs and various trade barrier restrictions in the post-financial crisis era, it is difficult for SMEs to enter, But emerging markets, especially the Middle East and Africa markets, are like a dark horse, becoming a hot market full of business opportunities and good prospects. Speaking of the Middle East, I have to mention the UAE. The UAE has a superior geographical location and fast transportation between Asia, Africa, and Europe. Secondly, the UAE’s economy is stable. There is also an open economic policy in the UAE, with no foreign exchange controls and no foreign trade quotas, except for 5%. In addition to import duties, no other taxes are levied.

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The UAE’s agriculture is underdeveloped, and grain and main meat products are dependent on imports. Secondly, the UAE’s light industry is underdeveloped. Consumer products such as daily use, electronics, and food are dependent on imports. China is the world’s largest producer of consumer products, and its products are well received by countries such as the UAE. The precautions for Customs Clearance shipping from China to the UAE are as follows:

1. Import Tariffs for Shipping from China to UAE:

The UAE is a low-tax country, with no corporate income tax, personal income tax, value-added tax, stamp duty, and other taxes in the country. Except for the 5% import tariff, the UAE does not levy other taxes, no business tax, no consumption tax, and no income tax. However, when foreign banks remit profits, they have to change taxes at 20% of the profits.

We all know that since January 1, 2003, the six Gulf countries have implemented a customs union, with a unified tariff rate of 5% for general goods. The UAE accordingly raised tariffs to 5%. According to customs regulations, import duties are levied at 5% of the CIF price. The import duty on non-hard liquor is 50%, and the duty on imported tobacco is 100%. CIF prices are usually based on the amount indicated on the commercial invoice. However, the customs may also conduct customs valuation based on the actual conditions of the goods.

2. JEBEL ALI is the name of the port of Dubai . If you want to inquire about the shipping price of Dubai, please tell us the name, weight, volume, number of pieces, the port of destination and related service requirements of your goods, Basenton We will develop a reasonable, safe and economical transportation plan for you, and report the cost to your item by item.

3. Dubai Shipping generally needs to provide CO (Certificate of Origin) to customers for customs clearance, and the specific needs do not depend on customer requirements.

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What are the precautions for shipping Customs Clearance from China to the UAE? The above is an introduction to the precautions for shipping Customs Clearance from China to the UAE, I hope it will be helpful to you. Basenton Logistics is a privately-owned leading Chinese logistics service provider from China. It was established in 2008 and consists of a group of professionals who are shrewd and sincere to respond quickly to customer needs.

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