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What are the Most Important Trade Fairs in China

Many people succeeded in their first international trade because of their attendance at exhibitions! Because they realized the importance of attending China’s exhibitions in saving money and time, finding the best products and business deals.

At the same time, not all Chinese exhibitions are worth visiting, there are several criteria for choosing the perfect exhibition, and getting what you want.

In this article, we will learn about the importance of China exhibitions, how to find them, what are the criteria for choosing them, and we will talk about the most important exhibitions in China.

What are trade shows and what are their types?

Trade fair is defined as a temporary commercial market, held periodically and regularly throughout the year, in which sellers from suppliers, commercial companies and factories meet with buyers, traders, and businessmen for the purpose of promoting and advertising companies and factories for their goods and making deals with visitors to the exhibition.

Types of trade shows

Trade shows are divided into two main types:

  • Public exhibitions: These are very large exhibitions, in which various products are displayed according to certain periods of time – for example, electrical products are displayed within 5 or 6 days, then leather products such as bags and shoes are displayed within 5-6 days, followed by clothing and fabric products and as such.

Such as the Canton International Fair in Guangzhou, China and the Aiwu Fair, two of China’s most famous exhibitions, which we will talk about in detail shortly.

  • Specialized exhibitions: They are exhibitions that specialize in displaying certain products, so you find exhibitions specialized in electrical products, others specialized in glass, others in furniture or auto parts, and so on…

These fairs in China are usually around public trade fairs.

What are the criteria for selecting exhibitions?

Are all the galleries worth visiting? How can you choose the perfect exhibition to visit?

In fact, there are a number of criteria that determine for you the optimal exhibition, which is worth visiting in order to get what you want, and these criteria include:

  1. The quality of the exhibition as the quality of the exhibition is shown through:
  • Exhibition Space: The large size and breadth of the exhibition is evidence of the diversity of the products displayed, and therefore the quality and importance of the exhibition.
  • The age of the exhibition: The more the exhibition is old, and has many sessions over the years, it is of high quality, because it proved successful time after time and received acclaim, which made them continue to hold it.
  • Number of exhibiting companies: The large number of companies participating in the exhibition and the number of brands participating in it is another proof of the quality of the exhibition, because you will find a large number of products to choose from and a large number of suppliers to meet in one visit.
  • Number of visitors to the exhibition: The large number of visitors to the exhibition, including businessmen and traders, is an indication of the effectiveness and quality of the exhibition, and this is an ideal opportunity to expand your network.
  1. Exhibition specialization: It is an important criterion when searching for the most suitable exhibition for you, for example, if you manage to import electronics, it is better to visit exhibitions specialized in electronics. The more specialized the exhibition, the better it is to obtain many items of high quality and competitive prices.

Certainly, this does not apply to public trade fairs, as these exhibitions have multiple stages, and each stage is dedicated to specific items, and we explained this to you above.

  1. The city where the exhibition is held: When the exhibition is in a large commercial city such as (Shanghai – Guangzhou Industrial City), it is of great importance, and worth visiting, as commercial cities encourage exhibitions and are organized to the maximum.

The second point here is that it is better to visit the exhibition specialized in a category, and the exhibition place is in a city specialized in the same product, this is also a good criterion for choosing the optimal exhibition.

For example – Foshan City specializes in furniture, it is better to attend furniture fairs in this city.

How to find exhibitions? And how do you know the information about them?

You can search for exhibitions online; through the Internet through many sites through which you can know the location of the exhibition and its information, all you have to do is select the city or country, and you can also select the goods and products you are looking for and you will find many information about the exhibition. These sites include:

  • 10times.
  • Fair point.
  • Um, I don’t know what to do.
  • Tradefair dates

The most important exhibitions of China and how to benefit from them

China exhibitions are considered one of the most important trade events around the world, because these exhibitions contain renewable products, careful organization and the presence of all the standards that we mentioned at the top in them, and many international companies and brands participate in China exhibitions, which are held every year.

How to benefit from China exhibitions?

Going to China exhibitions is very important, especially if you are a beginner in importing from China, as it is a way to learn about its markets.

Moreover, attending China exhibitions has many advantages such as:

  • Learn about the latest products and new varieties in China.
  • Save money, time and effort in the search for suppliers and factories.
  • Meet directly with suppliers and negotiate with them.
  • Get to know the product and take a closer look at it, which saves you from ordering samples later and bearing their cost.
  • Establishing relationships with suppliers; relationships are key to your success in international trade.

One of the most prominent exhibitions in China

  1. Canton Fair

It is China’s largest People’s Exhibition, and a major strength of Guangzhou City, China.

With an area of up to 1,185,000 square meters, you will be amazed at the magnitude of this exhibition when you visit it!

The Canton Fair has been held for about 60 years and attracts thousands of merchants and businessmen of all nationalities, opening its doors twice a year (summer and autumn).

Varieties and products:

The exhibition is divided into three phases:

  • The first stage: electronics and household electrical appliances, lighting equipment, vehicles and spare parts, machinery, equipment and tools, chemical products and building materials are displayed.
  • The second stage: consumer goods, gifts, and home décor are displayed.
  • The third stage: office supplies, bags and shoes, entertainment products, medical devices, health products and food, textiles and clothing are displayed

Exhibition Location:

China Import and Export Fair Complex, 380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou

Exhibition opening timings:

  • Spring season: (Phase 1) 15-19 April _ (Phase 2) 23-27 April _ (Phase 3) May 1-5.
  • Fall Season: (Phase 1) 15-19 October _ (Phase 2) 23-27 October _(Phase 3) 34 October – 4 November.
  1. Yiwu Fair

It is one of the largest handicraft fairs around the world; and one of the highlights of China’s exhibitions, with more than 60% of Christmas decorations coming from China, and it has about 2,500 commodity showrooms, and thousands of suppliers and sourcing agents.

Founded in 1965, the exhibition has become an important element in China’s economy.

Varieties and products:

Handicraft goods, gifts, toys, and accessories.

Exhibition Location:

Yiwu International Express Center: No. 59 Zongze Road, Yiwu, Zejiang

Exhibition opening timings:

The exhibition takes place during the month of October of each year, held in October 21-24, 2024.

  1. Hong Kong Electronics Fair – HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair

One of China’s most important exhibitions, this exhibition is a great opportunity to seize the great commercial opportunities related to all types of electronic devices, as the number of exhibiting companies in it reaches nearly 9,600 companies from all over the world.

Varieties and products:

Medical devices, electronic devices and accessories of various varieties.

Exhibition Location:

The trade fair is held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Exhibition opening timings:

The exhibition is held twice a year, the first time in April, and the second in October.

  1. China International Fair

The China International Expo is heavily supported by the Chinese government, and all nine Chinese provinces participate in it and is held in Shanghai and has more than 4,000 suppliers.

Varieties and products:

Gifts, toys, consumer goods, textiles, clothing.

Exhibition Location:

2345 LongYang Road, Pudong Area, Shanghai, 201204, China

Exhibition opening timings:

The exhibition is held during the month of August of each year.

China’s fairs annually attract hundreds of thousands of businessmen from all over the world, opening doors that allow their business to grow and prosper and get offers and business deals.

You can be one of those who find profit, even in China, and make the most of these offers, which will not only give you a distinctive competitive advantage in your local market, but you will be the race that looks forward to everything new, in the catalogs of companies at the exhibition.

All you have to do is select the exhibition that suits you according to the criteria we have put out, then prepare to travel and visit this exhibition.

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