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What are the Precautions for Inquiries about Quotations and Orders by Sea

If you want to ship goods from China to countries like USA, UAE and Saudi Arabia, you need to know a lot about freight or find a reliable freight forwarder to help you all the way.

Either way, knowing more about freight forwarding can help you move more safely in this industry. What are the precautions for shipping inquiries about quotations and orders?

Air Freight from China to USA
Air Freight from China to USA

In the process of international maritime transportation, I believe that everyone is very concerned about the price issue, and international shipping companies have found that due to different terminals or different goods transported, the relevant prices will also be different.

Therefore, the international shipping company reminds that it is necessary to ask clearly in advance and understand all the circumstances before formally accepting the order. Specifically, the precautions for inquiring about quotations and receiving orders by sea include the following aspects.

International shipping companies introduce shipping inquiries about quotations and matters needing attention

1. Be as detailed as possible when inquiring

If some of the ports provided to the shipowner will have multiple terminals, the international shipping company reminds at this time, please be sure to indicate the type of container and the name of the goods, such as ordinary, dangerous goods, frozen goods, food, special goods, etc. At the same time, the international ocean freight forwarding company emphasized that it is also necessary to inquire about the content, time, voyage, transit and other issues of the freight.

Second, pay attention to deal with the details of the offer

International ocean freight forwarding companies emphasize that when carrying out ocean shipping, they should understand the advantages of ocean shipping prices in the market, as well as passengers’ understanding of the market and space (especially peak season). The recent international ocean freight forwarding company also reminds that inland ports should pay for the transit fee before quoting, especially the DTHC or other fees of some transit ports need to be paid by SHIPPER. In the United States and Canada ports, pay special attention to the name of the goods, the weight of the goods and the quotation. Whether it contains DDC/BAF/AMS etc.

3. Do a good job in receiving orders, reviewing orders, writing orders and recording work details with a computer

Regardless of whether the customer accepts the quotation or uses our entrustment form, the international ocean freight forwarding company must pay attention to the relevant audits, such as the shipper, the port of departure, the port of destination, the number of containers, the name of the goods, the gross weight, the volume, the freight rate, the transportation terms, The owner of the ship, the type of bill of lading, the date of shipment, the special requirements or precautions of the customer, etc., whether there is an official seal or signature, and the new customer should leave a contact number.

International shipping companies also remind some special ports, such as whether there are ship license requirements in Middle East ports, and should also ask customers in advance whether they need to follow the initial letter of credit, whether there are special requirements for the letter of credit, etc. If there are, they must fax in advance to confirm with the ship owner.

The above are several aspects of the international shipping company’s introduction to shipping inquiries and quotations and the precautions for receiving orders. In addition, it is necessary to be very strict when writing orders. Generally, there are three pages in total. It must be filled in according to the specifications. Pay attention to fill in the freight accurately.

International shipping companies should also indicate special precautions when submitting orders. If necessary, they should track whether the operation is done according to special requirements.

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