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What are the Requirements and Conditions for Importing Into Egypt?

If you want to import in Egypt and target this growing market, especially since the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Egypt encourages international trade until the value of Egypt’s non-petroleum imports reached about $ 54,405 billion during the period (January – September) 2021, it is important to know the import procedures in Egypt that may constitute an obstacle for many traders, especially beginners.

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In the following lines we have collected for you:

  • Import requirements and conditions in Egypt
  • Steps to establish an import and export company in Egypt
  • The most important things you should know before importing
  • And the most important documents necessary for import

Your knowledge of these aspects will help you start a safe and successful import in Egypt easily and conveniently, and make profits without facing any obstacles in the way.

But first, let me tell you.

Why should you know the import requirements?

Because your violation of one of these requirements may cause your shipment to be stopped at customs for inspection, fines, returned to the supplier country, or even may even seize and destroy the goods, depending on the essence of the violation, so why seek treatment when you can prevent with a little knowledge and commitment?

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What are the import requirements and conditions in Egypt?

You can guess the first step, while people are allowed to import for personal purposes, you need to set up an import company to import for commercial purposes.

The following are the documents required to establish an import and export company in Egypt:

  1. Notarized lease contract:

The first document required to establish an import company in Egypt, is a document showing the company’s headquarters, it can be a lease contract for the property to be approved by the company’s headquarters or a contract proving its ownership, in both cases it should be notarized by the real estate registry.

  1. Tax Card:

The first step you must take when you want to import in Egypt is to obtain a tax card.

So what is a tax card?

One of the most important documents issued by the Egyptian Tax Authority, in which it grants the owner or owners of the project the authority to practice commercial activity inside Egypt, for a period of five years from the date of issuance.

Documents needed to obtain a tax card:

  • Personal ID and a copy of it
  • A lease or ownership contract for the property, documented in the real estate registry and a copy thereof.
  • Card Application (from the Tax Authority)
  1. Affiliation in the Chamber of Commerce:

The Chambers of Commerce Law in Egypt requires every commercial establishment to register with the Chamber of Commerce, so it is necessary to hurry to register your company with the Chamber of Commerce, which will take place within 30 minutes of submitting the application, and its validity will last for 30 days.

Documents required to join the Chamber of Commerce in Egypt:

  • Tax card and two copies thereof, or the receipt granted when applying for one.
  • ID card and two copies thereof.
  • The lease or ownership contract documented in the real estate registry and two copies thereof.
  1. Registration in the Commercial Register:

You can contact the Commercial Registration Authority and apply for your CR. The documents required for this step are:

  • The original tax card or heel in addition to two copies thereof.
  • The original ID card and two copies thereof.
  • Certificate of registration in the Chamber of Commerce (obtained in the previous step).
  1. Import card (registration in the importers and exporters register):

You can obtain an entry in the importers and exporters register either by going to the headquarters of the General Organization for Export and Import Control located in Cairo, and obtaining it within 24 hours from the date of submitting the application, or applying for it electronically.

The following documents shall be attached to the online application:

  • Tenancy contract or title deed
  • Commercial Registration
  • Memorandum of Association, Bylaws and Certificate of Companies Controller for Private Shareholding Companies
  • Memorandum of Association and Auditor Certificate for Public Shareholding Companies
  • Pay affiliation fees and subscription fees. By project classification degree
  • The original tax card or heel in addition to two copies thereof.
  • Commercial Registration and two copies thereof.
  • Birth certificate and two copies thereof.
  • Fish and an analogy addressed to the General Organization for Export and Import Control.
  • Military service certificate “for men only”.

Very important note: GOEIC divides goods in the importers register into 21 groups or classifications. You can choose only one group, you can choose more than one group, or you can choose all commodity groups, and this is what we recommend. Subscription to all groups will cost you about 3850 EGP.

  1. Registration with the Sales Tax Authority:

You can register with the Sales Tax Authority of the Ministry of Finance, located in your city, which offers this service free of charge.

Required Documents:

  • Proof of identity: Copy of ID card, family ID or passport
  • A copy of the tax card for money companies, companies of persons and natural persons
  • A copy of the contract of companies of persons or the decision of incorporation of other establishments.
  • A copy of the commercial registration
  • A statement of the addresses and names of the branches and their activities
  • A copy of the import card of importers for the purpose of resale.
  1. Current account in a bank

Having a current account in a public or private bank of the company is necessary to establish an import company, regardless of the currency of this account, local or in dollars.

Documents necessary to open a bank account for the importing company:

  • ID card.
  • Commercial Register.
  • Tax card.

At the end of the previous steps, you have established an import and export company, which makes you qualified to be able to import and export goods, provided that the goods are not allowed and are not restricted by law.

Information you should know before importing

Establishing an import company and preparing the necessary documents for import are important, but they are not enough to ensure profitable trade and safe import, below we tried to summarize the most important things that you need to know before importing.

  1. Check which goods are prohibited to be imported

There is a group of goods that you may not think that their import is prohibited or restricted by certain conditions or limited in certain quantities, for example, tuna types that contain genetically modified oils are prohibited.

  1. Check the goods whose import requires certain conditions, procedures and approvals

There is a range of goods that are allowed to be imported but with conditions, either on quantity, on installation or require permits before importing, it is very important that you check them to ensure that your goods comply with these conditions or to obtain the necessary permits before importing them.

  1. Contact a trusted customs broker for more information

The use of a customs broker is one of the most important things that will help you and facilitate safe and successful import in the simplest way, the important thing when choosing it is to make sure that it is an expert in importing this type of goods from the supplier country.

  1. Choosing a winning product 

Winning products are those that the consumer rushes to buy and make a continuous profit as a result of re-importing time after time.

  1. Import Economic Feasibility Study

The feasibility of importing is simply the answer to the question of whether this process is profitable or not? To answer them, you have to compare the full costs incurred for import and revenues, when comparing costs and revenues if the difference reflects a fair profit margin to cover the effort, time and capital allocated for import, then import is economically viable.

  1. Determine the best import method

Choosing the most appropriate method of import, means to differentiate between land, sea and air shipping routes, and to choose the route of the trip. Sea freight is suitable for large, cheap goods that do not deteriorate quickly. Land freight requires a land route between the importing country and Egypt, and air freight is used in the event of a high value of the goods, rapid breakdown and low weight.

It may be better to mix two or more methods, in which case it is better to use an agent who contracts with one or more carriers.

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  1. Choosing a reliable supplier

This item applies to the country you want to import from, and the supplier from which you will import. Choosing a country plays an important role, and should not depend only on the price of the goods, importing from one country without another may increase or reduce customs duties, if you import from a country between it and your importing country trade agreements, your goods may be exempted from tax and customs duties, and vice versa if there are sanctions between the two countries.

It is also important to deal with a reliable supplier, ask about the supplier’s reputation and previous dealings in this type of goods to Egypt. Ask about his experience in customs laws in Egypt and packaging requirements.

Ask about the after-sales services, warranty terms, and pay attention to the items mentioned in the proforma invoice.

The most important papers and documents required for import

1- Bill of Lading or Air Waybill

A bill of lading is a document issued by the carrier company that is a contract of carriage between the exporter and the carrier company indicating the port of shipment, port of arrival, means of transport, freight and how to pay it.

An air waybill is a document that attests to the receipt of goods shipped by air and enables them to be tracked. The Air Waybill includes shipment information, as well as a regular waybill, as well as a 3-letter airport code in both the country of origin and the host country.

2 – Commercial Invoice

An official document obtained with the imported goods, and it is considered the document that proves the commercial transaction between you and the supplier and proves the value of the goods, which helps in calculating the value of customs duties, showing the quantity and value of the imported goods, their specifications and the condition of delivery, issued by the supplier and certified by the chambers of commerce.

3 – Certificate of Origin

It is a certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce in the country of the supplier proving that the goods imported by it were manufactured in the said country to identify the nationality of the goods and estimate the fees imposed on them or the exemptions granted.

For example, if the imported goods have grown, produced, manufactured in whole or undergone a major transfer in one of the Arab countries, showing a certificate of origin qualifies you to benefit from customs exemptions, the facilitation agreement with the aim of developing trade exchange between Arab countries.

4 – Packing List

It is a document issued by the supplier and shows the contents of the shipment, showing the presence and number of each parcel, the weight of the shipment, the name of the importer, the number of the commercial invoice, and describing the products and their specifications accurately.

It is important to facilitate customs clearance because it avoids the delay caused by examining the goods in full to count their contents, weight and quantities, so that the customs authority can estimate the fees imposed.

5 – Health Certificate

This certificate is necessary when importing food, drinks, cosmetics, etc., to show that the goods or product are fit for human or animal consumption in the event of importing products intended for animals.

6- The global seal of standard No. / 15 /

In the event that the goods are contained in wooden boxes, liquors or wooden conveyor platforms, they must be sealed indicating that they are free of pests that may be transmitted to trees and plants, and this is done by treating them thermally or with metyl bromide, and if they are not sealed, it is necessary to sterilize them in the port under the supervision of the Department of Prevention or Plant Quarantine.

To extract these documents in a more easy and easy way, you can rely on the pre-registration system for shipments (ACI), which began its trial operation on goods imported by sea as of the first of April 2021, which was introduced in the desire of the Egyptian Customs Authority to facilitate procedures and extract customs documents within the framework of the strategic direction of digital transformation in the Egyptian state, facilitate the movement of trade, and stimulate investment.

In conclusion,,, Getting acquainted with the import procedures in Egypt and their requirements and careful planning for the import journey makes importing easy and easy for you and contributes to the success of the import experience and returning it again and again,,, our sincere wishes to you for success and abundant profit.

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