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What does air freight cost consist of?

International Air Freight Service of Baseton Logistics

Air freight is fast and safe. The punctual and ultra-high efficiency has won a considerable market, greatly shortened the delivery time, and played a great role in accelerating the capital turnover and circulation of the logistics supply chain. Major airlines have successively invested a large number of flights to divide the cake of freight. However, the cost of air transportation is higher than that of sea transportation, and the time requirement is high. The cost ratio of sea and air transportation is about 1:10.

International Air Freight Service of Baseton Logistics

8 elements of air freight inquiry:
1. Product name (whether dangerous goods)
2. Weight (involving charges), volume (size and whether to soak the goods)
3. Packing (whether it is wooden box, with or without pallet)
4. Destination airport (whether basic point)
5. Time required (direct flight or transfer)
6. Request for flights (services and price differences between flights)
7. Type of bill of lading (master bill and sub-bill)
8. Required transportation services (customs declaration method, agent documents, whether customs clearance and delivery, etc.)

Air freight is divided into heavy cargo and soaked cargo. 1CBM=167KG The volume weight is compared with the actual weight. Whichever is larger is charged. Of course, there is a little secret in the air cargo, which should be known to the peers. It is not convenient to talk about it here. Manufacturers who don’t understand can figure it out for themselves.

Air freight structure composition-did you know? There are many people doing air freight. Do you know how airlines calculate air freight rates? A brief introduction, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Air freight rate composition:

1. Airfreight freight (charged by airlines)

2. Fuel sur charge (according to the airport, the price of the destination point is different, Hong Kong now generally the first 4 yuan, before 3.6, last year the highest 4.8, the price is adjusted by the airport, generally 2 yuan to Asia)

3. Security inspection fee (Hong Kong charges 1 yuan/kg fixed fee)

4. Airport operation fee (HKD283/ticket for Hong Kong, the airport is responsible for transporting goods on the plane, etc.)

5. Terminal fee: 1.72/kg When the goods are handed over to the dealer, the dealer is responsible for boarding and other things, which will be collected by the airport in the end)

6. Air master bill fee: HKD15/bl is the bill of lading fee-the property certificate.

The above is the composition of the accounting fees of many airlines, mainly the Hong Kong Airport. Because Hong Kong is a super-large free trade port, and Hong Kong Airport is the world’s largest airport, with few restrictions, a wide range, and many cargo planes. There are currently 78 airlines. There are more than 100 flights every day, and it can be the first choice if the cabin space and service are guaranteed. However, the cost is generally about 2 yuan higher than that in China!

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