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What is a barge used for

Barge:A small boat used to connect cargo from a large ship.

The cargo arrived from afar by a large ship. It can’t be delivered point by point. Or if the wharf is shallow, it will be connected by barges. Barges are mainly used before starting and receiving large vessels or after arrival at the unloading port.

1. Generally ,barge companies and mother vessel companies is two company ,but they have cooperation agreement .

2. No matter the export of goods is from barges to large ships or directly from large ships, it is necessary to book shipping space with large shipping companies first.

To place an order for barge companies to arrange barges, freight forwarders and cargo owners are not associated with barge companies. they Contact the shipping company directly.  

3. After confirm the shipping space , There will be corresponding barge time, large ship time and large ship time as well as barge on the release notice.

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4. Shipping companies also have corresponding agreed yards at the barge’s starting place.

5. In the normal towing box, making box, customs declaration and gathering port of the agreed yard, as long as the barge is caught up in the stipulated time, as long as the stipulation is made. When catching up with a barge in time, the mother ship usually has no problem.

6.The barge general have 7-day free time for use container ,as well as mother vessel . There will be a cost if over than 7 days .so we need to arrange suitable loading time according to mother vessel’s schedule . In china ,we will use barge for Yangtze River Delta and PRD Pearl River Delta,and some port name as below . Yangtze River Delta: Nanjing , Wuxi ,Changzhou ,Nantong ,Zhenjiang ,taizhou ,taizhou PRD Pearl River Delta: jiangmen, zhongshan, zhuhai, foshan.

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